Sunday, August 14, 2016

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After an officer-involved shooting, people riot - again:

Volunteers swept and picked up debris Sunday in a predominantly black north Milwaukee neighbourhood that was rocked by hours of late night violent unrest sparked by a police officer’s shooting of a man fleeing a traffic stop.
What brain-trusts torch their own city?

Stop rewarding people for their stupidity. Let them live in the smoldering cinders of their destruction.

Trudeau called to lead in this time of terror:

Two days after a madman killed 77 people in Norway in 2011, then Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg addressed a memorial service at the Oslo cathedral.

"We are still shocked by what has happened, but we will never give up our values," said Stoltenberg, now the secretary general of NATO. "Our response is more democracy, more openness and more humanity. But never naivity."

Norway was subsequently noted for its calm response in the face of terror.

Justin Trudeau is an admirer of Stoltenberg's remarks that day and it influenced his response to the attack on Parliament Hill in October 2014.

"This act was meant to make us forget who we are. Instead, we must always remember," Trudeau said then.

"We are a proud democracy, a welcoming and peaceful nation. We are a country of open arms, open minds and open hearts. We are a nation of fairness, justice and the rule of law. We will not be intimidated into changing that, by anybody... Staying true to our values in a time of crisis will make us an example to the world."

As he takes his turn now at leading a major democracy in a time of global terror, here are the values he might be expected to uphold. And how he talks about acts of terror is critical.

Trust the CBC to print this tripe.

This is the same douchebag who refused point-blank to call the subjugation and murder of women "barbaric" lest in offend his favourite voters block, who ran from reporters when their questions didn't involve his hair, whose response to the rape and murder of Yazidis was parkas, who withdrew from the fight against child rapists as soon as an ovine mass of leaking mouth-breathers put him in office, who has yet to stand up to Putin and whose only real fight was elbowing a woman in the chest.

Days after police foiled what they called a terrorist plot, a Canadian law enforcement body was preparing to make the case for reopening the federal bomb analysis center, which was shut in April for budget reasons.

The Calgary Police Commission was expected to make its case for the Canadian Bomb Data Centre in a resolution at the Canadian Association of Police Governance annual general meeting on Sunday.

The event comes three days after police say an alleged Islamic State supporter detonated an explosive device and was killed in a raid in the province of Ontario.

Perhaps your mummy can explain it to you when you're finished debasing yourself.

The Liberals find ways to be just horrible:

If Immigration Minister John McCallum gets his way, Canada will significantly increase immigration beyond its current record level as a way to fill the country's labour needs.

The federal agency said Canada lost 31,200 jobs in July, while its trade deficit with the world swelled to a record level of $3.6 billion in June.
Don't forget to blame Liberal voters for this.

If there is anything that imbecilic Islamofascists know how to do well, it's use people as human shields like the cowardly little panty-waists that they are:

Some of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls have been killed in Nigerian military air strikes, according to a new video appearing to come from Boko Haram Islamic extremists, which shows one of the alleged victims pleading for authorities to release detained militants in exchange for the girls’ freedom.

North Korean athletes are forbidden from taking free cell phones:

Upon arriving at the Olympic Village, athletes of all countries are treated to a plethora of perks courtesy of the Games’ many sponsors.

Other than the free all-you-can-eat McDonald’s, this year’s most notable gift is a special Rio-branded Galaxy S7 smartphone, courtesy of Samsung.

Unfortunately though, not all athletes were able to pick up the phone, which retails for $850.

According to a report from Radio Free Asia, North Korean officials collected the phones that were to be given out to the country’s 31 athletes. No official reason was provided, but an IOC press official speculated that the phones were confiscated because of concerns that athletes would gain access to the Samsung exhibition in Rio. Samsung is a South Korean electronics company, and given that North Korea still regards its southern neighbor as a sworn enemy, it makes sense that officials wouldn’t want to give their athletes a look at Samsung products.

Well, of course:

Smuggled-in Chinese mobile phones, which enable North Koreans near the border with China to gain access to its mobile networks, are an increasingly vital bridge between the North and the outside world.

And now, a musical interlude for this warm summer's day. Enjoy.

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