Saturday, October 22, 2016

Don't Make Fun of the Beardy-Weirdies

They don't like it.

While no one was looking, the Liberals' trans-gender bill survived a second reading.

A bill that says everyone must conform to the madness of denying the genetics of sexual identity so that one can play dress-up or else has passed the second reading. After the third reading and after royal assent, Bill C-16 will become law.

This means one cannot point out the utter cobblers of denying the hard science of chromosomes, that even those who undergo surgery to change their external sex characteristics will still be mentally ill and probably kill themselves and that newly-coined gender pronouns are just a way to control the language.

Nor can one point out that not only do adults have the right to life, to vote and to own property,  sexual fetishists in the West are not only allowed but celebrated so this talk of discrimination against the sexual alphabet minority doesn't carry any logical weight. I mean - are people chucked off of roofs in the West?

Like this guy?

And don't get one started on those attention-seeking virtue-signaling parents who create entire mythologies around their kids who play dress-up one day and then inject them with hormones so that they can be the boy/girl/whatever-the-hell they were allegedly meant to be before deliberately shuffling off this mortal coil.

So, whatever one does, don't pay attention to what is going on around one. It could cause one to question why one's elected government is pushing the country into insanity.

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