Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Mall safety? How about: why do we not destroy Islamists for once and for all? How many more malls must be shot up before we accept that the biggest current threat to domestic and international security isn't the Lutherans?

Some malls around the world have been scrambling to add security guards to look for suspicious people following a deadly attack on a shopping centre in Nairobi over the weekend. But for other malls, it's been business as usual. ...

Security concerns come after 12 to 15 al-Shabab militants, wielding grenades, took control of Westgate mall in Nairobi. Terrorists held Kenya security forces for four days, killing at least 67 civilians and government troops and injuring 175 others. The Kenyan government said Tuesday that the attackers were defeated, with several suspects killed or arrested.

I didn't see the word "Islamist" in there, nor did I read an account of how the "militants" went about maiming and killing their victims according to religion. THAT is the bigger concern. It amounts to nothing to scrutinise every airplane passenger and possibly every shopper when the larger problem of Islamist terror goes ignored.

Related: the Islamic Society of Canada, which once hosted a talk by Justin Trudeau, has had its charitable status revoked.


Iran senses weakness in those who hand Russia a victory:

But it was on the subject of Iran that President Obama was perhaps at his scariest. He drew a straight line between Iranian “mistrust” of America and Americans mistrust of the thugs and murderers in Iran. And anyway, it was merely a “difficult history” – which is bad news for the Americans currently languishing in Iranian prisons and being killed by Iranian-backed terrorists on numerous battlefields.

The light on the horizon, cheered the President, was coming from none other than Iran’s Supreme Leader and President Rouhani themselves. Both have said “that the Islamic republic will never develop a nuclear weapon.”

In Obama’s view, “These statements…should offer the basis for a meaningful agreement…giving the world confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful.” Except that its program isn’t peaceful. And these statements offer the basis for a one-way trip down the yellowbrick road to an Iranian nuclear bomb.

Watch this epic takedown of CBC darling, David Suzuki, on Australian television:

It must be difficult to be put on the spot particularly when forever wading in the shallow end of the intellectual pool. Believing that Australians were ignorant kangaroo riders, it must have been quite an education for Suzuki to be challenged on his outrageous views.


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke to reporters following his 21 hour and 19 minute speech on the floor of the Senate. Cruz discussed the problems of Obamacare during that time with the intention of convincing his Senate colleagues to vote "no" on a cloture vote that would allow Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to strip the House's continuing resolution of its measure to defund Obamacare with a bare minimum vote in the upper chamber.

The man is a machine.

But the polar ice is melting!

The military was called on June 25 after an ice floe on Admiralty Inlet, near Arctic Bay on Baffin Island, broke away during the night with a tour group and an Inuit hunting party camping atop.
The rescue mission started after the tour group — comprised of 10 tourists from Japan, Jordan, Australia, Britain, France, United States and Canada and 10 staff — noticed the floe, 50 kilometres long and 25 km wide, was drifting toward the Northwest Passage.

And now, twenty-eight delicious ways to eat autumn's apple harvest. Enjoy.

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