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A Canadian porn actor suspected of murdering and dismembering a Chinese student and mailing his body parts to Canada's top political parties was reading about himself on the Internet when he was arrested Monday at a cafe in Berlin.
Canadian investigators say 29-year-old Luka Magnotta's obsessions led him to post Internet videos of his killing kittens, then a man, and finally to his arrest at the cafe where he had spent two hours reading media coverage of himself.

An international manhunt set off by a case of Internet gruesomeness that captured global attention ended quietly in the working-class Neukoelln district of the German capital when a cafe employee recognized Magnotta from a newspaper photo and flagged down a police car.

Confronted by seven officers, "He tried at first giving fake names but in the end he just said: 'You got me,'" said police spokesman Guido Busch. "He didn't resist."

Magnotta is wanted by Canadian authorities on suspicion of killing Jun Lin, a 33-year-old man he dated, in Canada, and mailing his body parts totwo of Canada's top political parties before fleeing to Europe.


Canadians officials are already working on an extradition request for Luka Rocco Magnotta, according to a report by the National Post.
Magnotta,  who is accused of the grisly murder of Lin Jun — a 33-year-old Chinese student living in Montreal — was arrested at a German cafe Monday after a manhunt spanning two continents.

"Canada has to now submit a formal request for his extradition accompanied by documentation outlining the evidence supporting the request," Julie Di Mambro, a spokesperson for Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, said in an email to the National Post.

"Officials with the International Assistance Group (IAG) are working expeditiously in conjunction with officials from the Attorney General of Quebec (the prosecuting authority) to prepare the materials in support of the request."

According to the Post, a crown prosecutor in Quebec will have 45 days to build what is called a record of the case. That record will contain a detailed summary of all evidence against Magnotta, and it will then be turned over to the Department of Justice's International Assistance Group.

Next, the department will submit the record to authorities in Germany, where  Magnotta will face a 2-4 day extradition hearing.

That hearing is likely to take place roughly six months from now.

 Enough time for someone to make a victim and/or movie out of him.

 What a vain tart he is.

Assuming this was personal, should one care that someone who was supposed to be under house arrest and not readily identified for politically correct reasons shot and killed one man and injured several others? The answer to that question is no:

Toronto police say it’s a matter of “happenstance” that three men, allegedly members of the same street gang, came to be face to face in a crowded Eaton Centre food court when shots rang out Saturday evening.

Now one of them is dead, another is lying in a hospital bed with bullet wounds and a third, who was supposed to be under house arrest on another charge at the time, is accused of pulling the trigger that sparked mass panic at the downtown shopping hub.

Christopher Husbands, 23, faces one charge of first-degree murder and six counts of attempted murder after the shooting that investigators say was “personal,” not gang-related.

A classy smackdown for idiots who would say stuff like this.

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Just let it die already!

Finance chiefs of the Group of Seven leading industrialized powers will hold emergency talks on the euro zone debt crisis on Tuesday in a sign of heightened global alarm about strains in the 17-nation European currency area.
With Greece, Ireland and Portugal all under international bailout programs, financial markets are anxious about the risks from a seething Spanish banking crisis and a June 17 Greek election that may lead to Athens leaving the euro zone.

"Markets remain skeptical that the measures taken thus far are sufficient to secure the recovery in Europe and remove the risk that the crisis will deepen. So we obviously believe that more steps need to be taken," White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

Oh no:

 Soviet crooner Eduard Khil, who gained international stardom in 2010 when his 1976 video of a vocalized song known as Trololo became a global Internet hit, has died. He was 77.
Ksenia Kachalova, a press officer at the city's culture department, said the singer, better known internationally as Mr. Trololo, died in a St. Petersburg hospital on Sunday night. The cause of death was not immediately reported.

Khil suffered a stroke in early April and has been in hospital ever since. Doctors then reported that Khil had severe brain damage.

While the crooner was a top Soviet performer during the 1960s and the 1970s, he unexpectedly rose to international stardom in 2010 when Khil's old video of a vocalized song "I'm so Glad I'm Finally Coming Back Home" was uploaded on YouTube and shortly got 2 million hits afterwards.

Khil explained in an interview that the song, which originally had lyrics about a cowboy riding a prairie back home, was banned by Soviet censors. Khil then had to take out the words in order to be able to perform it.

(Sidebar: I knew it! Damn Soviet Union....)

With love and respect for what was truly a great voice.

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