Wednesday, March 09, 2016

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You are being watched.... by frogs.

Speaking of frogs.....

Centuries from now, anyone alive will wonder why the West celebrated failure to such an extent that it glorified trivial details of two leaders (used in the loosest sense of the word) rather than their individual acts that dismantled two great countries piece by piece.

Entitled to their entitlements:

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne denies a $6,000-a-head dinner co-sponsored with a high-powered lobbying firm is selling access to herself and her cabinet ministers.

Yes, that is crass but no more crass than offering parkas to rape victims:

The slaying of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo while he stood guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa galvanized the country, but now a Conservative MP is using his death to peddle Easter hams in a bizarre fundraising campaign.

It's not what is done but who does it. After all, thirty-nine point one percent didn't seem to have a problem with Trudeau's parka suggestion nor his assertion that prioritising targeted groups in the Middle East was "disgusting" nor any of the other baffling things he has said. They voted for it. They voted for a group that panders to women but not actually support them.

And one can forget about the utterly confused migrants who think they can pick and choose:

After weeks in a Toronto hotel eating food they don't know among strangers who speak a language they don't understand, a Syrian refugee family's patience was rewarded.

They got a phone call telling them they would be transferred to a permanent home. Although, it wasn't clear where they were going.

In fact, they thought they were destined for another country.

"We didn't know where Winnipeg was," said Amer Mejarmish, who spoke exclusively to CBC News through an interpreter. 

But Winnipeg is where they were going to be. And soon.

Now imagine 305,000 unvetted migrants coming in with little or no identification, who do not speak either official language and will not work unlike the skilled workers who were usually brought in.

Yes, even "newcomers" can get financial assistance.

If, for example, 100,000 of those reported 305,000 are at the age of retirement, they stand to collect roughly $570.52 a month. That is $57052000 a month.

How is this an even trade for skilled workers who want to be in Canada, to be Canadian?

Just ask the people who voted for this.

Also: doing his job:

The House of Commons formally took Canada out of the combat mission against the Islamic State in a vote on Tuesday, but it comes as senior U.S. military commanders warn that the planned campaign to free Iraq’s second-largest city will likely require more western military help, not less.

Just deport the SOB:

A Winnipeg man is fighting a deportation order after serving 28 months at Stony Mountain Institution for sexual assault.

This is why the death penalty exists:

A 15-year-old Indian girl who was raped and set on fire this week died Wednesday in the New Delhi hospital where she was being treated for severe burns, police said.


An Israeli man who was stabbed multiple times in a wine shop survived the vicious attack by pulling the knife out of his own neck and using it to attack his Palestinian assailant.

And now, being a cheese librarian is a real thing:

The American Cheese Society calls the position "Content Manager." But dig into the job description and you'll see that the organization wants a librarian ...

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