Monday, November 16, 2015

For a Monday

Quickly now...

After one hundred and twenty-nine deaths, several arrests, the revelation that one of the terrorists came into Greece and eventually to Belgium and France as a "refugee", the response of the world  to something that will happen again is... nothing.

Hot air as likely to be enforced as a forty-hour work-week law.

Oh, sure, France launched an air strike against ISIS but that is window-dressing.

What about the multitude of pre-exploded citizens waiting in the wings?

And, Trudeau - as arrogant as his father- refuses to take cues from the premier of Saskatchewan, a citizenship judge in Toronto, and American governors who think his plan for bring in thousands of unvetted Syrians is wrong-headed in every respect. He still wants to bring in vast voters blocks and not root out ISIS where they rape and murder.

On October 19th, Liberal voters voted for this very thing. Terrorism doesn't bother them. At all. When these refugees take their anger out on people who let them in (willingly or not), don't forget to thank your nearest Liberal voter for that outrage.


The Liberals stand up for face coverings in events where citizens should be bare-faced.

I don't remember Muslims complaining when Christians were raped, abused, robbed, crucified, hounded, forced to convert, thrown overboard, had their properties and churches destroyed.

Trudeau is a communist just like his dad. He "admires" them, you see.

And now, JRR Tolkien himself.

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