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Time to enjoy the week-end.

Canada has been gripped lately by the story of Theresa Spence, an Indian chief who has been on hunger strike since Dec. 11 demanding a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Spence is a major component in the “Idle No More” movement, an Occupy-style protest movement that has sprung up among Native Canadians.

The Canadian mainstream media has been transfixed by Spence, a chief at the Attawapiskat First Nation, where the appalling levels of poverty have become a national scandal. However, conservative TV host Ezra Levant is shattering Spence’s image both on TV and on Twitter. All night, he’s been unpacking the corrupt spending practices of Spence and her associates, who seem to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal aid while allowing their tribe to live in disgusting poverty.

What a shot in the arm for Ezra Levant and Sun News to be mentioned on Twitchy for doing actual journalistic work. I wonder if the wags at the CBC might like to give it a try.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper agrees to meet with aboriginal leaders who threaten to "hold his feet to the fire". They tried that with Jesuit missionaries who only went on to become saints. If I were Harper, I would never play their game. Unless someone is willing to blow the lid on chiefs' corruption and hold them to account and then scrap the Indian Act, it's all pointless.

Mr. Thomson had long been involved in an increasingly angry property dispute with his neighbour. Early one August morning in 2010, four masked men shouting death threats began hurling firebombs at Mr. Thomson’s home. One of his pet dogs was injured; several fires in and around his home were set.

Mr. Thomson, an experienced firearms instructor, called 911 immediately. He also armed himself with a .38 calibre revolver, stepped outside his home and fired three shots — one into his lawn, and two into a stand of trees. His attackers fled, and were later arrested. All four pleaded guilty to arson and disregard for human life, and were sentenced to between two and three years in prison.

So ended the first threat against Mr. Thomson. The next began immediately thereafter.

Mr. Thomson was charged with four crimes: careless use of a firearm, pointing a firearm and two charges of careless storage of a firearm, one for each of the pistols he had removed from his gun safe (the second, a 9mm pistol, was never fired during the incident). The first two charges were dropped — it’s hard to imagine a more cut-and-dry case of lawful self defence than firing on men trying to burn down your home while you’re inside it. But the Crown insisted on pursuing the charges of careless storage.

On Friday, an Ontario judge acquitted Mr. Thomson of both those charges.

People like Mr. Thomson and David Chen are hardly criminals. For years, real criminals have been emboldened by the system's willingness to target their victims. It is time the tables turned.

Eric Schmidt is a staunch advocate of global Internet access and the power of Internet connectivity in lifting people out of poverty and political oppression. This month, he plans to travel to the country with the world's most restrictive Internet policies, where locals need government permission to interact with foreigners _ in person, by phone or by email _ and only a tiny portion of the elite class is connected to the Internet.

The visit may be a sign of Pyongyang's growing desire to engage with the outside world. North Korea's young leader, Kim Jong Un, talks about using science and technology to jumpstart the country's moribund economy, even if it means turning to experts from enemy nations for help.

It is doubtful that Kim Jong-Un is a reformer. After all, what reformer kills defectors and fires rockets it can ill afford? More than likely, this is an attempt to keep the younger Kim more attuned to the lifestyle to which he had been accustomed while being educated in Switzerland and to learn cyber-spying techniques.

Judicial Watch announced today that it has received documents from the U.S. State Department indicating that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was aware on September 27, 2001, that Anwar al-Aulaqi, the U.S. born terrorist assassinated by a U.S. drone in Yemen on September 30, 2011, had purchased airplane tickets for three of the 9/11 terrorist hijackers, including mastermind Mohammed Atta. Subsequent to the FBI’s discovery, al-Aulaqi was detained and released by authorities at least twice and had been invited to dine at the Pentagon.

Why was a known terrorist allowed into the US, even the Pentagon?

You can stoke the fires of Jew-hatred all you want but it won't save you from inevitably being clubbed to death by a hungry mob you once whipped into an Islamist frenzy:

Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are "a waste of time and opportunities" as Arabs and Muslims get nothing out of engagement with "the descendants of apes and pigs," current Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi asserted in September 2010, according to newly translated interviews published this week by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Read this and tell me what billionaire is going to give more than half of his or her wealth to a government that can’t bring itself make serious spending cuts, punishes the middle-class and is helmed by the greedy Obama.

I would like to hear from the black American electorate why calling a learned man like Thomas Sowell a “house negro” (definitely not my words) or why the Toronto District School Board can “queer” (again, not my word) George Washington Carver is acceptable. Where is your self-respect? Has it been frittered away due to decades of welfarism and its effects and stylised Hollywood militancy or are you building up to a fantastic response? Hurry before the narrative of the black conservative as some cruel caricature becomes set in stone.

This is what a five-year old child trapped in a man’s body looks like.

This is the left and this is what they look like. It is the end of the political spectrum that thinks childishness, emotionalism, violence and deception are perfectly reasonable modes of discourse.

There’s also this gem.

The grating noise you’re hearing comes from the grinding of teeth of people who have for forty years supported legalised “cleansing” and can’t deal with the sight or reality of it.

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