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Your point of calm...

ISIS supporter Aaron Driver was killed with bullets, not a self-detonation:

An ISIL supporter who died during a confrontation with an RCMP tactical team outside his home in Strathroy, Ont. was killed by a police bullet, his family said Tuesday.

Wayne Driver said an autopsy had determined that his son Aaron had been shot twice and that one of the bullets had struck his liver and traveled to his heart. The other hit his spleen, he said.

The 24-year-old was allegedly in the final stages of preparing a terrorist attack on Aug. 10 when an Emergency Response Team moved in. He detonated an explosive device and police opened fire.
And the problem is...?


Following a similar scenario in Strathroy, Ont. on Aug. 10, which ended with the shooting death of ISIL supporter Aaron Driver as he was allegedly about to conduct a bombing, some experts are calling for changes to the way extremists are assessed.

I wonder when that will happen.


(Sidebar: this account about FGM is rather graphic.)

But let’s be optimistic. Let’s say this poor child does not die of shock. Let’s say she becomes septic, aka massive septicemia. Then she still dies, in agony. Septicemia takes 3 or 4 days to kill: esp. when the pt. is young-and otherwise healthy. Organ by organ, the body shuts down. 

I mean AGONY. For it goes w/o saying, that the barbarians who engage is such atrocities, have no notion of antibiotics or ‘post-op’ care.

It is important to remember that those who voted for Trudeau deliberately overlooked how he refused to call this practice barbaric.


North Korean defections are occurring at a steady rate:

The last refuge of those who defended North Korea’s use of overseas slave labor is that at least it was better than slave labor inside North KoreaIt was always a con, of course — the North Korean regime promised its workers big money if they went overseas to toil in Siberian forests, Polish shipyards, Qatari construction sites, or Chinese garment factories. That the officials earned steep bribes with this con gave them a motive to lie and exaggerate. The reality was back-breaking, unsafe work for long hours and little pay (after the minders and Kim Jong-un took their cuts). Some of the workers slipped away and defected, despite the risk to their families back in North Korea. Recently, some have begun to flee in groups, or mutiny en masse. And back in Pyongyang, hardly anyone wants to work abroad anymore.

Read the whole thing.


North Korea's deputy ambassador in London has defected with his family to South Korea, making him the highest-ranking Pyongyang diplomat ever to flee the isolated regime for the democratic South, South Korea said on Wednesday.

The Unification Ministry in Seoul declined to say when or how Thae and his family arrived, or how many relatives accompanied him.

Thae defected due to discontent with the regime of Kim Jong Un in North Korea and for the future of his child, ministry spokesman Jeong Joon-hee told a news conference. It was not clear in Korean whether Jeong was referring to more than one child.

"We know that Deputy Ambassador Thae is saying that his distaste for the Kim Jong Un regime and yearning for the Republic of Korea's free democratic system and the future of his child are motives for the defection," Jeong said, referring to South Korea, adding that Thae and his family were under government protection.

All of this present challenges to democratic states. What does one do with a high-ranking defector (or a low-ranking one, for that matter)? Is one imposing or applying imposed sanctions?

For a world that relies on slave labour, I suspect little attention is given.


It just isn't the American left's week.

A hack writer working for Wonkette performed such mental gymnastics excusing Bill Clinton's rape-filled past that one wonders if she has suffered brain damage.

It must be said that for the left - who have abandoned all morality and decency ages ago and embrace virtually anything - it is not WHAT is done but WHO does it.

And then Nazi collaborator George Soros had his dreadful secrets exposed:

Soros, whose net worth stands at $23 billion according to a Forbes estimate, primarily uses his fortune for world activism. That includes funding pro-BDS organizations such as Mada al-Carmel: Arab Center for Applied Social Research, Adala, the NIF, Women Against Violence, the Mossawa Center, and Molad, which works to raise public support against settlements in Judea and Samaria.

DCLeaks posted reports and strategies of Soros' Open Society Foundations, which list "Palestine" as a state in high need for scholarships and assistance. Another document indicate's OSF's grand strategy in Israel is to "focus on raising the cost of the occupation and ending it on the one hand, and on human rights advocacy and protection on the other."

(Sidebar: there is so much more.)

Then the FBI promised to release Hillary Clinton's e-mails.

Some people just can't catch a break.

Why Black Lives Matter is the gunk under one's shoes:

Only 39 percent of all students in New York state schools who were tested recently scored at the "proficient" level in math, but 100 percent of the students at the Crown Heights Success Academy school scored at that level in math. Blacks and Hispanics are 90 percent of the students in the Crown Heights Success Academy.

The Success Academy schools in general ranked in the top 2 percent in English and in the top 1 percent in math. Hispanic students in these schools reached the "proficient" level in math nearly twice as often as Hispanic students in the regular public schools. Black students in these Success Academy schools reached the "proficient" level more than twice as often as black students in the regular public schools.
What makes this all the more amazing is that these charter schools are typically located in the same ghettos or barrios where other blacks or Hispanics are failing miserably on the same tests. More than that, successful charter schools are often physically housed in the very same buildings as the unsuccessful public schools.

In other words, minority kids from the same neighborhood, going to school in classes across the hall from each other, or on different floors, are scoring far above average and far below average on the same tests.

If black success was considered half as newsworthy as black failures, such facts would be headline news -- and people who have the real interests of black and other minority students at heart would be asking, "Wow! How can we get more kids into these charter schools?"

Many minority parents have already taken notice. More than 43,000 families are on waiting lists to get their children into charter schools. But admission is by lottery, and far more have to be turned away than can be admitted.

Why? Because the teachers' unions are opposed to charter schools -- and they give big bucks to politicians, who in turn put obstacles and restrictions on the expansion of charter schools. These include politicians like New York's "progressive" mayor Bill de Blasio, who poses as a friend of blacks by denigrating the police, standing alongside Al Sharpton.

Imagine educated, accomplished people not rioting because some extremist group demands it.

How embarrassing.

The popular press' deliberate ignoring of Christian genocide is no accident:

Between January 2014 and June 2016, the network evening news shows referred to persecution against Christians in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia just 60 times. Despite telling of murders, forced religious conversions and mass displacement, the networks refused to add up the thousands of atrocities to what they clearly amount to: genocide. Just six of the 60 reports used the word genocide. Put another way, over two years, they mentioned the Christian genocide on just four separate days. Even when Secretary of State John Kerry officially declared in March 2016 that ISIS was engaging in genocide, CBS didn’t report it.

And now, the second oldest shipwreck found in the Great Lakes:

The second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes, an American-built, Canadian-owned sloop that sank in Lake Ontario more than 200 years ago, has been found, a team of underwater explorers said Wednesday.

The three-member western New York-based team said it discovered the shipwreck earlier this summer in deep water off Oswego, in central New York. Images captured by a remotely operated vehicle confirmed it is the Washington, which sank during a storm in 1803, team member Jim Kennard said.

"This one is very special. We don't get too many like this," said Kennard, who along with Roger Pawlowski and Roland "Chip" Stevens has found numerous wrecks in Lake Ontario and other waterways.

The sloop Washington was built on Lake Erie in Pennsylvania in 1798 and was used to transport people and goods between western New York, Pennsylvania and Ontario. It was placed on skids and hauled by oxen teams across the Niagara Isthmus to Lake Ontario in 1802 after being sold to Canadian merchants.

The 53-foot-long ship was carrying at least five people and a cargo of merchandise, including goods from India, when it set sail from Kingston, Ontario, for its homeport of Niagara, Ontario, on Nov. 6, 1803. The vessel was caught in a fierce storm and sank.

At least three crew members and two merchants were on the sloop. All aboard died. According to Kennard, contemporary records said portions of the cargo and pieces of the ship were found the following day on shore near Oswego.

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