Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Celebrity Apartheid Week: Why It Matters

Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, now His Holiness Francis I, has been elected by the Holy Spirit and the College of Cardinals to succeed Saint Peter (Israel).

As I predicted, all some needed to fulfill their hatred was a name to a face.

That the Church is STILL a big deal after two thousand years on this planet and that any Lister will never as important as the Pope must fry the hell out of celebutards who think that merely rolling out of bed merits them the kind of significance the leader of the Church gets.

And this is just one of the reasons why Celebrity Apartheid Week matters. Who deserves isolation, mockery and apathy more than the vacuous residents of the spotlight whose remove from the rest of the world presents itself whenever they feel their ill-informed and unsolicited opinion must be imposed on the easily-moved audiences who line their coffers? If they would only stick to acting, they might be tolerable.

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