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"YAY! It's Sunday!"

If you are utterly bored or baffled by the Liberal "Party" elections, leadership line-up and scandals, join the club. That anyone can become a 24-hour Liberal or that people are shocked!

that the Liberal "Party" has courted the ethnic vote (like, hi, they've been doing this for decades) are the real kickers.

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Celebrity Apartheid Week matters and here are a couple of reasons why:

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman, sitting down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in the “This Week” studio in New York on Sunday morning, defended his basketball diplomacy with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and said the young leader “don’t want war – that’s one thing he don’t want.”

Asked by Stephanopoulos about Kim’s threats to destroy the United States, and his family’s horrendous record on human rights, Rodman said: “I don’t condone that. I hate the fact that he’s doing that. … I didn’t talk about that. …I saw people respected him, his family. … “[He’s] only 28 — 28. He’s not his dad. He’s not his grandpa. He is 28 years old. … He’s very humble. He’s a very humble man. … He don’t want war – that’s one thing he don’t want. … He loves power. He loves control, because of his father, you know – stuff like that. But he’s just — he’s a great guy. He’s just a great guy. You sit down and talk to him.”

Pressed by Stephanopoulos on the 200,000 people in North Korean camps, Rodman said: “We do the same things here.”

(Sidebar: oh, do we?)

Kentucky is the home state to poet Allen Tate, gonzo journalist and gun owner Hunter S. Thompson and country music legend Loretta Lynn. It was also the home state of this clown:

She has spoken out against having kids, saying it is “unconscionable to breed” while there are so many starving children in the world.

She has criticized the tradition of fathers “giving away” their daughters at weddings, calling that practice “a common vestige of male dominion over a woman’s reproductive status.”

She has even compared mountaintop removal mining to the Rwandan genocide, and has criticized Christianity as a religion that “legitimizes and seals male power.”

Yet actress Ashley Judd is seriously contemplating a Senate run in Kentucky, a conservative-leaning state where such liberal comments would be mocked and viewed as, well, bizarre.

When you promise to be Santa Claus, making welfare cuts will make you as popular as ticks:

President Barack Obama raised anew the issue of cutting entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security as a way out of damaging budget cuts, a White House official said on Sunday, as both sides in Washington tried to limit a fiscal crisis that may soon hit millions of Americans.

But you know what you're doing!

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China is a communist country and we shouldn't trade with it:

China's first and second generation Communist Party leaders, such as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, ruled as single paramount leaders. But over the past two decades, Chinese leaders have tried to institutionalize governance with an emphasis on collective leadership - except when it comes to choosing leaders.

The process is highly secretive and influenced by faction leaders who jockey to get their allies on the 25-member Politburo and its apex body, the seven-member Politburo Standing Committee. ...

China's once-in-a-decade leadership transition last November installed a largely caretaker leadership in the Standing Committee. In 2017, five of the seven members will reach retirement age after one term in office. Only China's top two leaders, president-in-waiting Xi Jinping and premier-in-waiting Li Keqiang, will remain on the powerful body in 2017.

There is nothing "deeply religious" about recognising a minority sub-culture when one sees it, especially when that person is a hero:

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Walesa has provoked outrage among liberal Poles by suggesting homosexuals in parliament should sit behind a wall.

Walesa, the deeply religious former president of post-Communist Poland, was speaking during an interview on Saturday broadcast by news channel TVN 24 in which he was asked about homosexual rights.

Asked where homosexuals should sit in the parliamentary chamber, he said: "No minority should climb all over the majority. Homosexuals should even sit behind a wall, and not somewhere at the front.

"They must know they are a minority and adapt themselves to smaller things."

Ryszard Nowak, a former conservative member of parliament, reported Walesa to the prosecutor's office late on Saturday, accusing him of promoting hatred of sexual minorities.

"The report was filed on Saturday, when the office is closed," prosecutors' office spokeswoman Barbara Sworobowicz told Reuters. "We will examine it, starting on Monday, if it meets the legal definition of a crime."

(Sidebar: wow. I thought Poland did away with human rights commissions when the Iron Curtain fell.)

I suspect the first part of his statement was facetious but the latter not. Why should a minority- one that has chosen to be a minority, I might add- be in a place of prominence, as if it is representative of the population at large? That Mr. Walesa would be punished for opinions some others might choose to ignore is infuriating.

What the hell did YOU do to free Poland, complainers?

Over at the Fur: because Democrats want women to know their places, another one of their number calls a female reporter various unmentionable epithets; Obama's Middle East doctrine; just in time for Passover and Easter- one of the plagues returns to Egypt (that's what you get for targeting the Israelites); Egyptian city offers classes to resist conversion to Christianity (SEE: plague) and much, much more!

Chris Hadfield snaps some pictures of Mount Etna erupting from space. This man is awesome.

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