Monday, November 23, 2015

For A Monday

Some parts of New Brunswick could see 20 centimetres of snow on Monday.

Let the global warming begin!

Go to the Fur. You know you want to.

Desperately back-tracking over the whacky election promise to clown-car stuff 25,000 unvetted refugees with very questionable credentials into Canada, the Liberals promise that gay men will be joining the now-select group of women and children.

These gays:

The gays no one cared about when they were being publicly murdered because wedding cakes took precedence.

The gays whom the Liberals and now their voters suddenly remembered existed and should take precedence, even though PM Trulander swore that such prioritisation was "disgusting" and would never take place under his watch.

If the situation were not so dire, this whole thing would be comical. Like watching militant atheist sludge Bill Maher chew out rambling dilettante and political opportunist, Chrystia Freeland, for her appalling ignorance of widespread Islamist intolerance and violence, it's both terrible and fascinating to watch leftists trip over their own lunacy and puffed up sense of indignation.

You are helping ISIS and you don't even realise it. People who commit hate crimes against Muslim people are mirroring exactly what ISIS does ....

Oh, would this be the same ISIS that proudly represents Islam and does so with such virulence against Christians, Yazidis and the gays everyone now remembers to include in some hashed-up hijrah plan? That ISIS?

Leftist morons, do you really think that ISIS gives a sh-- about some slagged Muslimas? They kill people as a matter of course. That's what they do. Isn't that the reason why people flee the safety of Turkey for the welfare comfort of Germany? France, Britain and Sweden can't bend over anymore and they are still terrorised.

You won't be able to cocoon yourselves against this any longer. When the last vestiges of decadent Western living drift away, you will, no doubt, still be racking your brains wondering how you can get these imported thugs to like you.

They won't. Stop trying. Get a clue.

In other news, a helicopter crash in South Korea has claimed the life of its pilot and another passenger:

A U.S. Apache helicopter crashed in central South Korea on Monday, killing its pilot and another crew member, police and military officials said.

The attack helicopter went down in the county of Wonju in Gangwon province, the officials said. 

Who is he? Someone who was let in, no doubt:

French police have issued a photograph of the third man involved in the attacks at the Stade de France - admitting they do not know who he is.

The National Police published the image of the man, who blew himself up at France's national stadium along with two other attackers on 13 November, on Twitter.

A tweet from the Police Nationale account said: "The #PJ seeks to identify the 3rd author of one of the attacks of the 13/11 #StadeDeFrance #ParisAttacks"

Notley's carbon tax is a tax on everything. If it moves or grows, then you're paying. According to the Canadian Tax Payer's Federation, this new tax will cost the average Alberta household $320 per year in 2017. It jumps to a whopping  $470 per year in 2018. 

And now, the origins of festive foods. Enjoy:


It’s really not pudding, at least by American standards. The cake—which contains figs and is topped with brandy—has been an English Christmas dessert since the mid-1600s. Around that time, it was banned by English Puritans because of the large amount of alcohol content. Some believe that a Medieval custom dictated that pudding could only be made on the 25th Sunday after Trinity Sunday and that it was originally comprised of 13 ingredients to represent Christ and his 12 apostles. While interest has waned in Britain, it remains popular in film and carols like "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

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