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There are twelve shopping days until Halloween....

Under the current Liberal scheme of things, elderly people and people who have no marketable skills and little to no English or French literacy can immigrate and stay in the airport known as Canada.

It gets worse:

Immigration Minister John McCallum is acknowledging the advice of a high-powered group of external advisers that recommends a dramatic increase in Canada's immigration levels to stimulate economic growth.

But McCallum suggests the recommendation — a 50 per cent increase in targets to 450,000 people a year, targeting skilled, entrepreneurial newcomers — might be too ambitious.

He says to meet the target suggested by the Advisory Council on Economic Growth would be a costly endeavour and might not find support across the country.

He says discussions are continuing and the government will announce immigration targets for 2017 next month.

The 14-member panel, chaired by Dominic Barton of the firm McKinsey and Co., is to deliver a set of recommendations to Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Thursday.

The managing director of McKinley and Company, a company that advises both business and non-for-profit groups, Dominic Barton was pegged to be Canada's ambassador to China.

Chinese SOEs are controlled and influenced by the Chinese government and are plainly agents of the Chinese state, the same state that has been caught red-handed engaging in espionage against Canadian state and corporate interests and in other unfriendly acts. Like their owners in Beijing, these companies have broader political objectives including corporate espionage, the acquisition of strategic resources, and geopolitical calculations.

As former senior CSIS official Ray Boisvert has said: “state-owned enterprises have the same marching orders or essentially the same mandate or mission” as the broader Chinese state. It’s notable for instance that SOEs (including the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corp.) have been key players in China’s illegal territorial expansionism in the South China Sea.


Why, if I didn't know any better, I would say Canada is run by chums from the Liberal country club.

In principle, the Liberals have handed over a huge swath of land to the Algonquins:

Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett and her Ontario counterpart have signed a historic agreement with the Algonquins of Ontario that will eventually see wide swaths of eastern Ontario signed over to the Indigenous people as part of a modern treaty.

The deal encompasses roughly 36,000 square kilometres, stretching from Ottawa to North Bay, including large parts of the Ottawa Valley. (Parliament Hill itself falls into the catchment area.)
The ministers and representatives signed an agreement in principle, meaning the final details have yet to be worked out or ratified. A final deal could take another five years of negotiations, although the ministers were reluctant to provide a timeline.
In principle.

In principle, the Liberals took away aboriginals' only recourse in financial accountability from their band chiefs:

As members of two First Nations near Edmonton fight to find out how their chief and council are spending federal money, critics say the Liberal government's decision to end penalties under the First Nations Financial Transparency Act leaves band members with few ways to hold leadership accountable.

Carry on.

In other instances of Liberal corruption and mismanagement:

Ontario Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault is defending the fact that nearly $12 million was spent on consultants and advertising for a plan that offers discounts to low-income electricity customers.

Ezra Levant in his own words:

What a perfect symbol of the UN and the global warming debate: intolerant of dissent, arrogant and undemocratic. And what sad proof that the journalists who will be attending the Marrakech conference are those that are “UN-approved”.

This is the same UN that refuses to recognise the Jewish links to important sites in Jerusalem, so...

Nothing to worry about? Really?

Welland’s mayor is telling his city not to fear anything “sinister” following the discovery of a number of bombs during a Park Street apartment fire Sunday.

Frank Campion said he met with fire Chief Brian Kennedy Tuesday morning for an update.

“I’ve been advised and reassured that it’s safe over there right now, it’s secure,” Campion said.

“The fire department went door-to-door in the immediate area and explained to people what they’ve done, essentially telling them the fire’s out, everything is under control and there’s nothing to worry about,” he said.

Firefighters responded to the house fire at 79 Park St. at about 1:38 p.m., Sunday, and quickly brought the fire under control. Inside the second -floor apartment they discovered what appeared to be several improvised explosive devices constructed using propane tanks.

The Niagara Regional Police explosive disposal unit was then called in to safely remove the devices.

It doesn't matter if one would rather watch Westworld:

The federal government has launched a massive review of Canadian-made content in the digital age that will include who should be footing the bill.

One option on the table: a mandatory contribution or so-called tax on internet service providers (ISPs) to help fund home-grown programming.

For decades, cable and satellite TV providers have had to contribute funds to create domestic programs. The idea is simple: if we support Canadian storytelling, we help preserve our culture and identity.

But critics claim an added internet levy is not a wise move for Canada. They believe the fee would be passed on to customers, making a vital service cost prohibitive for some.
Time and time again, it has been pointed that if the official guardian of national self-consciousness want Canadians to watch other Canadians, it should be worth their while.

Such pleas have fallen on decidedly deaf ears.

This is what happens when one would rather mental midgets micro-manage one's life at the governmental level.

Communism has the opposite effect as the Chinese communists now find:

But it would be wrong to misread the political disquiet as having invited the wrath of the Chinese Communist Party’s Hong Kong compradors or Beijing’s intensified bullying — kidnapping publishers, intimidating news outlets and generally throwing the state’s weight around. That would be to get things backwards, Yiu told me. “The more interference the Chinese government imposes on Hong Kong, it drives more young people to regard themselves as Hong Kongers rather than Chinese. It is the consequence, rather than the cause.”

Funny. They don't look like children to me:

The Home Office has no way of verifying the age of child refugees being brought to Britain, it has emerged, amid concerns that adults are posing as minors to gain access.

Fourteen “teenagers” arrived in the U.K. from Calais Monday as a fast-track system was launched to transfer youngsters from the “Jungle” camp before it is demolished.

The Home Office insisted it had “verified” the ages of all the refugees and that all of those who were brought to the U.K. were aged between 14 and 17.

However, Tory MPs warned that photographs of the refugees suggested many of the group were older than 17.

This must be embarrassing:

Donald Trump has invited two eyebrow-raising guests to Wednesday’s presidential debate against Hillary Clinton: President Barack Obama’s estranged half-brother and the mother of an American official who died in Benghazi, Libya.

As I said before, Russia wants that Syrian pipeline:

Russia ratified a treaty with Syria on Friday that gives Moscow its first permanent airbase in the Middle East, a symbol of the Kremlin’s desire to project strength overseas, as Russian officials considered renewing other Soviet-era bases in Cuba and Vietnam.

And people keep thinking that Putin is not a Soviet autocrat.

If Boko Haram can burn them out, they will breed them out:

A Nigerian community leader says the government is negotiating the release of another 83 of the Chibok schoolgirls taken in a mass abduction two-and-a-half years ago but more than 100 others appear unwilling to return home.

Pogu Bitrus, chairman of the Chibok Development Association, told The Associated Press that the unwilling girls may have been radicalized by Boko Haram or are ashamed to return because they have married extremists and have babies.

Surely there are feminist groups all over this. Surely.

Using absurd manufactured pronouns to indicate who is playing dress-up isn't only catering to mental illness, it's controlling the language, as well:

Perhaps the name Dr. Jordan Peterson is unfamiliar to you. It was to me until I happened upon his recent YouTube video, “Fear and the Law,” in which he calmly and methodically dissects political correctness, with particular reference to Bill C-16 (a Canadian bill which would add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination).

Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, so it’s a fair bet that he knows a good deal about the workings of the human mind. In “Fear and the Law” he imagines being told to refer to a student or colleague via “gender-neutral pronouns”: “I don’t recognize another person’s right to determine what pronouns I use to address them. I won’t do it.” Cue storms of fire from students and professional bodies alike. ...

It does not matter what you or I mean by the word “gender.” The only opinion that counts is that of the state, as the state alone has the power to impose its belief on us. In law, our gender identity is defined without reference to our body, meaning the shift from sex to gender is the shift from body to mind.

It is, then, also the shift from the given to the chosen, from the fixed to the fluid, and from a number (two, binary) to any number (non-binary). Unlike his sex, John’s gender identity is immaterial. This requires new ways in which to communicate our identity—hence the arrival on campuses across America of “preferred pronouns” lapel badges.

You don’t need to be a psychology professor to realize than an attempt to transplant pronouns from the body to the mind is an attempt to destroy our ability to communicate. Consider: John can choose from infinite gender identities, with no fixed link between any one gender identity and any one set of pronouns.

And now, kitten interrupting Turkish news program. Enjoy:

Ever the professional, Celebioglu managed to keep a straight face and continue with the broadcast.

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