Thursday, August 11, 2016

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The story so far:

Aaron Driver of Strathroy, Ontario was already under a peace bond and ordered not to use the Internet by the RCMP. He supported the 2014 attack on the House of Commons.

A tip from the FBI alerted the RCMP that Driver, seen in a "martyrdom" video, was going to target a major urban centre. He was not under RCMP surveillance.

Within three hours, the RCMP traced the video to Driver, cordoned him off in his driveway where a taxi was to take him to his destination and there he detonated the bomb that killed him.

The Liberals are still planning on repealing parts of Bill C-51 that could make things easier to stop attacks like Driver's failed one.

The deflection of Aaron Driver's obvious motives is now in progress:

Because it's not poverty/jobs/America/climate change/lone wolves anymore. It's "mental issues".


Keep it classy, Duterte:

“As you know, I’m fighting with [U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s] ambassador. His gay ambassador, the son of a whore. He pissed me off,” Duterte said.

During this year’s election campaign, Duterte drew national and international condemnation for saying he wished he had “been first” to rape an Australian missionary who was assaulted and killed during a prison riot. The Australian ambassador objected, as did Goldberg. Duterte told them both to “shut up.”

Sit back and watch the train wreck:

While Pride would not comment on details of the complaint, Global News published an alleged copy of the letter, which claimed that Chantelois was verbally abusive and made “racist, sexist and transphobic comments.”

According to Global, the letter said Chantelois “created an environment that is manipulative, divisive, and ultimately — toxic.”

“He has hired friends without conducting interviews, lied to the media, the community, volunteers and the staff, and made us feel unsafe about disagreeing with him on anything,” the obtained email alleged.

“He has made derogatory comments about staff to other staff members, including comments about firing staff once the festival was over, and used staff against each other to protect himself.”

Instead of being a country of citizens who led a hard scrabble existence but still managed to create a functioning civilisation, decades of Liberal nancy-boy-ism has reduced the Canadian identity to maple syrup and toques.

Why did we let this happen?
“Acceptance and maple syrup” was not Canada’s identity prior to the change of our flag in the 1960s. It was Trudeau Senior who planted the idea in our collective consciousness that we as Canadians should be perpetually embarrassed of our history, which therefore justified the subsequent attempt by the elites to systematically erase it.

Our current Prime Minister has taken this nonsensical idea and raised it further into insanity, claiming that we now live in a "post-nation country." What does that even mean? If we aren’t a unique and different nation, why not become a part of Norway, Thailand or Egypt? If we have no history that defines us as the section of North America that stayed loyal to the crown, why don't we ask the next President to become the 51st state of the USA?

Read the whole thing.

In North Korea, it's go big or go to Yodok:

Tighter control on North Korean athletes may also be an attempt to block defections. Foreign sporting events have long seen athletes from authoritarian countries run away or claim asylum – at least 45 members of the Eritrean soccer team have defected during various foreign trips over recent years. During the 2012 London Olympic Games, a variety of athletes disappeared and were later found to have defected.

However, there have been no known defectors from North Korea during any Olympics in which the country has competed. It’s possible this lack of defections is due to the tight control exerted by North Korean security forces and potential punishments for families left behind.

And now, a bunch of things:

"Revenge of the Capybaras" would make a great creature feature:

According to Deadspin, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was aware of the capybara population before this year's games. “There are about 30-40 of them inside the course perimeter, but they live here and we play golf here, we co-exist,” Mark Johnson, the director of international agronomy for the PGA, tour told The National Post. To combat this, the IOC assigned the course five handlers to wrangle the animals if they got too close to the golfers.

Do the Italians have this right?

Parents who restrict their children to a vegan diet could face a jail term if a controversial bill is passed by the Italian parliament.


Greenland sharks may live up to four hundred years:

We tend to think of vertebrates as living about as long as we do, give or take 50 to 100 years. Marine species are likely to be very long-lived, but determining their age is particularly difficult. Nielsen et al. used the pulse of carbon-14 produced by nuclear tests in the 1950s—specifically, its incorporation into the eye during development—to determine the age of Greenland sharks. This species is large yet slow-growing. The oldest of the animals that they sampled had lived for nearly 400 years, and they conclude that the species reaches maturity at about 150 years of age.

Facts about the Christ the Redeemer that overlooks Rio de Janiero:

Silva Costa traveled to France in search of a world-class sculptor to turn his divine design into reality. He eventually commissioned Paul Landowski, a French-Polish sculptor who further sharpened the statue’s Art Deco design. Over the next several years, Landowski fashioned the 98-foot tall sculpture in clay pieces, which were then shipped to Brazil and remade with reinforced concrete.

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