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Mid-Week Post

The middle of the week never looked so good.

South Korea became the first major Asian consumer of Iranian crude to announce a halt to imports after the government said they would be suspended from July 1 due to a European Union ban on insuring tankers carrying Iranian oil.

Union capos and the leftist brain-trusts who vouch for them:

A small group of protestors with flags representing the Canadian Auto Workers union were present, including London-Fanshawe Member of Parliament Irene Mathyssen. The protesters’ attempt to disrupt the event included forming a human blockade across the entry way of the event parking lot and surrounding one of the Caravan’s trucks to prevent it from moving. One pro-abortion protester even began to vandalize the truck with a coat-hanger (ironically) in an attempt to remove the graphic images of aborted children from the side of the vehicle.

After the incident between the mob and the truck, police were called to the scene by CCBR Executive Director Stephanie Gray. Gray acknowledged that this was a first during their tour, but noted that CAW has been an active opponent of the New Abortion Caravan since its launch in May. No arrests were made.

Beyond the physical disruptions, the protestors were also harassing people attempting to get into the event. Some chanted “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one” to attendees. The megaphone-equipped group leader was more personal in her attacks, at one point waying “No one would have sex with you anyway, so it doesn’t matter” to a 20-year old woman wearing a pro-life button.


And that chant was right -- if you don't want an abortion, don't have one.

A pro-abortion rally organized by members of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Local 444 as part of a protest against the “New Abortion Caravan” didn’t go as smoothly as planned, after a crowd of pro-life union members showed up at the event in a counter protest.

CAW rally organizers said the pro-abortion demonstration was also staged to protest Conservative MP Steve Woodworth’s motion in the House of Commons calling for Parliament to establish a special committee to consider when human life begins.

The pro-abortion rally took place Monday evening in front of the Windsor Regional Hospital. The Windsor Star reported that about 100 pro-abortion union members were faced across the street with about half that number of pro-life union members, who not only stood to defend the lives of the unborn, but to protest their union’s decision to wade into the abortion debate.


The issue of abortion has divided membership at CAW Local 444.

As part of a national initiative, the CAW held pro-choice rallies in Windsor and London on Monday night.

Several hundred people showed up to the rally on Tecumseh Road near the Met Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital.

Many more CAW members demonstrated across the street — either because they don't believe in abortion or because they don't feel the union should be taking sides in the debate.

The CAW is not only dedicated to fighting for workers rights at the bargaining table, it's equally committed to taking on economic, political and social issues that affect its members and their families in the broader community.

So, they are branching out into non-work-related areas? Does that include misogynist comments toward a twenty year old pro-life woman (union broads can be so catty)?

As of November 9, 1988, in accordance with Article 17, Section 6, local unions shall set aside ten cents (.10) of each monthÍs dues payment into a Political Education Fund; ten cents (.10) of each dues payment is to be set aside into the Education Fund; two cents (.02) of each dues payment is to be set aside for recreation and leisure time use, and one cent (.01) of each dues payment shall be set aside for the Retired Workers Fund.


Since 1993 I have defended my Local’s binding referendum that was supposed to effectively prohibit the Local from supporting partisan politics.  In 1993, CAW Local 222, then the largest private sector Local in Canada, voted 82% to stop supporting the NDP financially or in any other way.  Even after this overwhelming vote the Local disregarded the will of the Membership and continued to support the NDP financially and by other means both at the Provincial and Federal levels.


He said around 150 delegates present immediately began reaching into their pockets and gave a total of $3,000 — an amount matched by the union. In the end, the student groups each received $2,000.

Mr. Lewenza said the assistance is about supporting future generations and indicated he would ask members across the country for more help, if the Quebec branch of his union requests it.

“I’m not at all hesitant to call on CAW locals throughout Canada to join in on bonds of solidarity and provide whatever support is necessary — whether it’s financial, whether it’s moral,” Mr. Lewenza said in a recent interview.

So, brain-trusty, how about if we don’t want to join a leftist union that takes workers’ hard-earned cash and uses it to support non-worker-related and rather questionable causes (with its dollops of woman-hatred), we shouldn’t have to?

Do you remember how passionately pro-Bill 13 supporters denied the bill was a means to indoctrinate and separate students along artificial lines and insisted it was about stopping bullies?


In the final Bill 13 debate at Queens Park, New Democrat MPP, Cheri DiNovo addressed MPPs with a lengthy speech on Bill 13 in which she candidly described her “hope” that in the future, “the school system sees two mothers or two fathers as just as normal a family group, as a male and female.”  So, she’s clear, she hopes Bill 13 helps normalize homosexual family structures in the minds of children.

This admission is not far off from the one we got from Liberal Education Minister Laurel Broten recently during a scrum on Bill 13. A Toronto Sun journalist asked Broten why she has her children in Catholic school if she disagrees so much with Catholic teaching on homosexuality. Minister Broten replied: “This is about having schools where our students, if they draw a picture of their family and it has two moms in it or it has two dads, that they know that other pupils in that classroom understand and know that’s just as loving a family as theirs.” You notice she didn’t mention anything about bullying whatsoever? She’s talking about normalizing homosexual family structures in very early grades. She’s talking about indoctrination. Social engineering.

Dalton McGuinty himself, in a speech delivered last summer to the Toronto Gay Pride parade, told the participants that his government’s objective in imposing GSAs is to “change attitudes” about homosexuality. He described how that process “should begin in the home and extend deep into our communities, including our schools.”

What do the gay activists say about Bill 13? Well, Queer Ontario, a gay-activist organization, admits to having written the amendments to Bill 13. Who is Queer Ontario you ask? Well, they’re a group working with the McGuinty government, whose mission statement on their website includes getting Ontario to celebrate not only homosexuality, but also bondage, sadism, masochism and polyamorous relationships. That’s polygamy.  Does it encourage you to know this organization helped McGuinty write the bill? Heck, according to the Catholic school trustees there’s no gay agenda here at all, and in fact, GSAs are suitable for Catholic schools!

Don’t look so shocked.

Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of one of the 7/7 bombers, is believed to have been behind an attack in Kenya that killed three people as they watched England during Euro 2012, according to reports.

Let this moment of brief vindication/confusion settle in, white leftist basket-weavers.

The fact that Obama has the nerve to make this claim while hitting seven fundraisers in only 48 hours that brings the total number for this year alone to 100, out-pacing George W. Bush by an almost 3-to-1 ratio is nothing less than stunning.

The Romney campaign raises more than we do, and the math isn’t hard to understand: Through the primaries, we raised almost three-quarters of our money from donors giving less than $1,000, while Mitt Romney’s campaign raised more than three-quarters of its money from individuals giving $1,000 or more.

The man is disgusting.

I’d like to point out that a teacher cannot mark what a student has not handed in and that allowing the student to be lazy will not be rewarding forever. Bad idea:

The Edmonton Public School Board will review its controversial no-zero grading policy, which caused an uproar across the country after high school teacher Lynden Dorval was suspended for defying it.

Trustees voted unanimously to revisit the policy at a board meeting Tuesday after hearing from Dorval, who spoke out against it in a brief presentation.

"This no-zero policy does not work," Dorval said. "You only have to look at the stats of the number of the high schools that have been doing this thing for a number of years and you look at their diploma results. They're terrible."

Dorval, who was recently threatened with termination by his principal at Ross Sheppard High School, said he objects to being told how to evaluate his students by "somebody who doesn't know my subject, doesn't know my students."

"The decision to make evaluations should be in the hands of teachers," Dorval told trustees. "We do take our job very seriously, consider ourselves professional, and I think it should be our right."

The board also heard from other speakers including Dorval's former colleague at Ross Sheppard, retired social studies teacher Doug Senuik.

He told trustees the no-zero directive pushes students through "by any means necessary."

The practice is not based on research, but rather the work of "overzealous principals" who want to increase their students' completion rates, Senuik said.

The practice raises marks, but lowers achievement, he said.

And now,  cats that live in fridges. Enjoy.

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