Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Post

A lot to say today.

Yahoo News gets it wrong again. A protest is an act of organised disapproval, the subject of which is clearly defined. What is going on in Iran is mob rule:

Iranian protesters stormed two British diplomatic compounds in Tehran on Tuesday, smashing windows, torching a car and burning the British flag in protest against new sanctions imposed by London....

Several dozen protesters broke away from a crowd of a few hundred outside the main British embassy compound in downtown Tehran, scaled the gates, broke the locks and went inside.

Protesters pulled down the British flag, burned it, and put up the Iranian flag, Iranian news agencies and news pictures showed. Inside, the demonstrators smashed windows of office and residential quarters and set a car ablaze, news pictures showed.

Putting aside the great international and diplomatic import of this event, one must ask why a news agency soft-pedals the truth. One is not being objective in calling aggravated arson "a protest".

Mass-murderer Breivik is considered insane:

Confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik belongs in psychiatric care instead of prison, Norwegian prosecutors said Tuesday after a mental evaluation declared him legally insane during a bomb-and-shooting rampage that killed 77 people.

The court-ordered assessment found that the self-styled anti-Muslim militant was psychotic during the July 22 attacks, which would make him mentally unfit to be convicted and imprisoned for the country's worst peacetime massacre.

The report, written by two psychiatrists who spent 36 hours talking to Breivik, will be reviewed by an expert panel before the Oslo district court rules on his mental state.

Their conclusions surprised many outside experts and contrasted with earlier comments by the head of the review panel, who told The Associated Press in July that it was unlikely that Breivik would be declared insane because the attacks were so carefully planned and executed.

But prosecutors insisted the psychiatric report describes a man living in a "delusional universe" — a paranoid schizophrenic who's lost touch with reality.

Surprise, surprise.

Nigeria votes against gay "marriage". No word on whether or not Michael Erickson will shake down the Nigerian government for money or demand re-education.

Related: Michael Erickson helped pen the controversial TDSB sex education program.

Somewhat related: 

When a child begins acting out with age-inappropriate heterosexual behavior, the first suspicion is molestation.  When a youth begins calling him or herself "gay" and reveals early sexual experience, why are we not asking that same question?

Indeed. We are glossing over possible abuse because we are afraid of a pack of perverted cause-mongers. Western civilisation has certainly hit a low point.

Listen to the experiences of a teacher who worked on a reservation in northern Ontario and then read this utterly fantastic article on why throwing vast sums of cash at aboriginals is as effective as building a sand castle to thwart the deadly fury of a tsunami.

A taste:

How much “free money” are we talking about? John Duncan, the Conservative government’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, issued a defensive press release in the wake of the “scandal;” amidst the requisite jargon about “complex challenges” and “working closely with the community,” the Ministry couldn’t resist slipping in the following factoid: Since 2006, his department “alone has provided approximately $80 million to Attawapiskat First Nation, which does not including funding the community will receive this fiscal year.”

According to the 2001 Census, the population of Attawapiskat was just under 1300 people. That means one federal government ministry gifted the community with over $61,000 for every individual on the reserve.

That sure would buy a lot of toilets. So where are they?

Let's recap. Eighty million dollars has been given to the Attawapiskat First Nation Reservation since 2006 and yet there is no functional plumbing (but, seemingly, a surplus of working big-screen televisions).

What would happen if the government of Canada just stopped giving money to these reservations? Discuss.

Could you imagine?

An amazing article on how Obama's attempt to screw Canada only hurt the US.

Now the UN is mad that Syria tortured and murdered children.

(Imena, Imela and Dalu)

Have a very Star Wars Christmas.


Anonymous said...

"One is not being objective in calling aggravated arson "a protest.'"

As much as it pains me to say, what happened to the British the world used to know? The ones who would burn down a whole village for what one man did. They knew how to deal with people like this. I understand that the weapon technology is much better now as well.

"But prosecutors insisted the psychiatric report describes a man living in a 'delusional universe'"

An interesting way to avoid addressing the validity of some of his concerns, while still giving him some form of punishment for his crimes.

~Your Brother~

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Great Britain used to have its own empire. Now, Iranian "students" can destroy its embassy.

How the mighty have fallen.

I don't think the Norwegians are ready to believe in the nature of evil. After all, when your priests are civil servants just like the mailmen, it's hard to declare with spiritual authority that so and so is evil.

And Norway is an anti-Semitic country. Anyone can point out how Islamofascists are ruining the place and the tow-headed wouldn't believe a word of it.