Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In Other News....

When you promise a trough to the financially obese, you had better pony up:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was heckled and jeered as he took questions today at a youth labour forum in Ottawa.

Several dozen delegates at the young workers' summit turned their backs on Trudeau as he spoke while many others held signs reading "Keep the Promise."

As the prime minister took questions, he also criticized the back turners, saying he was disappointed that they appeared unwilling to listen. ...

(Sidebar: shut up, you big baby! Yes, people have the audacity to turn their backs on little, old you.) 

Trudeau was booed when he responded that precarious work — including jobs with no pensions — is now a fact of life.

(Sidebar: says the guy who has never had to work hard his entire life. Such is the existence of a trustifarian.)

Didn't Justin's handlers tell him? Surely they must know that breaking a sweat is bad for his hair?

Speaking of porkies...

A Rhode Island man is about to rue the day he decided to write into a local newspaper to express his disdain for adult women who wear yoga pants in public. Those very women he targeted are now organizing a peaceful protest — a Yoga Pants Parade scheduled to take place this Sunday, right on their grouchy neighbor’s block.
I don't think he will rue the day. In fact, I applaud him for finally calling out the vain, self-important chubbies who have no dress or common sense.

If you can't put on a decent pair of trousers as opposed to yoga or sweat pants or leggings, don't leave the house.

Now, more important things to worry about...

Users of Chinese mobile phones are expected to provide their real names during registration, and the new regulation could have an impact on how North Koreans communicate with their relatives in the South.

It's a noose being tightened.

A nurse is accused to killing eight people:

A nurse in southwestern Ontario killed eight nursing home residents in her care, police alleged Tuesday as they charged the woman with murder.

Investigators say 49-year-old Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer of Woodstock, Ont., faces eight counts of first-degree murder in the killings, which they say took place between 2007 and 2014.

"The victims were administered a drug. We're not in a position at this time to comment further on the specifics of the drug as it forms part of the evidence that is now before the courts," said Det. Supt. Dave Truax of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Because Mark Steyn:

When I made my point in the Munk Debate, our opponents, the telly historian Simon Schama and the former UN High Commissioner Louise Arbour, thought it was an opportunity for comedy. Simon reckoned me and Nigel Farage were just "a bit sad" - losers who couldn't get any action and so got turned on by obsessing about migrant rape. This insouciance did not work out well for him.

To accord their response more respect than it merits, Louise and Simon's point was that: sure, there's a bit of child rape here and there, but what's the big deal? It's a relatively small and manageable amount.
It's not, but let that pass. That was my point: "Migrant rights trump women's rights" and "migrant rights trump children's rights" and (in some of the most grisly cases) "migrant rights trump disabled rights".

It's not that there's only three or four - or seven or twelve, or 29 or 97 or 236 or 1,768 - rapes. It's not the "small" number of cases, but the fact that, in a fainthearted age prostrate before the multicultural pieties, these "few" cases are changing us. So that the most eminent jurists in Austria feel obliged to assimilate with their invaders: hey, how was poor old Amir supposed to know the cute l'il moppet wasn't consenting to anal rape?

What motivates the likes of Louise Arbour, Simon Schama or Austrian judges: the absence of a moral standard or  fear of offending a perverted and angry mass?


And now, baking tips everyone can use.

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