Saturday, March 02, 2013

A Post For a Friday

Quick! Before the week-end begins!

What has made Chinese air so filthy? Deforestation and pollution. I'm sure Greenpeace will get right on those guys.

"Awesome kids" don't do things like this:

Three North Koreans who attempted to cross the border were shot to death over the weekend, a North Korean human rights group said Monday. 
Do Hee-yoon, head of the Citizens’ Coalition for the Human Rights of Abductees and North Korean Refugees in South Korea, said, “Three North Korean men crossing the Yalu River to China were shot dead by North Korean border guards at 5 p.m. Saturday,” adding he heard the news from a source in Changbai, China. 

The killings occurred a day after North Korea`s new leader Kim Jong Un was appointed supreme commander of the armed forces Friday. Pyongyang has reportedly tightened border controls and increased surveillance over those trying to escape since Kim Jong Il’s death. 

Saturday`s deaths were the first killings of border-crossing defectors under the Kim Jong Un government. 

Washed-up celebrities are not global policy experts. Just saying.

Pope Benedict XVI said thanks for the memories and has departed for a life of prayer and contemplation.

Because she's Christie Blatchford:

As I always say, quoting my friend the former courts reporter Tracy Nesdoly, we have to know who to be mad at, and in this case the triage is pretty clear: First, the people who make child pornography; then, those who watch and trade it, and then and only then, those who misapprehend what it is.

The opinion is noxious but so is the crap Hollywood puts out or that Premier Wynne expects to be taught to children.

And now, the story that inspired Moby Dick:

Pollard saw his ship in distress from a distance, then returned to see the Essex in ruin. Dumbfounded, he asked, “My God, Mr. Chase, what is the matter?”

“We have been stove by a whale,” his first mate answered.

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