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Terrorists attack a hotel in Mali:

The Radisson Blu Hotel was stormed by special forces after gunmen entered it and seized 170 people, many of them foreign guests. 

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and its offshoot al-Murabitoun said they carried out the attack, according to an agency used by jihadists in the region.

An unnamed UN official has said at least 27 people have been killed.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said 12 bodies were found in the basement and 15 bodies were found on the second floor.

Nothing to do with Islam.

Belgium in a state of alert over people it let in:

Heavily armed police and soldiers patrolled key intersections, subways were closed and many stores shut their doors in Belgium's capital Saturday as the government warned of a threat of Paris-style attacks. At least one suspect from the deadly Paris attacks is at large and was last seen crossing into Belgium.

Prime Minister Charles Michel said the decision to raise the threat alert to the highest level was taken "based on quite precise information about the risk of an attack like the one that happened in Paris ... where several individuals with arms and explosives launch actions, perhaps even in several places at the same time."

The Belgian Federal Prosecutor's office said Saturday several weapons were discovered during the search of the home of one of three people arrested in connection with the Paris attacks, but said no explosives were found.

The death toll in Paris has risen to one hundred and thirty but at least some terrorists (like the mastermind) are dead:

Prime Minister Manuel Valls says one more person has died as the result of last week’s attacks in Paris, raising the total to 130.

Valls sais: “To those who ask, ‘what can I do?’ I say: to resist is to keep on living, to go out,”

The count does not include any of the attackers who died. ...

Belgium has filed terror charges against a third suspect relating to last week’s Paris attacks.

In a statement late Friday, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement that “the person that was arrested yesterday has been charged by the investigating judge with participation in terrorist attacks and participation in the activities of a terrorist organization, and placed into custody.”

Two other suspects are already behind bars facing similar charges. ...

The Paris prosecutor’s office says a woman killed during a police raid in a Paris suburb did not blow herself up as police had previously thought.

Wednesday’s raid on an apartment in Saint-Denis resulted in a seven-hour siege that ended with three people killed, including Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected architect of Friday’s devastating attacks in Paris, and Hasna Aitboulahcen, the 26-year-old daughter of a Moroccan immigrant.

The Paris prosecutor’s office said Wednesday that investigators believed a woman had blown herself up in the siege. Police officials later said the woman was Aitboulahcen and she was believed to have detonated a vest. On Friday, prosecutors confirmed Aitboulahcen was killed in the police raid but said she was not a suicide bomber.

A third person killed in the Saint-Denis raid remains unidentified.


The Islamic State group is aggressively pursuing development of chemical weapons, setting up a branch dedicated to research and experiments with the help of scientists from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the region, according to Iraqi and U.S. intelligence officials.

This makes not air-bombing ISIS right now stunningly immoral and suicidal:

Canada’s fight against ISIL may be small, but it is mighty. And it has saved lives: our Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) bombs ISIL military installations and artillery pieces, which, if not neutralized, will be used by this death cult to destroy villages and end the lives of thousands of civilians. By October of this year, the RCAF had conducted 172 airstrikes against ISIL, destroying terrorist fighting positions, equipment, vehicles, explosives factories and storage facilities. Our men and women in uniform risk their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms we do. The threat posed by ISIL is real and has touched us here in Canada. Let’s not belittle the contribution our armed forces have made by claiming it’s too small to be missed.

Beyond the simple math of Canada’s contribution is the symbolism of our presence, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies. If we abandon the fight just as they press in, how will they perceive us? Can we truly expect to continue to have “a seat at the table” if we abandon the fight now?

One already suspects Trudeau is a moron and that Obama- who doesn't read security reports he doesn't like- is rather similar to him. I bet even the plain truth that it was never Harper but Obama who soured Canada-US relations is stinging the electorate now.

If it isn't, it should.

But I thought all of these refugees were harmless women and children:

Private security contractors will join Canadian troops in providing protection for the government-wide operation that brings Syrian refugees to Canada, according to a draft of the plan.

Even though the government says it is mindful of what everyone already knows - that being that there is no way in the very short amount of time cited to bring in these prospective Liberal/NDP voters without properly determining their real identities, their medical status (what MERS looks like under a microscope), the fact that they could be impostors, that a good chunk believe in ISIS' people-killing, child-raping, artefact-destroying mission and that municipalities will be picking up the tab for these people - they are still gung-ho about bringing them in without pausing and against the wishes of the majority of Canadians.

Liberal voters wanted this to happen. I think it's only fair that they and they alone house these people on their own dime.

Oh, that's too bad:

There has been an uptick in reported hate crimes targeting Muslims and others in Ontario since ISIS took responsibility for the Paris attacks last week.



2015.11.20 (Bamako, Mali) - Gunmen yelling 'Allah Akbar' storm a hotel and kill or capture dozens of people who are unable to recite Quran verses.

2015.11.20 (Ittehad, Pakistan) - Hardline gunmen pick off four guards outside a rival mosque during Friday prayers.

2015.11.20 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Ten worshippers at a Shiite mosque are sent straight to Allah by a Sunni suicide bomber.

2015.11.19 (Gush Etzion, Israel) - An American teenager is among three people cut down by an Arab drive-by shooter.

2015.11.18 (Sarajevo, Bosnia) - An 'ultra-conservative' Salafi fires an automatic weapon into a gambling shop, killing two guards.

There's more where that came from!


North and South Korea agreed Friday to hold rare talks next week, aimed at setting up a high-level dialogue that might provide the foundation for a sustainable improvement in cross-border ties.

Improvement? Does this sound like improvement? 

You know what you're doing, South Korea.

Pope Francis knows that he will celebrate Christmas Masses in a world that is sadly at war:

Pope Francis has declared in a sermon that Christmas this year will be a “charade” because “the whole world is at war”.

The pontiff’s speech at the Vatican came after terrorist attacks in France claimed the lives of 129 people; a Russian plane was bombed and dozens of people were killed in a double suicide attack in Lebanon. 

Speaking during Mass at the Casa Santa Maria, he said: “We are close to Christmas. There will be lights, there will be parties, bright trees, even Nativity scenes - all decked out - while the world continues to wage war.

“It’s all a charade. The world has not understood the way of peace. The whole world is at war.
“A war can be justified, so to speak, with many, many reasons, but when all the world as it is today, at war, piecemeal though that war may be - a little here, a little there - there is no justification.”

Russia has offered to send an Alsatian puppy to France in a gesture of solidarity after a police dog was killed during a raid on jihadists linked to the Paris attacks.

Russia's interior minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said he had written to his French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve offering to send a puppy named Dobrynya to replace Diesel, a Belgian Shepherd killed in a huge raid north of Paris last Wednesday.

Kolokoltsev said that as "a sign of solidarity with the people and police of France," he was offering the puppy, which "will be able to occupy the place in service of the police dog Diesel killed during a special operation to neutralise terrorists."

The dog is named after a hero of Russian folk legend, Dobrynya Nikitch, famed for his strength, goodness and courage, he added.



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