Saturday, June 17, 2017

Important Announcement

With the passage of Bill C-16, one is no longer allowed to point out that people pretending to be the sex opposite to their genetic ones are petty lunatics and human rights abusers desirous for constant attention in countries that normally don't publicly execute people for being different.

One must use pronouns that don't exist in the English language and could change when one decides that one is a wild animal.

One is also not allowed to point how this bill, like Motion 103, is purely political and designed to not only bolster essential voters blocks but stifle political opposition.

In conclusion, don't insult the fairies because it hurts their sad, precious little feelings and they'll cry. Don't pretend that you have freedom of speech by refusing to use made-up words to describe a sub-culture of people who are clearly mentally ill. The bribed powers-that-be have stacked the game against you and you could find yourself in a kangaroo court because you couldn't bring yourself to ignore the bleeding obvious about beardy-weirdies.

That is all.

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