Monday, September 23, 2013

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For glorious autumn....

On Saturday, al-Shabaab, a terrorist group rooted in Somalia but with members from all over the globe (including Canada), entered a mall in Nairobi, separated the Muslims from non-Muslims and proceeded to kill sixty-eight people (including children and pregnant women) and take hostages.

In Pakistan, a suicide bomb killed seventy-eight people.

Apparently, none of this has to do with Islam or terrorism.

Now let's have no more discussion about this bizarre cover-up.

Related: an Alberta court dithers about before deciding to free convicted terrorist Omar Khadr for once and for all. We all know this is going to happen.

Oh, this must be embarrassing:

According to the Ottawa Citizen, New Democrat MP Pat Martin, received cash gifts from several unions to pay off debts incurred with regard to a defamation law suit against him for accusing an Edmonton call centre of being behind the Guelph robocall scandal.
None of this is ethical. Let's start screening the ethics commissioners, especially before they start approving of icing political opponents.

Don't give this baby-killing jackhole a platform:

Late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, whose trial for murder and infanticide laid bare the dark underbelly of the abortion industry, told a journalist in a forthcoming interview that believes that he was a “soldier” out to eradicate dead baby at a time.

The “house of horrors” abortionist, who is serving three consecutive life sentences for murdering at least three newborns, made his comments during an interview with Steve Volk of Philadelphia Magazine. The full article will hit news stands tomorrow.

Volk told ABC News that he discovered during his extensive interviews that, far from showing remorse, Gosnell “sees himself as having performed a noble function in society.”

“In this larger spiritual sense, he believes he was performing a service for people,” Volk said.
"It's not as if he feels guilty about what he did,” Volk said. "He believes he was a soldier at war with poverty.”

What a piece of crap. Is the popular press that willing to whitewash all of this?

If the war on poverty involves plunging a pair of scissors into the neck of an infant, it's not a war but genocide.

And now, explosive ice formations in a frozen lake. Enjoy.

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