Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Saint Patrick's Week: How Green Was My Week-End?

Roughly this green.

The UN depends on the tax dollars PM Trulander will give it but Trudeau will never occupy a seat at the big table:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations in New York City on Wednesday where he will announce the date Canada plans to run for a seat on the Security Council...

What stick will Canada's stuttering empty-suit shake at Russia, China (his most admired nation), Iran or Saudi Arabia? How will Trudeau back up his military or moral authority? He has none. He doesn't even have enough scratch to cover population control plans.

Canada is irrelevant now and the UN will make Trudeau feel it.

Uh, no. The rest of the country doesn't have to carry the weight of your or any have-not province's decision to tank a viable industry or bolster it during times of hardship:

Harsh economic numbers coming out of Alberta aren't hard to find. A projected deficit of $10.4 billion. An unemployment rate of 7.4 per cent, the highest mark since 1996.

Then there was the startling projection from the Conference Board of Canada last week that Alberta will be the only province to see its economy shrink in 2016. 

But what do these figures mean for people? How the downturn affects individual lives is much harder to figure out.

It is not always easy to get people to talk about these kinds of things. People who've just lost their jobs are busy trying to find another one, or they're embarrassed by their situations.

Putin has achieved his objectives and that must be dreadfully embarrassing to Obama:

Russia's plan to withdraw forces from Syria is sending a strong message to President Bashar Assad, whose hard-line stance is diverging from Moscow's interest in declaring its intervention in the country a success while also accelerating peace efforts.

The message is that Russia will prop up any government that supports its interests and has been doing so since Lenin.

What is the US going to do about it?


Are there other words in the English language to describe a natural wonder of the world?

An iconic East Coast landmark has collapsed.

A spokesman for New Brunswick's Hopewell Rocks provincial park says a large section of the flowerpot rock known as "the Elephant" caved in Monday morning.

Not for the popular press.

How hard is it to read a dictionary or pass journalism school?



Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a nun who dedicated her life to helping the poor, will be made a saint of the Roman Catholic Church at a ceremony on Sept. 4, Pope Francis announced on Tuesday.

Now watch those who didn't roll up their sleeves and scrub hospital floors take their digs.

The emotions....

A soldier’s elderly pet golden retriever was so thrilled to be reunited with her owner that the dog whimpered and cried with joy.

In a video posted to YouTube, a woman can be seen happily embracing an elderly golden retriever, who whines excitedly and tries to get as close to her owner as possible.

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