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31,200 jobs were lost in July:

The economy lost 31,200 jobs in July as the number of workers with full-time jobs fell dramatically and fewer younger people were employed, Statistics Canada reported today.

Analysts had expected Canada's economy would create about 10,000 jobs last month.
You knew what you were doing when you voted in PM Creep and his backers, Canada.


Premier Kathleen Wynne will be taking her chequebook as she embarks on a northern tour amid growing political unrest in the region, including the relaunch of the separatist Northern Ontario Party.

Wynne leaves Saturday on a weeklong visit to schools, hospitals, businesses and First Nations from North Bay to Sioux Lookout, with stops in Sudbury, Dryden, Kenora, Fort Frances, Kirkland Lake and nearly a dozen other communities.

She will make a series of funding announcements on health care, infrastructure and other measures that the government said will enhance public services and help accelerate economic growth in the north.

"It's really important the people in the north see me and that they understand that I'm serious about these investments," Wynne told The Canadian Press on Friday.

"I know it's important that I go up and talk to folks about what it is we're doing to build up their infrastructure, schools, hospitals and roads, and to provide opportunities for their kids."

The Northern Ontario Party, which emerged from the ashes of the old Northern Ontario Heritage Party, was registered with Elections Ontario last week, and says its first goal is to elect 11 candidates to the legislature in 2018.

"We don't want to get away from Canada, but we want to have a voice in the legislative assembly, and it seems the only way that can ever be done is by getting a referendum vote to become our own province," said NOP Leader Trevor Holliday.

"Is the party for separation? Yes, if that's what the people want. It's all about giving people a voice."

I wonder why people would consider seceding from Ontario.

Oh, yeah:

A carbon tax is basically a sales tax added to the cost of most goods and services (since most require the use of fossil fuel energy) and thus easy to calculate for every purchase.

By contrast, cap-and-trade is a complex scheme involving the creation of a government-run stock market trading in carbon credits, which the government auctions off to major industrial emitters — when it isn’t giving them away for free.

Businesses pass along their added cost of buying these credits to the public — and in cases where they receive free credits, the estimated cost as if they had bought them — by increasing their retail prices.
But since many factors go into setting retail prices, the public has no way of knowing how much of the increase is due to cap-and-trade.

Indeed, Ontario residents will have trouble figuring out the added costs of cap-and-trade on a lot more than their natural gas bills where they can expect it to be buried in the distribution charge.

It will be the same for virtually all goods and services since most use fossil fuel energy.

This brings us to the Liberals applying the 13% HST on top of the retail price increases caused by cap-and-trade.

This is a tax on a tax as far as its impact on the public is concerned, since cap-and-trade is a hidden carbon tax that raises prices on goods and services, instead of the taxes on them.

After digging by CTV reporter Paul Bliss, the Liberals finally admitted Ontarians will pay the 13% HST on top of the added cost of cap-and-trade on their home heating bills and gasoline.

Thus, we’ll pay an extra 13% on what the Liberals estimate will be an added $5 monthly charge on our home heating bills and a 4.3-cents-per-litre hike in gasoline prices.

But this won’t just apply to home heating fuel and gasoline.

Since cap-and-trade increases retail prices, the 13% HST will be applied to the added cost of carbon pricing on most goods and services.


The wealthiest one per cent of Torontonians have few peers when it comes to how much richer they are than ordinary citizens in their city.

According to a new study out of the University of Toronto, the city’s wealthiest one per cent are about 100,000 times richer than the average person.

That chasm is the fourth widest out any North American city, trailing only Mexico City, Seattle and Dallas.

“Toronto is a very, very rich and a very, very unequal place,” one of the study’s authors, Richard Florida, told the Metro.

Florida said that these elites are mostly older men between the ages of 57 and 82 who work in a variety of fields including media, fashion, retail, finance, real estate and health care.

He added that some elites on the list, like Donald Trump, inherited their riches, while others are self-made.
While the leftist screechers complain about life's "inequalities", they certainly don't mind when Toronto's wealthy elite vote their way.

That's unelected judges and the stupid Charter for you:

A grieving northern Ontario woman says she just wants the rest of her slain son’s remains returned to her

Wesley Hallam, 29, was killed in 2011 at a drug-fuelled house party in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., where he was stabbed to death, decapitated and dismembered. His mother has been waiting more than five years for her son’s head — it’s been a key piece of evidence in his horrific death.

“All I have is his torso, which was cremated,” Sandra Hallam said in an emotional interview from her home in the northern Ontario city.

When she finally gets her son’s head back, Hallam says she’ll bury him next to his grandparents after a service that a local funeral parlour will provide free of charge.

Hallam is depressed, and now livid, following a plea deal between Crown attorneys and the three men accused in her son’s death.

A first-degree murder trial loomed this October for Eric Mearow, Ronald Mitchell and Dylan Jocko, but on July 28, all pleaded guilty to manslaughter and causing an indignity to a human body. All three could walk free within two years because of time already served.

Scratch a Green party member, as they say:

Leader Elizabeth May said she and some others in the Green shadow cabinet felt “pretty devastated” after members voted in favour of adding support for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel to the party platform Sunday.

(Sidebar: it's your party, Liz.)

ISIS is taking credit for another attack in Belgium:

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has claimed responsibility for Saturday’s machete attack in Belgium.

A statement by the ISIL-affiliated Aamaq News Agency, posted Sunday on an ISIL-linked Twitter account, says the attack was carried out by one of ISIL’s “soldiers.”

The statement says the attack on two policewomen in the city of Charleroi was in response to the “Crusader coalition’s” campaign against ISIL and its self-declared caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

I'm sure.

ISIS takes credit for quite a few things. The offending slasher may not be a card-carrying member of ISIS but he is easily persuaded.

And now, watch the glory of the Cat Olympics:

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