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In the midst of it all...

Disappointed that the bulk of Canadians see through his whacky, indefensible and stunningly unfair plan to clog Canada with 25,000 Syrians just before Christmas, PM Trulander plays the lowest common denominator card:

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau urged Canadians to resist hatred and racism as a poll showed most Canadians were opposed to his plan to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by year-end and a flurry of racist incidents were reported around the country.

The Liberals, who took power after an election last month, campaigned on a promise to bring in the refugees by Jan 1. Critics say the number is too large and could threaten security following the attacks in Paris.

An Angus Reid poll released on Wednesday showed 54 percent of Canadians opposed the plan, up from 51 percent before the bloodshed in Paris. But support for the plan also increased, with 42 percent in favor, up from 39 percent in October.

Most of those who opposed Trudeau's plan did so because of the short timeline, with 53 percent saying the schedule was too short to ensure all the necessary security checks were completed. Another 10 percent said 25,000 was too many, and 29 percent said Canada should not be accepting any Syrian refugees.

Trudeau has vowed to stick to the plan despite the growing criticism.
That's right- insult the people you've been elected to lead, Justin. Twice.


I don't remember PM Trulander decrying the violent murder of Christians at sea by Muslims nor do I remember his being concerned about terrorists having papers that stated that they were refugees when, in fact, that was not true.

(Sidebar: just like these guys.)

Taking Obama's lead:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has formally committed to removing visa requirements for Mexican citizens entering Canada, a policy imposed by the Conservative government in 2009 to stem the flow of Mexicans seeking asylum here.

Also: oh, dear:

The RCMP is examining whether the voice on an audio recording attributed to ISIS and released in the wake of the Paris attacks belongs to a Canadian.

Do you know what would stop ISIS completely? Killing them all:

But experts differ over exactly how much of ISIL’s money comes from oil.

The FATF said oil is diminishing in importance relative to other sources of revenue.

One reason is ISIL lacks the equipment, expertise or manpower required to produce petroleum — they use crude methods to extract crude, and thus yield only “a fraction” of the potential output of the oilfields under their control.

Coalition airstrikes, in which Canada has participated, have further degraded ISIL’s access to oilfields and to facilities where they can refine the crude into other products for sale, FATF said.

But a report in September from RBC Capital Markets warned ISIL’s oil money was still flowing despite the U.S.-led coalition’s efforts.

“Currently around 6.5 million people live in ISIS-held territory in Iraq and Syria and the exploitation of energy assets has provided a key source of funding for their fledgling state. ISIS reportedly earns $8-$10 million a month from the sale of oil from fields it controls in eastern Syria and northern Iraq,” the report said.

Last Friday, the same day as the Paris carnage, U.S. Col. Steve Warren said the coalition has “stepped up” Operation Tidal Wave II — the operation that specifically targets ISIL’s oil revenues — since Oct. 21.

“We have attacked ISIL’s ability to fund their operations through stolen oil from the beginning of this campaign,” Warren said in a Department of Defense briefing.

Strikes were carried out Tuesday on four more oil targets.

Or sanctions on Qatar.

ISIS displays a pictured of a downed Russian plane in which two hundred and twenty-four people, some of whom were children, were killed:

The Islamic State group has released a photo of the bomb it says was used to bring down a Russian passenger plane in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula last month, killing all 224 people on board.

The Russians will be doing some liquefying soon.

Also who should be liquefied - these guys:

The suicide bomber exploded as truckers were tucking into dinner at the bustling marketplace where vendors urged them to buy sugar cane. At least 34 people were killed and another 80 wounded here in Yola, a town packed with refugees from Nigeria's conflict, emergency officials said Wednesday.

Then two more suicide bombers killed at least three people in the northern city of Kano Wednesday, according to police.

The blasts, with a combined death toll of 37, are the latest by Boko Haram, Nigeria's Islamic extremists whose 6-year insurgency has killed 20,000 and caused 2.3 million to flee their homes.

French police conduct a raid in which suspected collaborators in the recent attacks in Paris have been killed:

The hunt for the mastermind of last week's attacks took a bloody turn Wednesday to a Paris suburb where a fierce gunbattle with police left at least two people dead and eight arrested. The fate of the alleged ringleader was unclear, with authorities saying he was not taken alive and they were trying to determine if he died in the raid.

Police launched the operation after receiving information from tapped phone calls, surveillance and tipoffs suggesting that 27-year-old Abdelhamid Abaaoud was holed up in an apartment in Paris' Saint-Denis neighbourhood.

Terrified residents awoke to gunfire and explosions as a SWAT team swooped in and "neutralized" what Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins called a "new team of terrorists" that appeared ready for a new attack.

Molins said the identities of the dead were still being investigated, but that neither Abaaoud nor another fugitive, Salah Abdeslam, was in custody.

"At this time, I'm not in a position to give a precise and definitive number for the people who died, nor their identities, but there are at least two dead people," Molins said.

The site of Wednesday's raid is not far from the Stade de France soccer stadium; three suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the stadium during an international soccer game as part of the attacks last Friday that left 129 people dead and hundreds wounded.

But... but... I thought we were all Parisians now:

Turkish fans booed during the minute's silence for the victims of the Paris attacks before their national team drew 0-0 with Greece in a friendly international football game on Tuesday.

The mark of respect was observed at matches across Europe, including at Wembley where France faced England, after Islamic State militants struck Paris on Friday killing 129 people.

Some good news from this terrible event:

One of many terrifying images from Friday’s Paris attacks was of a pregnant woman dangling from a window of the Bataclan. Now, a friend of the unidentified woman says she survived and has been in touch with the man who helped save her. A man identified only as Sebastien says he was forced to crawl across bodies while trying to escape the theater and came across two windows.

First, what Ibn Warraq said:

 Most important, Ibn Warraq  describes the “mind-set” of most Muslims as intolerant, self-pitying, stagnant, and trained to blame others for their own failures. He also sees the Muslim “mind-set” as akin to that of people trapped in totalitarian regimes. The need to control thought and to sacrifice individuality characterizes both Islamic and Marxist regimes. Thus, we understand the affinity that Western “leftists” have with reactionary Islamists. Ibn Warraq contrasts this with a Western “mind-set” which is built upon Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian, scientific, and Enlightenment foundations and is characterized by intellectual curiosity, genuine interest in the “other,” a sense of irony, the ability to engage in self-criticism, and a concern with finding the truth.

Now, the sound of self-pitying bleating:

Once again Muslims are being called upon to defend themselves after the Paris attacks, even though the perpetrators of the attack represent a radical fringe with little connection to the greater Muslim world. 

"Those that commit such actions do not represent Islam in a similar way that the KKK doesn't represent Christianity," said Farooq Iqbal, who works at the MAC Islamic Centre in Edmonton. 

"[ISIS] actually manipulate and distort the fundamental teachings of Islam in order to justify the criminality."

That's nice except that no one has bothered to refute, reform, ignore or delete these passages. Indeed, people still practice and defend them.

Claiming otherwise is taqqiya

Clean your own damn house.

Three people are dead and thousands are left without power after a massive storm sweeps through Washington state:

At least three people were killed and about 250,000 homes and businesses were without power in Washington state on Wednesday after a storm blew down trees and triggered mudslides, authorities said.

A wide swath of the Puget Sound region was under flood watches and warnings through Wednesday afternoon, the National Weather Service said.

In the Spokane area of eastern Washington, utility Avista said nearly 115,000 customers were without power and the city closed schools on Wednesday after winds up to 70 mph (113 kph) tore through the area.

In Oregon, fallen trees, mudslides and floods shut down roads across the western part of the state on Tuesday night, including a 50-mile (80-km) stretch of Interstate 84 that authorities declared impassible into midday Wednesday. Several other highways remained closed, Washington state police said.
At least three people were confirmed to have died in storm-related accidents, authorities in Washington state said.

Welcome to hell, Alberta:

Pointing to Ontario, TransAlta chief executive Dawn Farrell recently raised the spectre of rate hikes while pushing for the Calgary-based utility's proposed plan to transition away from coal-fired power plants.

There is a "real risk to consumers, including Alberta businesses, of price spikes and volatility" as the province moves away from coal-fired generation and adds more renewable energy, she wrote in an opinion piece that ran in two Alberta newspapers.

In Ontario, she pointed out, electricity prices have climbed roughly 50 per cent over the past five years compared to 10 per cent in Alberta in the same period.

Why? WHY?

Amidst a flurry of social media posts and breaking news, the death of one beloved police dog has taken over Twitter today, drawing condolences from around the world.

The Independent reports that Diesel, the seven-year-old Belgian Malinois, was killed earlier Wednesday during a raid on suspected terrorists in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis. Diesel was a trained assault and explosive search dog.

And now, thanks for giving Rebel Media a boost, Buzzfeed. Do you wish you were them? I bet you do:

Five days after 129 people were murdered in shootings across Paris coordinated by the terrorist group ISIS, someone registered the website


It's not like ISIS deserves the respect or anything.

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