Monday, October 31, 2016

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Merry Halloween!


I’m pleased to announce that The Rebel is expanding coverage of the United Nations.

We’re going to send a team of four reporters to another UN conference — their nanny state conference being held next month in New Delhi, India.

Frustrated at not being able to limit where people can purchase alcohol, medical wags warn about possible cancer risks that strangely went un-uttered when the LCBO was running things:

As grocery stores across Ontario begin stocking their shelves with beer and wine, the province's cancer agency is raising a red flag about the risks of alcohol consumption, warning increased access could also come with increased rates of the disease.

Dr. Linda Rabeneck, vice-president of prevention and cancer control with Cancer Care Ontario, warns that while the sale of wine in several grocery chains may be convenient, alcohol remains a cancer-causing carcinogen. Since research shows that the more access to alcohol you have, the more you consume, the cancer agency is concerned that will mean cancer rates won't be far behind.

The warning comes as 70 grocery stores across the province move to make wine available on store shelves as part of a plan to eventually allow 300 stores to do the same. Beer and cider will eventually be sold in up to 450 stores across the province.

Oh, heaven's to Betsy! The throwing under the bus is in progress:

Huma Abedin, the trusted aide at the centre of the Hillary Clinton email storm, spent the weekend holed up at her New York apartment, far from her troubled boss.

Speculation mounted that Clinton would be forced to sack Abedin or at least distance herself from her long-standing confidante in order to quell the storm surrounding the latest episode of the email scandal.

Of all the things that could affect the aboriginal community - living in northern ghettos where educational and professional opportunities are so few and let's not forget unaccountable band chiefs - the most pressing thing is Halloween costumes:


Well, the joke is on these morons because they're out $1500.


In fiscal 2015, indigenous affairs let more than $1 billion go unspent. The money it gave back represented 11 per cent of the more than $8 billion it had been given by Parliament to improve the lives of indigenous Canadians. The department has said the bulk of previous lapses were the result of land claims that did not get resolved in a given budget year.

In other crybaby news:

The latest harassment comes after student organizers of the upcoming talk by scholar Christina Hoff Sommers put up roughly 50 flyers promoting the event on four different campus buildings at Columbia University and Barnard College earlier this month. Nearly all were torn down within 24 hours.

Since then, the organizers replaced the originals, posting roughly 75 flyers throughout the Columbia and Barnard campuses. That prompted another series of bizarre reactions from peers.

Five or six flyers at Barnard College have had Sommers’ face torn or clawed off, while several other flyers were re-posted upside down in other parts of Barnard’s campus.

Later, in Lerner Hall on Columbia’s campus, two young women lurked and took pictures of student organizers as they posted the flyers, they told The Fix.

Toni Airkasinen, one of the students organizing the event, was putting up flyers in John Jay Hall on Columbia’s campus when a female student came up to her and threw a cup of cereal and pretzels at her feet, she said. The student then slowly walked away. In response, she states, “I made eye contact with her once, but was too freaked out to say anything.”


And now, frightening photos and the stories behind them. Enjoy.

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