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The World Is Taking Crazy Pills (Pt. 8)

(WARNING: due to the immense amount of douchebaggery reported in this post, viewer discretion is advised.)

NPR's Scott Horsley amped up a campaign rally for President Obama to biblical proportions on Tuesday's Morning Edition, as he singled out an Obama supporter who clearly was in awe of the incumbent Democrat, to the point of practically deifying him.
Horsley set the scene, pointing out how "the rain had stopped, and a little sunshine was peeking through the clouds," and how the supporter attributed this change in the weather to the President: "See what his voice does? It clears up the weather, too. It clears up the economy, creates jobs, helps education, and straightens out the weather." [audio clip
available here]

This deification is so rampant that one would think the ACLU would step in and stop it faster than you can say “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.


President Obama’s spokesman urged House Republicans on Wednesday to cancel a planned vote to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress, saying most Americans don’t care about the separation-of-powers struggle.

“We hope Republicans change their minds as to what the right course of action is,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney, adding that lawmakers should be focused instead on boosting the economy. “I cannot imagine this will sit well with most Americans.”

Yes, why would Americans care about their attorney-general covering up a failed gun-running plan which resulted in the death of Brian Terry, a border patrol agent, and culminating in one of the most transparent presidential rescues in recent history, and in an election year, no less?

That economy red herring was priceless, by the way.

North of the border…

The extreme douchiness starts at about the forty-five second mark with the assault at the fifty-four second mark.

Now, if pink-haired chick were truly a peaceful, well-meaning union employee with a functioning brain stem, she wouldn’t have attempted to vandalise private property and smack people. Idiocy, extremism, self-entitlement- call it whatever you want. The upshot of it is that she is a douche and union-backed douche at that.

The time for union reform (or abolition) is now. Union dues are for worker-related causes, not for pink-haired douches to vandalise vehicles of people with whom they disagree or to use that money for political causes that are polarising.

Here is an example of how ugly the left chooses to be. Let’s make this clear- this man deliberately said what he did not because his statement was true but because he could do it and felt he could get away with it:

I was shocked to read the tweet, which was sent out on Sunday, was widely redistributed, and has now been seen by more than 10,000 people. It looks like a statement from Woodworth. It shows his official photo and name, next to these deeply offensive words: “Rape is God’s Will. Abortion is not. It’s in The Bible.”

These words are in quotes, as if Woodworth actually said them. But of course he didn’t. “Some of my opponents have absolutely no shame,” he said. “It’s a bald-faced lie.” …

I reached the person who sent out the original tweet, Russell Barth. He’s a medical-marijuana advocate from Nepean, just outside Ottawa. On his website, he says he is a writer, artist and caregiver to his wife. 

Here’s a paragraph from his website that tells you far more than you probably want to know about him: “Using cannabis medically since 2002, he has managed to overcome his sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, erectile dysfunction, and various addictions to pharmaceuticals, alcohol, video games, and junk food.”

Like a lot of people who fiercely attack others on the internet, Barth crumpled up like a used tissue when confronted on the phone.

“That’s just satire,” he said, speaking faster than anyone I have ever met. “I’m paraphrasing. I can take it down. It’s called satire. He hasn’t contacted me … I apologize for putting it up but I want him to know that it’s just satire … I will issue an apology on my blog. 

“It’s part of the perils of being in public life,” he said, as he tried to figure out how to take down the image of Woodworth he had put up. “You end up being on the internet and it’s a rough place.”

At no time did MP Stephen Woodworth say anything Barth alleged him to have said. He did not state, imply or in any way, shape or form give such a statement. Look it up if you don’t believe me. The only people who bring up rape are people like Mr. Barth and various pundits who believe that Mr. Woodworth’s proposal to discuss when human life begins automatically means the recriminalisation of abortion and the deliberate failure to protect raped women (and how that came about is itself insight into the liberal mind and all its extremist wonder). Again, look this up if you don’t believe me. Mr. Barth’s statement doesn’t even resemble satire. It’s libel.  His mealy-mouthed apology (if one wishes to use that word at all it must be in the loosest sense) is offered only after Mr. Woodworth has been maligned by people whose figments of their fevered imagination quickly become the staple of the debate. The apology amounts to nothing and Mr. Barth damn well knows it. The damage is done.

I think a lawsuit is in order.

Even the South Koreans aren’t immune to douchebaggery.

Lim Su-Kyung  (read of Im Su-Gyeong’s exploits in Bradley K. Martin’s Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader) became the darling of North Korean circles in 1989 when she visited Pyeongyang and was even granted an audience with dictator Kim Il-Sung (South Korea’s Hanoi Jane?). She is now a representative of the leftist Democratic United Party. When asked by a human rights activist to pose for a picture, she first agreed but then became… well… rabid:

According to Baek [...] Lim made the comments to him on the 1st at a restaurant in Seoul, saying, “Defectors who have no roots should just shut their mouths and live quietly in the Republic of Korea. Defectors with no idea should not talk back to a Republic of Korea National Assembly lawmaker.”
In the process, Lim also heavily criticized Saenuri Party lawmaker Ha Tae Kyung, who used to be a pro-North activist himself, saying, “You work with that Ha Tae Kyung right, on that North Korean human rights stuff? Ha Tae Kyung that turncoat I’m going to kill him with my own bare hands.” 

What? Criticism is not allowed? People should keep quiet? Human right activists critical of North Korea should be killed with her own hands? I’m not shocked and nor should anyone else be. Show me a leftist who doesn’t favour a dictator, blow a fuse or who has such moral and logical dissonance that not even science can explain it and I’ll show you the tooth fairy.

I think this incident shows us that no matter what country you come from, if you’re a leftist, you’re foaming at the mouth and a raving lunatic.

Am I right or am I right?

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