Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Saint Patrick's Week: Mid-Week Post

The time is at hand....

A man who allegedly said Allah instructed him to kill was charged Tuesday with stabbing and wounding two uniformed soldiers at a north Toronto military recruitment centre a day earlier.

PM Trulander steps up to the plate:

In a tweet Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada's military would "not be intimidated by terror and hate." 

Oh, that's a bold statement. And on Twitter, too.

He is joined by other milquetoasts authorities:

Although there were no details on the motives or state of mind of the accused, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said radicalization is something that Canadians "need to tackle with greater vigour, greater co-ordination, a much greater national effort."

"To a certain extent, you do that through the normal and proper practices of your police forces and your security agencies, like CSIS. But you also do it through the work of counter-radicalization, which is reaching out to the communities that are susceptible to this .... We need to be among the very best in the world at that effort at counter-radicalization."

Toronto police were working with federal security and anti-terrorism forces on the investigation into the incident. At the same time, Saunders warned the public against any anti-Islam sentiment in the aftermath of the attack, saying Islamic extremists are relatively tiny in number.

"One of the things I want to be very careful of when it comes to the national security piece that we don't go do that Islamophobia nonsense," Saunders said. "I don't want this categorizing of a large group of people; that would be very unfair and very inaccurate."

Yes, about that:




This could go on for a long time.

It is the willing self-deception that is the most disturbing fruit of these events. When violent acts, justified by a text and a culture that have not undergone scrutiny or change the way other schools of thought have, continuously happen, it is a form of madness to avert one's gaze and pretend - or deflect - that one has nothing to do with the other.

Of course it does.

Can't it just be admitted and can't one move on?

Also: satire or "Oh my God! What have we done?"


That's funny because Trudeau called prioritising Christians "disgusting":

In the last two years ISIS has attacked towns and villages and destroyed and killed indiscriminately. More than 1.5 million Iraqis — Christians, Yezidis, Sunnis and Arabs — who have been internally displaced have sought shelter in KRI. There are also 1.8 million Syrian refugees in KRI. Though exact numbers are hard to come by, thousands of Christians came north to Erbil as well as to other cities. In KRI, peshmerga fighters fiercely defend Kurdish territory and battle to retake towns and villages previously captured by ISIS.  

“The borders keep shifting. And people are on the move,” said Aaron Moore, programs manager at World Vision International during an interview in his Erbil office. “ISIS has had catastrophic consequences on the residents of Iraq. Not just Syria."

Any Christians who do come to Canada may very well run into the very neighbours who turned on them. 

Ah, a nice set-up for when Trudeau isn't handed a seat on the UN Security Council:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that Canada will seek a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council. But some experts say while the country’s return to the council is possible, it won’t be easy.

“It’s a tough fight but I think it’s doable,” University of Ottawa law professor Errol Mendes tells Yahoo Canada News. “We’ve really got to pick our areas where we can show not just good leadership, but extraordinary leadership.” ...

Even if Canada waits until 2020 to run, the country would still face an election, Robertson says — in the WEOG, Ireland, Norway and San Marino have all expressed intentions to run that year, and there are often more interested countries than available slots in a particular bloc.

And though Canada’s previous terms on the council were successful, even if we wait until 2020 the country will face tough competition from both Norway and Ireland, Mendes says.

Rubio has dropped out of the campaign:

Marco Rubio announced he is suspending his 2016 presidential campaign on Tuesday night after a projected loss in the Florida primary. 

North Korea flexes its bully muscles:

North Korea's supreme court sentenced American student Otto Warmbier, who was arrested while visiting the country, to 15 years of hard labor on Wednesday for crimes against the state, a punishment Washington condemned as politically motivated.

The joke is on you, North Korea. He is not worth the forced labour.

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