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A week ago, MP Rona Ambrose visited Lac-La-Biche and Edmonton to offer support for those affected by the firestorm that engulfed Fort McMurray (she was even hugged for being a good girl by the PM; could anything be more patronising?). MP Brian Jean had no choice but look on the spot where his house once stood. He is currently living in a tent.

During this time, PM Trulander had far more important state business to attend to, like entertaining game show host, Alex Trebek.

He spent only a few hours inspecting the damage done by the wildfires. He looks really serious in the photographs, though. He's wearing a vest, for crying out loud! He's serious about taking action long after action has been taken.

As usual, Trudeau plays a role and nothing more. Nothing about him ever indicates sincerity or comprehension.

But for the Kardashian electorate, he is perfect.

Mr. Levant, one has a much bigger problem than reduced staff not delving into the facts of a story. Available staff don't even search for the facts and they do so on purpose.


One of the requests sought information on "any concerns raised about the list of refugees being provided by the Turkish government to Canada" while another sought documents, "regarding efforts to meet the religious needs of Syrian refugees who are being brought to Canada, since November 4, 2015 . The period of the request is to cover from November 4, 2015 to Dec 3, 2015 (receipt date)." 

Finally, with claims that some of the refugees that came on the plane greeted by Prime Minister Trudeau were quarantined, we asked for "any security or health concerns for any of the group of refugees who arrived in Toronto and were met by dignitaries, including the Prime Minister, on December 10, 2015."

Each of those requests was greeted with a request for an extension plus the note that the department is too busy meeting the prime minister's demands to deal with the public. 

By asking for extensions ranging from 275 to 300 days the officials at the immigration department are essentially trying to put off any scrutiny of their planning or the execution of those plans until the refugees are here and most people have forgotten this was ever a story. 

That is also deliberate.

The fate of the Yazidis and how the Liberal party repeated history by bringing in small numbers of Yazidi refugees (a group Trudeau called "disgusting" to prioritise):

The parties are united in not giving more more damn cent to PM Trulander's wife, Imelda Marcos Michelle Obama Sophie Trudeau:

Tory MP Candice Bergen told reporters that former prime minister Stephen Harper’s wife, Laureen, managed with just a single aide.

Bergen wondered how the government could hire more staff for Gregoire when there are Canadian families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Bergen said the couple had to be aware of what they were getting into when Trudeau sought the Liberal leadership.

Tory MP Jason Kenney was even more blunt, saying Laureen Harper never complained about her duties.

“Harpers paid for babysitters, not taxpayers,” Kenney tweeted Thursday night. “And they didn’t inherit millions. Nor did Laureen whinge about it.”

New Democrat Niki Ashton said it shows how out of touch the governing Liberals are with the realities that working women face today.

“Hearing statements like that certainly doesn’t speak to the reality that Canadian women face and the kind of struggles that, you know, that they’re undertaking day in, day out,” Ashton told reporters in the Commons.

“Certainly the kind of statements we heard from the prime minister’s wife, you know, speak to that disconnect with the reality that Canadian women face.”

Hell, not everyone voted for her husband, let alone her.

But such is the sense of entitlement on the Liberal side of the political fence.


“But it’s different!” party loyalists insist when they are tortured by these reverse scenarios: “Justin Trudeau doesn’t have a secret plan to bring back residential schools,” or “Stephen Harper wasn’t a spendthrift political opportunist,” or “Laureen Harper was never as popular or coveted as is Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.” By the time the argument reaches this “justification” phase — at which point one or more participants are probably wheezing into a paper bag — party stalwarts might as well just pack up, go home and turn on the new season of The Bachelor, because no one’s buying it.

Uh, no. If incompetent parents need an equally incompetent government to coddle them into vaccinating their kids, it's time to head for bomb shelters now for the end of civilisation must be near:

Ontarians seeking vaccine exemptions for their children would be required to attend an education session, according to legislation introduced by the provincial Liberal government.

Doctors want to opt out of killing patients:

As Bill C-14, the Liberal government’s assisted dying law, moves back to the House of Commons next week, an emotional debate is flaring over whether doctors should be free to refuse to participate in any way in a medical act they consider morally wrong.

Some are accusing their regulators of bullying and coercion for threatening disciplinary action if they don’t provide an “effective referral.” Groups such as the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada are demanding legislative protections for conscience rights across the country similar to those given priests who refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

Others, including a prominent bioethicist, argue no health system in the country should be obligated to accommodate doctors’ conscientious objections.

Doctors took an oath to save lives, not to take them.

Forcing physicians or anyone in the medical field to take part in someone's murder is a moral and social regression.

It's horrifying.

Behold! A scapegoat!

The Navy has fired the commander of the 10 American sailors who wandered into Iranian territorial waters in the Persian Gulf and were captured and held by Iran for about 15 hours.

China pushes its marine limits on the Korean Peninsula as well as the South China Sea:

Chinese fishing boats are pushing deep into South Korean waters and have been spotted trying to fish illegally as far as the mouth of the Han River.

The South Korean Navy and Coast Guard are hamstrung because the waters are so close to North Korea and mostly a neutral area under the jurisdiction of the UN Command.

Chinese fishing boats are getting more brazen every year as fish stock deplete, and have been crossing the Northern Limit Line, the de-facto maritime border with North Korea, to fish in waters near Ganghwa Island, the Navy said Thursday.

A military spokesman here said, "Only a few Chinese fishing boats came into these waters once in a while last year. But this year there are dozens of them.”

Since the blue crab season began in late April, Chinese fishing boats have been encroaching on South Korean waters almost daily. They seem to be going further and further south because stocks are dwindling and competition is growing.

"We presume that the North Korean military is letting Chinese trawlers come near the estuary of the Han River in return for bribes,” the spokesman added.

Imagine the political rigamarole  if the South Korean coast guard seizes a Chinese trawler.

Good times....

Is it too much to ask to have some outside classes?

Korean children spend only 34 minutes outdoors a day on average, a survey shows. That is a mere third of the time spent outside by their counterparts in the U.S. (1 hour and 59 minutes) and Canada (1 hour and 40 minutes).

The Environment Ministry conducted the survey among 8,000 children and adolescents and released the results on Tuesday.

Korean children between three and nine years of age spend most of their time indoors, going to crammers, playing games or watching TV.

Children aged three to six spent only 32 minutes outdoors a day, and those between seven and nine 36 minutes.

Except for sleeping, they spent most of their spare time watching TV -- 1 hour and 5 minutes for kids aged three to six, and 1 hour and 7 minutes for those between seven and nine. Three-to-six-year olds spent 24.6 minutes studying, and those between seven and nine 1 hour and 1 minute.

Younger children spent 16 minutes playing computer games or surfing the Internet, the slightly older ones 20 minutes. They spent a paltry 15 minutes reading books.

Archaeologists have uncovered one of history's tiniest mummies:

British archaeologists dug up the tiny coffin in Giza, Egypt, nearly 100 years ago, and it’s sat in a Cambridge museum ever since.

For decades, researchers thought the small bundle inside was nothing more than a bunch of mummified internal organs, the sort of gruesome thing you end up with after a routine adult embalming. But new CT-scans show the remains are actually that of a fetus, the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge announced Wednesday.

The fetus is the first “academically verified” Egyptian mummy found to exist at 16 to 18 weeks of gestation, according to the museum. Julie Dawson, head of conservation at the museum, called the mummy an “extraordinary archaeological find that has provided us with striking evidence of how an unborn child might be viewed in ancient Egyptian society.”
“The care taken in the preparation of this burial clearly demonstrates the value placed on life even in the first weeks of its inception,” Dawson said in a statement.

And now, baby ducks being escorted by the police to the water:

Saskatoon police helped a feathered family reach safety on Thursday afternoon. 

Members of the bike patrol unit escorted a mother duck and her ducklings through Saskatoon’s busy downtown, blocking traffic for a short time at the intersection of Fifth Avenue North and 22nd Street East and as they crossed Spadina Crescent toward the riverbank.

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