Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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“All nations striving strong to make
Red war yet redder. Mad as hatters
They do no more for Christés sake
Than you who are helpless in such matters. 
("Channel Firing", Thomas Hardy)

This is the same government that will price carbon (read: impose carbon taxes) and will close a plant in Nova Scotia for dumping carrot juice into the ocean:

The City of Montreal says it will begin dumping eight billion litres of untreated sewage into the St. Lawrence River on Wednesday after it agreed to conform its discharge plan to the federal government's conditions.

Drink up, Montrealers. You voted for it.

This is the same "pro-science" government that can't wait to waste money, bring in droves of unvetted whoever-they-are into the country, has just appointed a believer of quackery the science minister and moved the portrait of the Queen to the Delta Quadrant of the Lester B. Pearson building.

That's the tone of the new government for you.

Also: isn't Justin Trudeau Stephen Harper the bestest?

We’ve always known Canada is super-awesome, but freshly sworn-in Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his inspiring cast of cabinet ministers have given us a brand new batch of reasons to be proud!

For starters, Harper’s slimmed-down cabinet consists of a svelte 27 ministers, down from the bloated 39 under the previous government. Harper apparently thinks the number of people in cabinet should be dictated by the needs of the country, not the needs of politicians who want jobs. What a concept!

Perhaps we should start calling Harper the “feminist-in-chief” because six of his cabinet ministers — nearly a quarter — are women, a number that puts him well ahead of President George W. Bush (4) and Prime Minister Tony Blair of the UK (5). These female ministers aren’t just stodgy old grandmas either — the new minister of the environment, Rona Ambrose, is only 37! And we think she totally rocks a leather jacket! You go, girls!

A ton of history was made with this cabinet — Bev Oda, the new minister of heritage is the first Canadian of Japanese descent to ever get elected to parliament, and Harper’s already made her a cabinet minister. Sorry if you can’t handle having an Asian woman as minister of Canadian heritage, but it’s 2006 — the face of Canada is changing, get used to it! And get this — in addition to her duties as minister of heritage, Oda has also been given the title of minister for “the status of women.” Canada actually has a minister exclusively devoted to looking after the interests of women! How cool is that? ...

Prime Minister Harper himself, however, is just an ordinary guy. Unlike the last few prime ministers, he didn’t come from a rich family or have a bunch of insider connections. He was driven to his inauguration in a minivan! Heck, he still personally drops off his kids at school! And just check out this totes adorbs photo of him cuddling a little kitty!

In other news....

I thought there was peace in our time:

Iran has stopped dismantling centrifuges in two uranium enrichment plants, state media reported on Tuesday, days after conservative lawmakers complained to President Hassan Rouhani that the process was too rushed.

Oh, the language police won't like this:

As Canada gets set to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year, the Lester B. Pearson School Board says it would welcome refugee children – but it can't without an exemption to Quebec's language law, Bill 101.

The English-language school board  is composing a letter to the Quebec government, asking Premier Philippe Couillard to consider allowing the refugees to attend its schools.

(Sidebar: won't happen.) 

Carry on.

Did you miss "The Ezra Levant Show"? Here it is.

Two cousins arguing:

Tsar to Kaiser

1 August 1914

Peter's Court, Palace, 1 August 1914
Sa Majesté l'Empereur

I received your telegram. Understand you are obliged to mobilise but wish to have the same guarantee from you as I gave you, that these measures do not mean war and that we shall continue negotiating for the benefit of our countries and universal peace deal to all our hearts. Our long proved friendship must succeed, with God's help, in avoiding bloodshed. Anxiously, full of confidence await your answer.


Kaiser to Tsar

1 August, 1914

Berlin, 1 August 1914

Thanks for your telegram. I yesterday pointed out to your government the way by which alone war may be avoided.
Although I requested an answer for noon today, no telegram from my ambassador conveying an answer from your Government has reached me as yet. I therefore have been obliged to mobilise my army.
Immediate affirmative clear and unmistakable answer from your government is the only way to avoid endless misery. Until I have received this answer alas, I am unable to discuss the subject of your telegram. As a matter of fact I must request you to immediatly [sic] order your troops on no account to commit the slightest act of trespassing over our frontiers.



The horrors of the First World War sung about in a sarcasm that was thread-bare:


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