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The de facto start of the week.

Let us never forget. 11-11-11-11.

Who's this handsome devil?

Saskatchewan heads to the polls.

A bit of post-Halloween business:

Some kids calling themselves Children of the Hood wrote a letter to one homeowner in Oshawa, Ont. explaining that he missed Halloween and left the letter in his mailbox. They write that the lady who used to own the house handed out candy apples, "but last night there were no candy apples. Come to think of it there was no candy at all from your home!"

The kids explain the mistake and say the homeowner can fix it next year by passing out chocolate bars. They say they will understand he probably can't make candy apples because he is a guy and that they receive too many bags of chips so chocolate bars are the perfect solution. Another way to rectify the issue is for the homeowner to deliver candy to the children on Saturday because they will probably have eaten all of their candy from Halloween by then.

But the homeowner didn't deliver any candy, instead he posted the note on Kijiji saying he is looking for the author.

"Dear Children of Entitlement (and likely their parents)," starts the Kijiji post. "You have gone ahead and reminded me of why I do not want children, and why I weep for the future."
The homeowner says he was not home on Halloween and has bought a huge amount of candy, which he will enjoy with his friends on Saturday.

I believe childhood is a time of innocence and fun. I also believe it is the prime time for the parents to inculcate morals, values and manners to their offspring. At any time, did any parent impress upon the children that they are not entitled to candy, that their sole argument for receiving this free candy, for which no one is compensated or is seldom thanked, is tradition? What if the individual had an emergency and could not be there to hand out candy? Does anyone feel bad now? The crafted letter (as original as the Jack Layton letter) was a self-deserving tome of greed, gluttony and - as oft but necessarily repeated- entitlement. If there was a spot of shame anywhere, someone would be hanging their heads.

Now, I'm not defending curmudgeons who hate children and think that some lame John Lennon song is the steely stuff for an airtight retort but I am on the ledge for people who have had it up to their eyebrows with self-important brats who think they deserve things simply because they are there. It starts when they're young.

Like the Occupests (TM).

Now people have had it with the "occupiers"? I assure you, they wore out their welcome long before they started (that's ninety-nine percent of regular people fed up with total pig crap, kids):

Officials in the cities are agitating for the protesters to clear out of the public spaces they began occupying in recent weeks, citing health and safety concerns. 

There has already been a small fire in the Quebec City park where protesters are camped out, though no one was hurt in the incident last week. 

City spokesperson Jacques Perron said the park is no longer safe, which is a problem because it is a public space that should be safe for everyone. 

Similar concerns are being raised in Vancouver, where one woman has died during the so-called occupation and another protester has suffered a non-fatal drug overdose. 

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has asked police and fire officials to look at strategies to "end the encampment as soon as possible." 

The protesters have said they will not leave voluntarily. 

As one Occupy Vancouver protester told CTV British Columbia on the weekend: "If they really want to come in and try to clear us out, we're going to stand our ground and what happens from there will happen." 

The protesters say they have a charter right to protest, although the city is expected to seek a court injunction to get them to move. 

Out in Victoria, protesters were told to leave a city square by noon on Monday. 

City officials want to decorate the square for the holidays and they also want to complete maintenance on the public fountain there. 

(Sidebar: will the Occu-Grinches ruin Christmas?)

Protester Rob Baron told CTV British Columbia that the protesters have made their point even if they get kicked out of the downtown square. 

"If you remove the people from here, I don't think you realize how much support that we have gained from this statement we've been making down here," Baron said Sunday. 

"This has been an education and an awareness process and that's all it has been." 

(Sidebar: I called it.)

Occupy protesters in Halifax, meanwhile, made a deal to temporarily relocate their camp so that that city officials could organize Remembrance Day ceremonies at the city's main cenotaph. 

No. Move them. Men didn't fight and die so sad sacks could literally stink up the place.

Ladies and gentlemen, Nena.

Because he's Mark Steyn:

On Wednesday, the "Occupy Oakland" occupiers rampaged through the city, shutting down the nation's fifth-busiest port, forcing stores to close, terrorizing those residents foolish enough to commit the reactionary crime of "shopping," destroying ATMs, spraying the Christ the Light Cathedral with the insightful observation "F**k", etc. And how did the Oakland City Council react? The following day they considered a resolution to express their support for "Occupy Oakland" and to call on the city administration to "collaborate with protesters."

That's "collaborate" in the Nazi-occupied France sense: the city's feckless political class are collaborating with anarchists against the taxpayers who maintain them in their sinecures. They're not the only ones. When the rumor spread that the Whole Foods store, of all unlikely corporate villains, had threatened to fire employees who participated in the protest, the Regional President David Lannon took to Facebook: "We totally support our Team Members participating in the General Strike today – rumors are false!" But, despite his "total support", they trashed his store anyway, breaking windows and spray-painting walls. As The Oakland Tribune reported:

"A man who witnessed the Whole Foods attack, but asked not to be identified, said he was in the store buying an organic orange when the crowd arrived."

There's an epitaph for the republic if ever I heard one.


Here’s a poignant vignette of the Occupy movement from Occupy Vancouver, where a woman in her twenties was found dead in her tent on Saturday night:
In a strange twist of events, the band D.O.A. began performing a live outdoor concert about 20 metres away while police set up crime scene tape around the now-collapsed tent.
Indeed. In a culture that values the attitudinal pose above humdrum reality, D.O.A. means the “transgressive” band with “edgy” titles (Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors) rather than the actual corpse being carted off to the morgue a few yards away.

 We owe Japan an apology (yes, we do):

 They’re [the Chinese] not even mad about Tiananmen Square. Every time you bring up any kind of Chinese massacre, they inevitably shrug their shoulders and mention something cruel the American government’s done. They’re like Russians. The past stays in the past even if statues of it are thrust into the future.

Why am I not surprised?

Krupp explains how the communists wanted to “discredit the Pope after his death, to destroy the reputation of the Catholic Church and, more significantly to us, to isolate the Jews from the Catholics. It succeeded very well in all three areas.”

He wasn't finding a cure for cancer. He was the back alley man:

Writer/producer Alan Ball is changing genres from vampires, but he is sticking to the ghoulish. 

The producer of TV's True Blood and Six Feet Under is scheduled to serve as executive producer of a one-hour HBO drama, Wichita, about the life of the late abortionist, George Tiller.

Cancel your subscription to HBO.


We know that pro-aborts don't like the concept of informed choice, because it leaves no room for the kind of "choice" they'd like to see. But what if a woman changes her mind and chooses life at the very last moment? Where's her right to choose then? 

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, November 3, 2011 ( - Pro-life sidewalk counselors outside a Milwaukee abortion clinic Thursday morning say that a preteen girl asking pro-lifers for help was forced into the clinic by escorts and a guardian, and that police have responded saying that they could do nothing.

And now, "Puppies of the Corn".


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