Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Open Letter from Japan to North Korea

Hi, guys!

We just wanted to talk you about your rather boorish behaviour at the World Cup qualifier the other day. You know, when you did this:

Japan's national anthem was roundly booed by a seemingly capacity crowd in Pyongyang Tuesday as the former colonial power took on North Korea in a dead rubber World Cup qualifier.

Live television footage from the hermit nation showed tens of thousands of North Korean fans at the Kim Il Sung stadium booing loudly as the Japanese national anthem was played ahead of the match.

Talk about rude! We don't recall doing that to you before the match. It's called class and you don't have to have it air-lifted in by South Korea.

And, really, a country that has been kidnapping our citizens for years should hardly take it upon themselves to be so dastardly and coarse.

Remember her?

Anyway, we'll be absorbing this rudeness over a full meal and we suggest- if it is ever possible- you do the same.

This tastes rich and freedom-y.

Yours' in Blue Samurai,


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