Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Liberalism: a Political Strategy and a Mental Illness

In a sane world, one would consider certain things to be impediments to growth and being contrary for the sake of it as childish, if not outright insane.

Liberalism and the Liberal Party don't just embody regression and lunacy, they exhibit at every opportunity.

Case in point:

“Man who beat wife said he didn’t know it was against law,” read a recent headline in the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal.

The man – Mohamad Rafia, a Syrian refugee – didn’t just beat his wife, he beat her with a hockey stick. For half an hour.

Rafia told a Fredericton court that he didn’t know it was a crime in Canada to beat your wife with a hockey stick for half an hour.

Following the attack, Rafia’s wife was taken to a local hospital and initially lied to protect her husband. She later revealed that he beat her with a hockey stick – for half an hour – pulled her hair, hit her in the face and threatened to kill her.

Rafia was charged and pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats. He was sentenced to eight days in jail and one year of probation.

I will recap:

A Syrian refugee, no doubt vaguely vetted, hit his wife with a hockey stick for half an hour. Half an hour of being hit with a solid, blunt object. The man then claimed he had no idea that hitting one's wife was a crime because - apparently - Canada is not at all different from other countries where hitting one's wife is perfectly allowable. For his trouble, he was sentenced to eight days in jail for hitting his wife with a hockey stick. Sentences like these are not as rare as one may think and the problem is common enough that there are services for this.

Appalled that a brown woman was beaten with a hockey stick and very few commented on it, MP Kellie Leitch tweeted this:

Considering that Rafia admitted to hitting his wife and denied knowledge that doing so was illegal in Canada, Dr. Leitch's comments are not untoward.

Hitting one's wife is "barbaric".

I know that word really chaps some people but few words adequately describe hitting a woman with a big stick and then expecting to get away with it.

Well, that just rubbed Liberal men the wrong way.

From PM Gerald Butts:

From Kate Purchase's dad:

(Sidebar: please, Mr. Anderson, do use your influence to malign and fire people. There is nothing skeevy about that at all.)

From Scott Reid:

From Ahmed Hussen:

“It’s [domestic violence] clearly something that we abhor and we condemn. What Ms. Leitch is doing is equally reprehensible because she’s tying in a problem that exists everywhere – both in refugee communities and in … our society. This is a problem that many societies grapple with. She’s tying that in with our refugee policy,” Mr. Hussen said in an interview with The Globe and Mail on Monday.

I'm not sure how a tweet is the equivalent to beating someone with a blunt object for half an hour but I'm sure Mr. Hussen knows. 

As one would expect, closing the ranks and covering Butts butts is what the Liberal Party does.

But it is the mindset of the Liberal/liberal electorate that is most telling.

When a tweet saying nothing more than: culture matters, some cultures do not respect human rights as some do, that proper vetting may have avoided this mess and that a government that overlooks this will own it - is far more controversial than beating someone, then one wonders what motivates them to vote as they do, to pick a government that represents their values - in this case, violence towards women and covering it up - and denigrating anyone who points out a major socio-political flaw.

I maintain that egos are tied with political positions. As it would be unthinkable for a liberal to reflect on policies and beliefs that are antithetical to a functioning society, he or she would sooner eat a bowl of wax than ever admit that he or she could be wrong.

Hide behind your egos all one wishes but you can't get away from the fact that your mental gymnastics will ruin you.

Live with that.


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