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March: in like a lion....?
Following Trump's victory on Super Tuesday, pansy Americans make the same idle threats they did when George Bush was running the place - they will pollute Canada with their presence:

The number of Google searches for “how can I move to Canada” increased dramatically on Super Tuesday, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump scored big wins in the race to the White House. 

All these wieners will find in Cape Breton is willful unemployment and cousin-marriage.

Also: what Obama and Trudeau really fear is President Cruz because everyone knows you never send a Kenyan or a trust-fund daddy's boy to do a Canadian's job:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intends to avoid commenting during his upcoming U.S. trip on the hottest topic in American politics: the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

Alexandre Trudeau admires this government:

Set aside the fact that Iran’s elected bodies are subservient under Iran’s constitution to the unelected Guardian Council and the supreme leader. Also set aside the fact that at least half the candidates for the 290-seat parliament and about 600 of the 800 candidates for the assembly of ayatollahs who advise the big boss, Supreme Leader Ali Khameinei, were disqualified for being insufficiently Islamist.

Let’s just pretend for a moment that “reformists” have just now been elected in a slight majority over the candidates we are further encouraged to comprehend as “hardliners.” Who are these “reformists,” exactly?

They are by no means the reformists of 2009, when Iran was gripped in a non-violent “Green Revolution” that ended in bloodshed, state terror and the “election” of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (a “hardliner”). The reformist contenders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, remain under house arrest.

The term “reformist” nowadays refers to the clerical faction in the Khomeinist ruling class that is most gluttonous about the $100-billion windfall in sanctions relief that comes with the regime’s nuclear deal. So, if you are unashamedly pleased to admit Obama as a willing accomplice with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the slaughter of nearly 500,000 Syrians over the past five years, you’re a “reformist.” If you are content to reconfigure the American-led coalition against the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant as an ally in the expansionist brutality the Shia theocracy has been waging against the region’s Sunni Arab majority, you’re a “reformist.”
Daddy Trudeau admired both Hitler and Mao Tse Tung. The other prime minister admires China.

Patterns matter.

Oh, dear. This must be embarrassing for the "Harper is Hitler" wingnuts:

Edgar Schmidt claimed that successive ministers of justice and clerks of the privy council had not properly carried out their statutory duties to review bills and draft regulations to ensure provisions of that legislation did not breach guaranteed rights protected by the Charter and the Canadian Bill of Rights. 

The government argued it uses a “credible argument” vetting standard, which holds that any new legislation must be credible, bona fide and capable of being successfully argued before the courts.
Schmidt claimed the standard should instead be to look for aspects of legislation that are more likely than not inconsistent with guaranteed rights.

Three relevant federal statutes, in place since 1985 and each with slightly different wording, and their French-language versions were analyzed by the court for their plain meanings.

Judge Simon Noël found the laws require the minister of justice to “ascertain” whether there is an inconsistency in draft legislation and draft regulations.

”On the contrary, the use of the word ‘ensure’ is always tempered by the much weaker French equivalents used,” Noël wrote in Wednesday’s 135-page judgment.

“The evidence shows that the words ‘ensure’ and ‘ascertain’ were both thoroughly considered. In the end, ‘ascertain’ was retained as it properly reflected the amount of responsibility and control the minister of justice ought to be entrusted with given the impact of the examination and reporting duties on separation of powers and government business.

“The legislator aimed to promote consistency with guaranteed rights but did not impose on the Minister of Justice the onerous and most likely impossible responsibility of guaranteeing inconsistency-free legislation.”

It was the French language that sealed this.

(Insert own official languages remark here.)

Why would Ontarians not want a gas tax? They voted for a government that hid the cost of gas plants it cancelled and that begs the federal government to send business its way:

A new poll suggests the government’s carbon-pricing scheme to fight climate change has offset the positive impact‎ of giving free college and university tuition to low-income students.

The Forum Research survey found 58 per cent of respondents said Finance Minister Charles Sousa’s spending plan Thursday was “not a good budget for Ontario” while 19 per cent felt it was and 23 per cent weren’t sure.

“Cap and trade is just seen as a gas tax,” Forum president Lorne Bozinoff said Tuesday, referring to the new system designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

In the budget, the government announced gasoline will jump by 4.3 cents a litre next year and natural gas prices will rise by about $5 a month for the average homeowner.

That’s part of a cap-and-trade regime — being done in conjunction with Quebec and California — that forces businesses and consumers to cut carbon emissions by increasing fossil fuel costs.

But 68 per cent of people disapprove of the higher prices while 22 per cent approved and 10 per cent weren’t sure.

Also: boil it your damn self, Kathleen:

Ontario will push for a national agreement at this week's First Ministers' meeting in Vancouver to ensure First Nations communities have safe, clean drinking water, Premier Kathleen Wynne said Tuesday.

One man stands in the way of PM Trulander taxing Canadians back into the Stone Age:

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall may be the loneliest leader in the room later this week when provincial and territorial leaders meet in Vancouver to talk, among other things, action on climate change.

But Wall shouldn’t mind.

With a provincial election in the offing, the Saskatchewan premier has been working hard to position himself as the champion of the ailing oil industry. And it won’t hurt him among his supporters that he’s picking a fight with Big Brother Ottawa to do so.

These colours don't run from a hand-puppet named Trudeau.

Ezra Levant resigns from the Alberta Law Society to avoid frivolous complaints:

Outspoken political commentator Ezra Levant will no longer be able to practise law in Alberta and two complaints against him have effectively disappeared following a ruling by the body that governs lawyers in the province.

(Sidebar: disappeared, you say. Funny that.)

Wreckage reported from disappeared flight  MH370 has been found:

Wreckage from what is said to be the missing MH370 plane has reportedly been found.

The debris from a Boeing 777 - the same model as the missing jet - washed up on the coast of Mozambique this weekend, according to a U.S. official.

Investigators are now examining the find to determine whether it is definitely from the Malaysia Airlines plane that vanished two years ago.

And now, holidays you can celebrate in March:


They would rule the world is what


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