Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

If the poll to the right is any indication, truly fantastic people would rather celebrate my mum's birthday than Earth Day, an invented day of observance co-founded by a killer and an over-population fanatic.

Artist's conception of the blogger pleased with the poll results.

And why not? My mum likes trees. Isn't that what Earth Day is all about- trees?

This year's Earth Day has been more sedate than most, I think. Even the Governor-General's Earth Day message was not short of rhetoric heard before:

In a statement released by his office, Gov.-Gen. David Johnston said Canadians “are bound together by a shared love of the land — the ocean coasts, tall mountains, open fields, quiet forests and frozen tundra that compose Canada’s rugged and majestic landscape.

“It would be a grave error to take all this for granted.”

He went on to say natural wonders are “not as immutable and eternal as we should like to think; much like a famous work of art, they require great care, maintenance and attention. We live in a symbiotic relationship with our planet, dependant on its resources for sustenance, shelter and wealth.

“The well-being both of our planet and of humankind rests on the delicate balance of the earth’s ecosystems. Only by promoting sustainability will we be able to face the challenges ahead as both our global civilization and our planet grow older. In other words, let us aspire to be curators rather than plunderers of this earth. 

Our children will thank us for it.”

Right. We shouldn't take our natural beauty for granted. This is why we have national parks and serious environmental protocols and laws. Perhaps Governor-General Johnston would like to direct his indignation toward China, Russia and India, the world's biggest polluters?

And take a step back whenever someone says we should do something for the children. The road to hell is paved and such.

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