Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Somewhere, Somehow- A Post

I'm as surprised as you are.

Grisly deliveries to two Vancouver schools:

Vancouver police have confirmed that two human body parts, one foot and one hand, were delivered to two Vancouver schools --False Creek Elementary and St. George's private school -- on Tuesday afternoon.

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Canada points out the obvious economic train wreck in Europe:

The euro zone must come up with a broad plan, and not just lurch from crisis to crisis, as the global economy is running out of time to right itself, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Tuesday.

Speaking of Harper, he's a weasel

Conservative MPs are under intense pressure from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) to vote against a Tory MP's non-binding motion that calls on Parliament to study when human life begins.

Tory sources say Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants southern Ontario MP Stephen Woodworth's motion eliminated before Parliament rises for the summer in late June.

"The PM himself wants this vote beaten down," one source tells QMI Agency.

The PMO is said to be telling MPs that voting in favour of Woodworth's motion would be like forcing Harper to break his promise not to "reopen the debate on abortion."

Tories who side with Harper are said to be putting the screws to their colleagues by telling them that a vote in favour of Motion 312 is a vote against Harper's leadership.

Bill 13 passes. All transgressors will be strangled with piano wire.

Omar Khadr is a fat, bearded liar

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The Wisconsin thugs unions bet on the wrong horse:

NBC News just called it for Walker.

"Comfort women" for the Japanese during the Second World War:

Sehong's pictures are emotional but don't appear to make a political statement about the Japanese. In one portrait, a woman appears to be crying. Her face is deeply lined, her back slouched with age, her hands spotted with freckles. The picture is black and white, carrying a timelessness that betrays the endless grief the woman carries. It is just one of dozens of portraits of the elderly, poverty-stricken Korean women, quietly living out their twilight years in rural China.

And now, keep calm.....


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