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It won't be long now....

I think it's adorable that Jewish groups here think that John McCallum, who has never met an unvetted immigrant he didn't like, will listen to them:

Jewish groups are calling on the federal government to immediately strip Canadian citizenship from a 92-year-old man who was once a member of a brutal Nazi death squad.

In a letter to Citizenship Minister John McCallum, the groups say it's time to put an end to what has been a 20-year battle to deport Helmut Oberlander.

"Mr. Oberlander was a member of one of the most savage Nazi killing units, responsible for the murder of more than 90,000 Jewish men, women, and children during the Holocaust," the letter states.

"He is here illegally, was associated with an horrific and murderous enterprise for which he has neither demonstrated nor expressed any remorse, and he ought to have his Canadian citizenship revoked immediately."

Oberlander recently won yet another reprieve when the Federal Court of Appeal set aside a ruling against him, and ordered the government to take another look at the case.

In case this vocal minority forgot:

Yesterday, Dion had a message for Israel: Canada isn’t your special friend anymore.

It's not too surprising if a first year Canadian history student is hazy on military history details. Hey, I sometimes forget what I ate for breakfast. But when recently appointed Defence Minister John McCallum confessed on the beaches of Dieppe, at the 60th anniversary commemoration of the disastrous World War Two raid, he'd never heard the story

A proposed history curriculum in Quebec all but ignores the contributions made by English-speakers and minorities:

A proposed high school history course being tested in some Quebec schools reflects a rigid nationalist ideology and diminishes the role of the province's non-francophone communities, historians and teachers who have seen the details say.

The two-year program, called History of Quebec and Canada, was created by the Pauline Marois' Parti Quebecois government but is being rolled out by the Liberals, who are currently piloting the course for secondary three students in a handful of high schools across the province.
Don't worry. When the growing Muslim population takes over, the Quebecois won't hear of francophone history, either.

Speaking of which...

A Quebec man was charged Friday with attempting to leave Canada to participate in the activities of a terrorist group.

Ismael Habib appeared briefly in a Montreal courtroom, not long after the RCMP announced the serious charge against him.

Federal prosecutor Lyne Decarie said the charge is the result of an ongoing investigation that began when Habib was first detained on other charges in Gatineau, Que., near Ottawa.

How embarrassing that Canadians should be revealed as terrorists in our midst.

Well, for any other government, it might be.

A Muslim, just like his boyfriend, Obama.

Speaking of idiots...

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Cam Broten has removed a provincial election candidate in Saskatoon because of questionable posts on Facebook.

One post circulated by the governing Saskatchewan Party from 2013 shows a photo with the words: "A true gentleman holds the door for his woman then smacks her ass."

Above the image is written: "True, ladies?" ...

Clayton Wilson, who was running in Saskatoon Northwest, faced criticism a day earlier for Facebook posts from two years ago referring to "stupid farmers." He apologized and said that at the time of the posts he was upset by the elimination of the Canadian Wheat Board.

His Facebook page has been removed.

If one is going to insult a voters block that is comprised largely of farmers and able-bodied men, then one should not expect to carry on with one's campaign.

This will never come to fruition:

Erin O’Toole, veterans affairs minister with the previous Conservative government, has banded together with MP Pierre Poilievre to urge the Liberal government to continue with plans for a national Afghanistan war memorial in Ottawa that’s now in doubt.

For one's edification:

The upcoming federal budget is not expected to commit to a broad increase in military spending, say several defence sources.
In fact, newly tabled fiscal planning documents suggest overall spending on the military could to shrink by almost $400 million in the coming year.

Remember - this is the party that turns its nose up at this:

A decision by the federal Conservative party to allow leadership contestants to spend up to $5 million on their campaigns to succeed Stephen Harper is raising some eyebrows.

But then does this:

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne denies a $6,000-a-head dinner co-sponsored with a high-powered lobbying firm is selling access to herself and her cabinet ministers.

And this:

When Ontario’s Liberal government cancelled plans to build two gas-fired power plants before the 2011 election, it seemed simple enough. Those plants were unpopular in the communities where they were to be built, and then-premier Dalton McGuinty needed to hold on to ridings in those areas to stay in power.

But the price tag for kiboshing the plants is estimated to be as much as $1.1-billion. And two of Mr. McGuinty’s former aides, chief of staff David Livingston and deputy chief of staff Laura Miller, face criminal charges for allegedly orchestrating a plan to delete government emails and other documents that could have shed light on the cancellations.
And this:

The nannies are only an issue, this line of reasoning continues, because Trudeau made such a big fuss about child care on the campaign trail, saying neither his family nor Harper’s should be entitled to it, even making a show of passing on his government handouts to a charity. ...

It becomes even more difficult for Trudeau to defend the cost when you consider that he didn’t hire the nannies when he became prime minister. He simply transferred the cost of them to us. It’s hard to say that the help is warranted because of his demanding new job, given that he was willing to pay for the same level of care when he was the leader of the third party. And if he could afford it then, on about half the salary, why not now, after we just gave him a big raise?

And this:

The massive Canadian contingent at the UN climate-change conference in Paris was originally estimated at 350 people, but it appears the trans-Atlantic road trip has expanded.

The “provisional list of participants” just released by the UN has an amazing 383 names from Canada, ranking us among the largest entourages in the entire confab.


If Trudeau didn't have an adoring popular press, he might get some heat for this.

Somewhere in hell, Walter Duranty is starving.

You can't have it both ways. If you throw away your life at the moral expense of others, you are not in good graces:

Catholics who consider undergoing doctor-assisted suicide must realize the act is a “morally great evil” and could mean they will be denied last rites, says a leading Canadian bishop.

And, yes, this does fall within the Church's purview of teaching moral matters to its followers. Go to Iran with the line that ayatollahs have no place in mosques and see how far you get.

Yes, it is genocide. Now who will do something about it?

A major report released Thursday by two US-based Christian organizations argues for including Iraqi, Syrian, and Libyan Christians as victims of genocide perpetrated by ISIS, ahead of a March 17 deadline for the US State Department to make a finding about whether, and to which categories of ISIS victims, the term “genocide” applies.

As I said before, the death penalty exists for this reason:

A three-year old girl is the sole witness to the brutal gang rape of her mother and death of her baby brother.

A 28-year-old woman was reportedly attacked on a private bus in Utter Pradesh by two men while her daughter was hiding in the corner.

The pair forced the woman to drink alcohol before the rape occurred, and so she was unable to explain the attack to the police, the Times of India reports.

However, her three-year-old daughter had witnessed the whole ordeal, and told the police what had happened.

There are conflicting reports about exactly what happened to the woman’s 14 –day-old son, with the Times of India saying he was “flung to death by the two assailants”, while The Indian Express said that the boy “reportedly fell from her lap and died”.

Come now, Kimmie, do you really think your southern cousins will let you get away with "liquidating their assets"?

North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea on Thursday in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions, as South Korean and U.S. forces conducted massive war games. 

The North also announced it had scrapped all agreements with the South on commercial exchange projects and would "liquidate" South Korean assets left behind in its territory.

North Korea has a large stockpile of short-range missiles and is developing long-range and intercontinental missiles. Thursday's missiles flew about 500 km (300 miles) into the sea, off the east coast city of Wonsan and probably were part of the Soviet-developed Scud series, South Korea's defence ministry said.
How badly do you need ski lifts, anyway?

A rare find:

While tearing down some of the interior walls of the historic Holman homestead in Summerside, P.E.I., new owners Jenny and Ken Meister made a fascinating discovery — a personal letter about an important time in Canadian history.

The letter, dated June 9, 1891, is addressed to Mrs. R.T. Holman from her son Claude, who was in Ottawa during an historical event — the funeral of Canada's first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

He doesn't always retire but when he does:

Even the "Most Interesting Man in the World" is not immune to getting dumped.

Mexican beer brand Dos Equis is letting go of its grey-haired spokesman, 77-year-old Jonathan Goldsmith, and replacing him with another actor.

Goldsmith, known in the ads as the "Most Interesting Man in the World," has been appearing in Dos Equis commercials for about nine years. He's usually seen sitting at a table with a group of women before uttering the beer's slogan, "Stay thirsty, my friends."

Dos Equis is making the change to attract new drinkers, said Andrew Katz, the brand's vice-president of marketing. Dos Equis, owned by Amsterdam-based Heineken, said sales of the brand have nearly tripled since the ads began airing in 2007.

A new "Most Interesting Man in the World" will appear in commercials later this year. A replacement has been chosen, but Katz declined to say who it is.

Goldsmith is not crying in his beer over the change.

"I feel terrific, I really do," Goldsmith said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I've had a great time in the last 10 years."
Stay thirsty, my friends.

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