Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The World Is Taking Crazy Pills (Even More Redux Than Before)

The infantilisation of adults continues unabated.

Years of being coddled, levelled up and indoctrinated by leftists who refused point-blank to have children of their own to browbeat and brain-wash have produced generations of stunted people for whom self-indulgence and banality must be a way of life.

Cases in point:

What's Trudeau smoking now?

Ever since admitting in mid-August that he once smoked dope while he was an MP, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has tried to build support for his policy position of legalizing marijuana use by claiming that 475,000 Canadians "have criminal convictions because of marijuana."

But that number -- 475,000 -- bears no relation to reality.

First, his own office concedes Trudeau has been mixing up arrests and convictions and, secondly, Statistics Canada data shows no number even close to 475,000 for either arrests or convictions associated with pot possession.

Trudeau has used that 475,000 figure several times, first in the Aug. 22 interview with The Huffington Post when he disclosed his history of marijuana use and as recently as Sunday on CTV's Question Period.

Asked for the source of that figure, Trudeau spokesperson Kate Monfette said Monday, "The stats we are referencing refer to arrests, not criminal records."

While Trudeau touts 475,000 "convictions because of marijuana," his own party's website is running a petition to end marijuana prohibition partly because "Stephen Harper keeps fighting a failed war on drugs that has resulted in more than 475,000 Canadians being arrested on marijuana-related charges."

But whether its arrests or convictions for pot possession, the total since Harper became prime minister is nowhere near 475,000, says Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada records 366,902 -- not 475,000 -- "incidents" of suspected cannabis possession from 2006 -- the year Stephen Harper became prime minister -- to 2012, the most recent year for which data is available.

Of those incidents, 143,444 adults - not 475,000 -- were charged with cannabis possession between 2006 and 2012, StatsCan says.

So how many of those adults were convicted and ended up with a criminal record?

A StatsCan spokesman said Monday the agency tracks convictions in all drug possession cases but does not have separate data on cannabis possession cases.

But StatsCan can say that for the seven-year period ending in 2012, there were 53,934 convictions for possession of cannabis, cocaine, heroin and other kinds of illegal drugs.

Each registered conviction would have resulted in a criminal record.

Trudeau can't even get his facts straight but what does one expect from someone whose handlers see great value in his surname? How long can he coast off of Harper-bashing mileage? Harper may be a weasel but at least he is a competent one.

Justin Trudeau is foul. This guy will troll for votes, any votes, and never exhibit characteristics of a real leader. Marijuana use isn't the most pressing issue of the day, no matter what Trudeau might think. However, he would not be beating this dead horse if there weren't so many idiots who now think his strategy is "cool".

Obama has repeatedly been shown to be, even simultaneously, incompetent and malicious but what does that say about people who voted for him twice?

The survey finds that the media have published 2.4 stories on Syria for every one story about Miley Cyrus, but according to Internet statistics, Americans were 12 time more interested in Miley's infamous sex-romp performance on the VMA award show than in the debate over war with Syria. 

I think we can see Miley Cyrus' meth-addicted body being pushed into a limo headed for a rehab centre in her future so that fog is cleared. Russia's embarrassment of Obama and Kerry in a strike that would achieve neither regime change or an end to Syria's civil war does not seem to sway most Americans in the slightest. Is the gravity and complexity of this issue too much for a generation of low-information voters to digest when bum-wiggling requires no thinking at all? The answer is yes.

Thanks for "After the Goldrush", Neil. You may now go home:

The Canadian music legend has waded into the debate over the Keystone XL pipeline with inflammatory comments that compare Fort McMurray, Alta., to the scene of an atomic bomb strike.


Should students' progress determine teachers" pay?

In a report published on Monday, the think-tank argues that partially tying teacher pay to student success would improve overall academic outcomes — at least moderately.

"Paying teachers on salary schedules that includes post-secondary education and teaching experience means that teachers with more education and more experience are paid more than teachers with less education and less experience even if they are doing the same job and even if the lower-paid teachers do a better job than the higher-paid teachers," notes the report written by Rodney Clifton, emeritus professor at the University of Manitoba.

Clifton cites a 2012 report from the United States that claims there is "... ample evidence that the assumed relationship between [teachers’] credentials, experience, and effectiveness is wrong."

In addition to some sort of merit based pay system, Clifton proposes several other 'teacher-focused' measures to improve student achievement in Canada. The measures include strict teacher college entrance exams, giving principals more authority to hire and fire teachers and a re-certification process whereby experienced teachers would be tested on their competencies and abilities before having their contracts renewed.

Yes and no.

This report pre-supposes that the problem begins and ends at schools.  I am not opposed to abolishing teachers' unions or making teachers' salaries reflective of their success in the classroom but what does one do with apathetic, lazy or problematic students and parents or school boards that care more about particular bottom lines than academics? The entire education system needs a complete rehaul and it must begin on the socio-cultural level.

Just my thoughts.


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