Thursday, March 21, 2013

Obama Is A Moron

Like Michael Moore, the corpulent director of "Bowling for Columbine" (among other things), Obama has no understanding of either the United States or its naturally beautiful neighbour, Canada.

We can shoot all of our beer commercials here.
Case in point:

At his press conference Thursday with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, President Barack Obama chose an unusual example to drive home his belief that peace between Israelis and Palestinians is possible.

In his effort to convince the local populations, who have been in a decades-old (and some might even say millennia-old) conflict, Obama invoked perhaps the most peaceful neighbors on the planet, that is the U.S. and Canada.

“We can’t afford to have our kids in bed sleeping and suddenly a rocket comes through the roof, but my argument is even though both sides may have areas of strong disagreement, may be engaging in activities the other side considers to be a breach of good faith, we have to push through those things to try to get to an agreement,” Obama said.

“Because if we get an agreement then it will be very clear what the nature of that agreement is,” he added.
Obama described his vision: “There will be a sovereign Palestinian state, a sovereign Jewish state of Israel and those two states can, I think, will be able to deal with each other the same way all states do.”

And then he invoked this example: “I mean, you know, the United States and Canada has arguments once in a while, but they’re not the nature of arguments that can’t be solved diplomatically.”

Yes, but though Canada has many faults, being crammed to the rafters with inbred Jew-haters who lob missiles at their well-educated neighbours is not one of them. The last time the US tried invading Canada, we sent them packing, gave them something to remember us by and then the Treaty of Ghent. Doesn't Obama read?

The White House: it's our legacy, too.

It's a stupid analogy but it's one that Obama is capable of making. Also, there is a deep-rooted resentment of a semi-capitalist country not being driven into the ground. That must drive Obama mad.

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