Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ontario's Proposed "Green" Policies Could Ruin More Than One Province

They can ruin other provinces, too:

Just when Alberta is performing policy backflips so Canada will accept petroleum products, Ontario talks about banning the stuff entirely.

If a proposed Ontario climate change plan goes ahead, the market for about 1.3 billion cubic feet of Alberta natural gas per day will virtually disappear. ...

By 2050, gas would be eliminated as heating fuel from all buildings in the province.

To show how serious they are about this, the Ontario Liberals would pay a rebate of up to $20,000 to people who buy houses that don’t heat with natural gas.

It would be replaced by electrical energy (great for Ontario hydro generation) and by solar panels, geothermal heating – whatever works, as long as it isn’t a fossil fuel.

Alberta’s gas shipments to Ontario have been going down sharply in recent years, partly because Ontario is buying huge volumes of U.S. shale gas.

The Liberal province, in fact, now imports more than 95 per cent of all the U.S. gas that comes into Canada. There’s never been much national loyalty at work here.

The downward trend for Alberta gas has been obvious for years, but this is the first time a big customer ever mentioned a ban.

I propose that anyone who whole-heartedly believes in these "green" policies truly live as they wish others to live. They can lead by example. No natural gas heating or coal or nuclear-powered anything, only wind turbines and solar panels.

And none of this running water nonsense. A near-by creek should suffice.

Surely "green" methods can keep tablets, computers and other household appliances running at any hour of the day and in any weather.

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