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Carbon taxes solve nothing but the government already knows that:

Figures will vary by household and province, but by 2022, when the tax will be a minimum of $50 a tonne, the average Canadian household could face $2,569 in new taxes. This, pro-carbon taxers insist, is necessary to reduce Canada’s carbon emissions. After all, climate change is a global issue. Surely Canadians must do their part to help solve the problem. ...

We can start with the Trudeau government’s carbon emissions target for 2030, which would bring Canada’s total annual emissions down from 748 megatonnes (Mt) this year, to 524 Mt by 2030. Assuming we can meet that target — and that’s a big assumption — Canada’s total annual emissions would drop by 224 Mt.

Now consider the biggest contributor to global carbon emissions: China. In 2014, China’s annual carbon emissions were estimated at 10,540 Mt. China is a very large and rapidly developing country. It understandably wants to focus on raising the living standards of its people. Yet, despite strong economic growth in recent decades, the country still has hundreds of millions of people living in relative poverty, especially when compared to more developed countries like Canada. Accordingly, its climate change commitments are less stringent than Canada’s: China’s existing policy will see annual carbon emissions rise to about 13,600 Mt in 2030.

Its annual emissions will thus increase about 3,060 Mt over this period, which means that by 2030, all Canada’s efforts will be cancelled out by just 27 days’ worth of China’s increased carbon emissions. Remember, this isn’t the worst-case scenario; this is if everything goes according to plan. Even if Canadians nobly “do our part” — at a cost of untold billions of dollars for millions of families and businesses — the sum of our efforts will be rendered pointless by the giant Chinese juggernaut in less than a month.

This is what happens when you don't do the math on stuff.

Not that carbon is a pollutant but I digress.

This must be embarrassing:

Chances are you have never heard of Sam Oosterhoff.

But the 19-year-old social conservative and Brock University political science student has become a key figure in Ontario provincial politics.

On Saturday, Oosterhoff won the race to become the Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate for Niagara West-Glanbrook, the territory of former PC party leader Tim Hudak.

Also - trust me- there is always someone stupid enough to vote Liberal no matter how Hillary Clinton-corrupt they are:

According to the Forum poll, only 27% of Ontarians believe Wynne will stick around to defend this record in the next election. The Liberals are badly trailing Patrick Brown’s PCs — 43% to 24% — even though most voters acknowledge they know next to nothing about the new Tory leader.

(Sidebar: he's a snake. There you go.)

The deal is over. Just burn it with fire and move on:

Veteran Liberal statesman Jean Charest, who as Quebec premier was intimately involved in the debut of Canada-EU free trade talks, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should pick up the phone and urge his French and German counterparts to push for a CETA resolution — because “the credibility of Europe is at stake.”

Charest, reached in London, cautioned Trudeau should wait until the time is right to “get them to step up,” however, urging a cool-down period as tempers flared in Europe Monday over a small Belgian region’s veto of the trade agreement.

“In the next few weeks, I think we’re just going to have to let things cool down. The harder we push now, it’ll just entrench the Walloons in their position. You get to the point in that dynamic where then it becomes a point of pride, their opposition becomes a point of pride,” he said.

After Canada walked out on negotiations Friday, the EU gave Belgium a Monday deadline to lend its support to CETA. But with the regional parliament of Wallonia blocking support, Belgium said Monday it wouldn’t be able to do that.

I'm sure online testing and voting will always go off smoothly:

The Ontario agency tasked with administering the first online literacy test to tens of thousands of high school students in the province last week says it was forced to pull the plug by an “intentional, malicious and sustained” cyberattack.

The Education Quality and Accountability Office said Monday the network hosting the “voluntary” online test was targeted by an “extremely large volume of traffic from a vast set of IP addresses around the globe.”

It said the impact of the distributed denial of service attack carried out by “an unknown entity or entities” was to block legitimate users such as school boards and students from accessing the test.

Most of the province’s 900 secondary schools — representing a maximum of 147,000 students — had signed up to participate in the test, which was a technical trial run before the first official test scheduled next year.

Do you know who might like to have had children? Reena Virk:

Despite serving a life sentence in prison for killing 14-year-old Reena Virk, Ellard is now about eight months pregnant, the Vancouver Sun has learned.

The father is a man with gang links who was out on day parole when he was allowed the intimate visits with Ellard in the spring.

Darwin Dorozan, 41, was granted full parole in August, but it has since been revoked after an alleged breach.

The Parole Board of Canada said in its Aug. 3 ruling releasing Dorozan that “there are concerns about your relationship with your girlfriend, who is pregnant.”

Ellard, 33, is not identified as the girlfriend in the documents, but Postmedia News has confirmed with several sources that she is Dorozan’s pregnant girlfriend.

Dorozan was given credit by the two-person panel for being “open and accountable about the relationship,” the parole ruling says.

But the ruling also said Dorozan “will likely face significant stress relating to the birth of your child.”

Dorozan is serving a seven-year, two-month sentence after pleading guilty in 2012 to 11 counts of break and enter and break and enter with intent. Dorozan broke into several homes in 2010 and 2011 to steal things to finance a heroin addiction, the board noted.

“Some of the residences were occupied and during a confrontation with a male victim, you sprayed him in the face about five times with bear spray.”

Ellard had three trials before she was convicted in 2005. She was first found guilty in 2000, but the B.C. Court of Appeal ordered a new trial. The second time around, the jury couldn’t reach a verdict and a mistrial was declared. She was convicted of second-degree murder after her third trial.

Though she was 15 when she killed Virk, Ellard was raised to adult court and was sentenced to life with no hope of parole for seven years.

Last May, the Parole Board of Canada denied Ellard day parole, saying that while she was finally admitting some responsibility for Virk’s death, there was “ongoing minimization” of her crime.

And the two board members told Ellard that they were concerned about her admitted drug use inside prison, as well as “your lack of insight into why you committed the murder and your sense of entitlement with respect to parole.”

Future Liberal voter.

European countries are letting people like this in by the thousands:

A migrant who raped a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool has had his conviction overturned because the court could not prove that the child said no.

The man, identified only as 20-year-old Iraqi Amir A, violently sexually assaulted the victim while he was undergoing an integration process at Theresienbad pool (above) in Vienna, Austria, last December.

After the assault, Amir - who had been working as a taxi driver - went back into the pool and was found on the diving board when police turned up.

He told them that he had a “sexual emergency” because he had not had sex for some time, but admitted that he knew he had been wrong to do it.

Amir was found guilty of serious sexual assault and rape of a minor and was sentenced to six years in jail - but the Supreme Court has now lifted the verdict and ordered a retrial as his defence team successfully argued that there was no proof that the boy did not consent.

And yet, people like "Jackie" get more attention:

By the time Jackie spoke with reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely, she was a U-Va. junior and had for two years told friends and members of the U-Va. community that she was sexually assaulted at a fraternity party. She had also gone to Eramo seeking help. Erdely testified last week that she believed Jackie’s detailed account of the ordeal.

Jackie said during the taped deposition that she stands by the account she gave Rolling Stone and The Post in 2014 and believed it was true at the time. But she also testified that she suffers from Post-traumatic stress disorder and has memory loss and can no longer recall specific details.

In the taped testimony, Jackie said she felt pressured to cooperate with the reporter on the article and told friends that she no longer wanted to be included in it after learning that her alleged gang-rape would be central to the narrative.


"Jackie" was caught lying and now she is attempting to deflect the blame.

Because Mark Steyn:

Sometimes a society becomes too stupid to survive. 

Not just stupid but incredibly dull, malevolent, mediocre and prone to fits of prejudice and rage.

That's why someone can get irrationally angry at this:

Blacks riot, Muslims set bombs, gays spread AIDS, Mexican cartels behead children, atheists tear down Christmas trees. Meanwhile, those liberal Lena Dunhams in their $5,000-a-month apartments sip wine and say, "But those white Christians are the real problem!" Terror victims scream in the street next to their own severed limbs, and the response from the elites is to cry about how men should be allowed to use women's restrooms and how it's cruel to keep chickens in cages.

Madness. Their heads are so far up their asses that they can't tell up from down. Basic, obvious truths that have gone unquestioned for thousands of years now get laughed at and shouted down -- the fact that hard work is better than dependence on government, that children do better with both parents in the picture, that peace is better than rioting, that a strict moral code is better than blithe hedonism, that humans tend to value things they've earned more than what they get for free, that not getting exploded by a bomb is better than getting exploded by a bomb.

But not this:

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has reportedly massacred hundreds of men and boys in Mosul as fears grow that families are being used as human shields against approaching Iraqi-led forces.

The jihadist group rounded up and shot 284 men and boys before dumping their bodies in a mass grave in northern Mosul, according to CNN.

They were reportedly lined up and shot on the grounds of a former agricultural college, where young Iraqis were once taught how to grow food in their country’s punishing climate, and then buried by a bulldozer.

It's sad watching morality dissolve and replaced with @$$holes who complain about the constant gore on TV shows that they have watched from the beginning only to be annoyed when something does go their way.

Trifles offend more than lies and actual genocide.

The Earth is a sad place.

In other news, fashionably treasonous leftist dies:

Throughout the Vietnam War era, Hayden was among the most visible and outspoken American mouthpieces of the pro-Communist camp. He organized -- along with Jane Fonda (whom he married in 1973 and divorced in 1980), John Kerry, and Ted Kennedy -- an “Indochina Peace Campaign” (IPC) to cut off American aid to the existing governments in Cambodia and South Vietnam. The IPC worked tirelessly to help the North Vietnamese Communists and the Khmer Rouge (led by Pol Pot) emerge victorious.

This Khmer Rouge:

According to his testimony, prison guards at the facility would use the pliers to lacerate the inmates before pouring acid into the wounds. If the detainees passed out due to the excessive pain, the overseers would then use water to revive them.

“About 10 prisoners who were ordered to sit and watch the torture,” said Keo Chandara, reports the Cambodia Daily.

During one particularly gruesome episode, Keo Chandara said the guards hanged one prisoner by a hook through her mouth and then cut out her heart, gall bladder and liver after she was unable to answer questions during an interrogation session.

Why the First World War is important:

It’s odd to look at Great War pictures, including Canadians at Hill 70, and see that under such awful conditions, the troops often appear resolute, even cheerful. It reminds us how surprisingly well humans can respond to adversity, while failing when not being tested. And it shows that in a very real sense, the passage of time changes nothing. Indeed, if worthy deeds a century ago mean nothing today, worthy deeds today will mean nothing tomorrow and hence are futile in our own time. But we know they are not.

So we care about the Great War because it shaped the modern world. But we also care because those who fought it on our behalf did deeds that set a timeless example for us and our posterity. That is why Australians still flock to Villers-Bretonneux, why the Last Post sounds every evening at the Menin Gate and why the monument to Hill 70 to be dedicated in France next spring will draw visitors 100 years hence.

Read the whole thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Alistair Urquhart:

Alistair Urquhart who has died aged 97, was a prisoner of the Japanese from 1942 to 1945, surviving both the infamous Death Railway and the atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki; his memoir, The Forgotten Highlander, became a bestseller in 2009.

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