Monday, August 22, 2016

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A child suicide bomber killed fifty-four people at a wedding party in Turkey:

Turkey vowed on Monday to "completely cleanse" Islamic State militants from its border region after a suicide bomber suspected of links to the group killed 54 people, including 22 children, at a Kurdish wedding.
Saturday's attack in the southeastern city of Gaziantep is the deadliest in Turkey this year. President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday it was carried out by a suicide bomber aged between 12 and 14, adding that initial evidence pointed to Islamic State. 

Using children to kill children.

Elizabeth May, the only Green party member to have a seat in the House of Commons, has decided to stay and revisit that pesky Israel issue:

Elizabeth May will remain Green party leader despite a controversy over the Middle East that divided members and prompted her to consider stepping down.

The party will revisit a convention resolution to support a movement to boycott Israel, along with any other recent policy decisions that lacked genuine consensus, May told a news conference Monday.

Meantime, May will focus on her work as a member of a parliamentary committee studying options for remodelling Canada’s electoral system before the next national ballot in three years.

Yes, focus on getting seats you don't deserve, Elizabeth.

Does one know who else had frequent meetings with China? Pierre Elliot Trudeau:

The Liberal government is moving toward a policy of constant engagement with China, working on a deal guaranteeing annual meetings for Canada’s Prime Minister and Finance Minister with their Chinese counterparts, sources said. ...
Mr. Trudeau will travel with his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, and their daughter, Ella-Grace, on the eight-day visit that will aim in part to promote the rights of women and children in China.

Yes, about that:

According to Choi, the child’s parents, escapees from North Korea, had been working with him at his farm. And since they were good workers, Choi suggested that the defector couple could use the land of a farmer in his village who had left for South Korea a few years earlier. This gave the couple an opportunity to make a living. They quickly began building up their new life on their own, and soon their baby arrived. The father often told the village chief proudly about his baby boy, and at last report, the boy would be entering kindergarten soon.

However, three days before his visit to us, on October 1, local policemen came to the village and headed straight for the boy’s house. As soon as Mr. Choi heard about the policemen, he went to the child’s home and begged them to let the defector couple stay in the village. He strongly stated his willingness to pay any penalties for them. The policemen rejected his offer, saying that they had to take the couple to their station for interrogation. Thus, the boy’s parents were taken away, leaving him behind.


Human rights groups estimate there are tens of thousands of North Koreans secretly residing in China. Women are believed to make up the majority of these escapees because they can be sold into brothels and as wives or concubines to Chinese men. Since they are regarded as "illegal economic migrants" by the Chinese government, they have no legal recourse and remain in the shadows.

Aid workers estimate that there are about 2,000 "defector orphans" in China, with a possible total of 30,000 North Korean defectors living in hiding, mostly driven over the border to look for food and work.

"Stateless orphans," on the other hand, are born out of relationships between North Korean women and Chinese men, with their mothers subsequently deported to North Korea.


It took nine years and four separate attempts, but a 35-year-old North Korean woman named Ji Hyunah finally escaped the isolated communist regime of her birth. Now, she has revealed before a United Nations commission the horrors she underwent at the hands of North Korean officials and Chinese slavers during her journey to freedom – including the loss of her father, her sale into sexual slavery, and a forced abortion performed without anesthesia that left her with such severe injuries that a prison guard begged his superiors to grant her release.


Once in China, they are picked up by traffickers and sold as brides to PRC nationals, often of Korean ethnicity. In other cases, North Korean women and girls are lured out of North Korea to escape poor economic, social, and political conditions by the promise of food, jobs, and freedom, only to be forced into prostitution, marriage, or exploitative labor arrangements once in China. 

In some cases, women and girls may be sold to traffickers by their families or acquaintances. Women sold as brides are sometimes re-abducted by the traffickers or are sold by husbands who no longer want them. In some cases, North Korean women are sold multiple times to different men by the same trafficker.


The price for a North Korean woman named Kim Eun-sun, her mother, and her sister to escape to China was 2,000 Chinese yuan, slightly more than $300.

Like thousands of North Korean women before them, they crossed the Tumen River into China and met a woman who said she would help them escape – only to discover that they’d been sold to a Chinese farmer who wanted a wife.


Mei-ming has lain this way for 10 days now: tied up in urine-soaked blankets, scabs of dried mucus growing across her eyes, her face shrinking to a skull, malnutrition slowly shrivelling her two-year old body. The orphanage staff call her room the "dying room", and they have abandoned here for the very same reasons her parents abandoned her shortly after she was born. She is a girl. 

This is Trudeau's favourite country. He said so. His father ignored Mao's tyranny.

After PM Trulander hands off jobs to China, he will be dining with the Chinese Communist Party on a regular basis.

What, exactly, have the Liberals done to combat domestic and international terrorism? Trudeau withdrew from the fight against ISIS as soon as he plastered his office with "My Little Pony" posters. Indeed, before the election, he frequented a mosque with terrorist ties, refused to call honour killings barbaric and pushed parkas as a way of stopping child rape. His own defense minister does not believe that ISIS is in any way a threat to Canada despite the failed bombing of Islamic convert Aaron Driver and a suspicious plane crash that the popular press conveniently forgot. The Liberals haven't even gotten around to ridding Canada of Bill C-51, that "terrible" vestige of the previous Harper government.

As usual, the Liberals are full of crap, just like the hacks who praise them for doing nothing:

“The Liberal government is very politically astute and (saying) ‘Let’s make sure that we consult, let’s make sure that we don’t rush to simply eviscerate C-51’ (because) that would be a national security risk and a significant political risk,” considering domestic terrorism likely isn’t going away soon, says Ray Boisvert, chief executive of I-SEC Integrated Strategies and a senior associate with Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada. He is the former director of counter-terrorism for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).


"I don't think police handled it very well at all," he said. "They did absolutely nothing to help me. At no time did they try to warn me. At no time did they try to stop my vehicle from entering the address."

Duffield attempted to return to work, but said he struggled just getting inside another car. He turned the key and started to sweat almost immediately.

"My whole body started to shake like a leaf in the wind," he said. Then he got out of the car and started vomiting.

In a followup interview with police, Duffield asked why they didn't protect him more that morning. He says he wasn't given an explanation.

He said he has retained a lawyer and plans to pursue legal action.
No one likes being nearly blown up.

More wasted money:

Thousands of aboriginals who argue the federal government robbed them of their cultural identities finally get their day in court this week but will have to wait months for Canada to make its case in the unprecedented class action Ottawa has fought every step of the way.

The brother of a child whose picture has become the new face of the tragedy of Syria has died:

The older brother of Omran Daqneesh—the 5-year-old Syrian boy who appeared, shocked and bleeding, in a photo that circulated around the world this week—has died from injuries sustained in the airstrike that hit his family’s home in Aleppo on Wednesday.

File this under "A Crying Shame":

A museum in Normandy is closing its doors, and World War II history buffs have a chance to reap the rewards. The Normandy Tank Museum, opened in 2013, will shut down in September due to lack of visitors, and it’s selling off its collection of World War II tanks ...

And now, dogs who just want to be friendly neighbours.

 Robert Frost, there is something there that doesn't love a wall or a fence or a smarty-pants squirrel.

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