Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Post

Quickly now...

And the circus takes another turn:

A spokesman for Theresa Spence, whose hunger protest has been fanning the flames of the Idle No More protest movement, says the Attawapiskat chief will continue to forgo solid food.

(Sidebar: ever the victim)

The head of Canada’s largest aboriginal organization, Shawn Atleo, is taking a “brief” sick leave in the midst of a political crisis.

Atleo, the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, says the meetings and frustrations over the past two weeks have caught up with him, and his doctor has ordered him to rest.

When one trades with China, lets them buy one's debt and then scraps one's own space program, what else was going to happen?

The United States is concerned about China's expanding ability to disrupt the most sensitive U.S. military and intelligence satellites, as Beijing pursues its expanded ambitions in space, according to multiple sources in the U.S. government and outside space experts.

A classified U.S. intelligence assessment completed late last year analyzed China's increasing activities in space and mapped out the growing vulnerability of U.S. satellites that provide secure military communications, warn about enemy missile launches and provide precise targeting coordinates, said the sources, who were not authorized to speak publicly.

I don't expect the US to really do anything especially considering that the Golfer-in-Chief is as useful in defusing global crises as Quisling was to stymying the Nazis but this must be on the front burner of every other nation concerned with a rising China.

It's never his fault:

In his question, Major Garrett pointed out that Obama himself once made a vote against raising the debt limit and suggested that resolving the situation might require both sides to talk rather than posture. Obama responded:

Well, no, Major. I think if you look at the history, getting votes for the debt ceiling is always difficult and budgets in this town are always difficult. I went through this just last year. But what’s different is we never saw a situation as we saw last year in which certain groups in Congress took such an absolutist position that we came within a few days of defaulting.

This is what you voted for, Americans. Enjoy your poverty.

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