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The March for Life starts tomorrow.

Smart money says that PM Trulander will be away from the House of Commons washing his hair. This crowd is not wowed by his communism or the creepy way he sides up to girls in an effort to prove that he is not a pansy.

Given his fascist tendencies to quash pro-life opinions and to push Soylent Green laws on everyone tout suite, it is imperative to get the message out that if human life is expendable, so is his vacation fund.


You, too, can be a grifting, money-grubbing civil servant with an undeserved sense of entitlement:

"It is a little bit surprising," said Kathy Brock, a professor at Queen's University and president of the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration.

"We have noticed an increase over the years, but there's a new enthusiasm."

She said most of the public administration programs are reporting a 20 to 25 per cent increase in applications this year compared to last and believes the new federal government and its 'sunny ways' can take some of the credit.

"Students seem to be enthusiastic about going into the federal public service again. They see it as a choice employer, somewhere they'd really like to start," she said.

"Up to this year, we've seen students tending to favour the provincial government, municipal governments or the non-profit sector. Now we see them targeting the federal sector as well."

Brock said schools that aren't seeing that big of an increase in the number of applications are telling her the quality of applications is higher this year.


The Trudeau government was accused Wednesday of stacking the deck in the Liberal party's favour as it finally made good on a promise to create a special parliamentary committee on electoral reform.

Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef insisted the government remains open to considering any and all alternatives to the existing first-past-the-post voting system.

But with the committee to be dominated by Liberals, opposition parties suspect it's geared to propose a ranked ballot system — an alternative favoured by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and which critics maintain would primarily benefit the Liberals.

Because transparency and "sunny ways" are the greatest selling points for Liberal snake oil.

This is how oligarchies are made.

One does not apologise for something that one did not do:

Fallen CBC radio star Jian Ghomeshi apologized publicly Wednesday to a former colleague who had accused him of sexually assaulting her at work, but the woman savaged what he did to her and the broadcaster for enabling his lewd and offensive behaviour.

Speaking out for the first time since the scandal erupted in 2014, Ghomeshi cleared his throat and read what a judge said was not an admission of guilt in tones that once earned him international accolades.

"I've had to come to terms with my own deep regret and embarrassment," Ghomeshi, 48, said in his two-minute statement to the court.

"I regret my behaviour at work with all of my heart and I hope that I can find forgiveness from those for whom my actions took such a toll."

The former host of the acclaimed CBC show "Q" described his behaviour toward the complainant, Kathryn Borel, as thoughtless, sexually inappropriate, demeaning, and an abuse of his power as a famous star.

He said he now realizes he had failed to understand just how much his behaviour had hurt her.

After Ghomeshi signed a year-long peace bond, the prosecutor withdrew the single charge of sexual assault for which he had been due to stand trial next month.
This whole thing is a farce. Jian Ghomeshi has always come off as a smug pig and his accusers were less than believable.  Furthermore, the legal system is so set up that a guilty party is guaranteed to walk after unnecessarily lengthy trials and motions.

Resuming oil drilling could offset any economic damage due to the Fort McMurray disaster:

Fires that knocked an estimated 1 million barrels a day offline over the past week will trim 2016 growth by 1/10th of a percentage point, according to a the median forecast in a Bloomberg survey of 10 economists. They see the economy expanding 1.6 per cent this year. The immediate impact will be to reduce second quarter annualized growth by 0.9 points to 0.25 per cent, a loss that will be made up later in the year.

Oh, dear... The Narrative....

The man who opened fire at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Colorado Springs the day after Thanksgiving is mentally incompetent to stand trial...

But... but... gun laws!


Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood on Tuesday.

She is not amused:

Queen Elizabeth II has been overheard on video calling Chinese officials “very rude” in a conversation with a senior police officer at a Buckingham Palace event.

Is it the nouveau riche rudeness or the Mao Tse Tung rudeness?

Also: the thing is is that Michael Caine is Michael Caine and a flash-in-the-pan is a flash-in-the-pan:

Caine jumped in, adding, “These days, they just say, ‘I’m going to be an actor because I want to be rich and famous.’ And then they do a little part on television and everyone knows who they are. They can’t really act… I knew I wasn’t going to be rich, I knew I wasn’t going to be famous, I knew I wasn’t going to be a movie star. I just wanted to be a good actor, that’s all.”

Except that Caine did become rich and famous, and it’s fair to say there won’t be any young, viral stars taking his or Thompson’s place anytime soon, but isn’t it cute to know that the modern terrors of social media frighten even the likes of this stately pair? 

And now, an eclectic mix of mellowness:

- this chart has virtually every instrument known to man.

- facts about the rubber ducky.

- junk food one can find only in Japan.

Why, Japan? WHY?!?!

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