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Adapting to a Western lifestyle can be deadly:

As the eldest of the girls, Zainab Shafia, once told a relative, “I don’t want [to wear] the veil.” When the family lived in Dubai, she explained, the girls and women in the family used to don it.

But, she told her relative, “This is a different country. When we live in this country, we want to adapt ourselves like Canadians.”

The man now testifying at the trial of Zainab’s accused killers — which is to say, her parents and brother — can’t be identified.

His name is protected by a publication ban until his evidence is complete.

But his testimony on the witness stand as the trial resumed Tuesday after a brief delay was both poignant and horrifying.

Zainab and two of her sisters, Sahar and Geeti — they were respectively 19, 17 and 13 years old — were found drowned in a submerged black Nissan at the Kingston Mills locks just outside this city on June 30, 2009.

With them in the car was Rona Mohammad Amir, the 53-year-old woman who was presented to the world as an aunt or cousin, but who was in fact the first wife of the girls’ father, Mohammad Shafia.

The family are wealthy Afghans, who left their native country in 1992 and lived abroad in Dubai, Pakistan and Australia before arriving in Canada in 2007.

On trial now for four counts of first-degree murder each are Mr. Shafia, 58, his second wife Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 41, and their oldest son, Hamed, 21.

Prosecutors allege it was a mass “honour killing,” driven by Mr. Shafia’s belief that the teenagers had damaged the family’s standing and honour with their willful ways and defiance of his rules.

Where are the apologists, the feminists and the multi-cultists? This is the kind of thing they should answer for. If they are that proud/naive/stupid/arrogant/ignorant to suggest that this deliberate murder (dubbed as "honour killings") is as commonplace in any culture on the planet, have them defend their rancid idiocies in the very countries where these sorts of murders occur. Defend their babblings in Iran or Saudi Arabia. If they survive that, air-lift them to North Korea. They could stand to lose a few pounds.

Your "Occupy..." round-up (for the people who still have NO clue):

Aside from the faulty math, revolting anti-Semitism and the attraction of every kind of idiot, thug and hippie, the Occupests (TM) also feel "used" when made to make meals for the more free-loading of their number. Oh, how the shoe is on the other foot.

And what of the Vietnamese immigrant? Who speaks for him?

Isn't the celebrity class the "one percent"? Do we really need their vulgarity, trashy films and in-your-face opulence?

[Police Chief] Chu said the makeshift encampment has been infiltrated by what he called a “violent element.”

(Sidebar: no. That was there before. Why don't you catch some rioters or something? And I think the officers who were bitten should rub garlic on their wounds before the first full moon.)

Vancouver and Victoria are taking the girlish route to removing smelly hippies who throw urine on people.

Yes, the unions backed these "Occupy...." events and they should be made to clean up the excrement with kiddie shovels and dog-mess bags.

The "ninety-nine percenters" (who aren't 99 % of anything, really) live in some nice homes.

...Have been smashing windows in Oakland, California.

The "Occupy..." events have been rape-fests in Ottawa,Cleveland, Seattle, New York, Baltimore, Toronto, and Glasgow. Let's not forget the theft, the pushing of an old lady down a flight of stairs, the mistreatment of a disabled woman and the use of children as human shields.

The "Occupy..." events have also been the scenes of drug abuse (and overdose), fire hazards and vermin.

There are SEVERAL reasons why these "Occupy..." events are nothing more than magnets for the misfits and cretins of humanity but the upshot is that these entire stunts were that nothing more than that-  stunts. Any "Occupy (insert city here)" was a happening for the imbeciles who never had any intention of making the world aware (and, for the record, "awareness" is just towncriery for the bloody obvious) of problems both social and financial, nor do the aforementioned imbeciles have any practical or fair solutions for them. Regular people will have to clean up the messes made by these gargantuan children (as if we don't have enough on our proverbial plates). These "Occupy..." eyesores are a snapshot of the laziness, undeserved sense of entitlement (TM), thoughtlessness, boorishness and just outright filth of a generation more fortunate than previous ones. "Occupy..." is just another example of the cultural and moral crises the West faces. I'm not given credence to them by stating they take up a page in the history books as that would be assigning importance they don't deserve. But they are ugly reminders of how bad things have become.

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And now, Australia does something awesome with license plates and a bunch of dog pictures. Enjoy.

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