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The World Is Taking Crazy Pills (Pt. 14)

Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!
Remember when I said things would turn into a circus?

Muslims protest outside the American embassy in"solidarity" with the Boston bombers whose motives and actions are clearly unmistakable now:

Via Facebook called Wiener Chechens to their compatriots to protest outside the U.S. Embassy. They demand solidarity for the Boston bombers solidarity for Muslims and Chechens. Because there were allegations that the FBI had falsified evidence against the brothers. The “Pro Tsarnaev” had called via Facebook to demo.

This solidarity involved educated non-Muslims who DIDN'T kill children.

And there's always time for bad poetry.

That shuffling sound you hear is this man rolling in his grave.

Related: where is the backlash the perpetually-paranoid Muslim community keeps alluding to? Is the desire for self-preservation all too transparent now?

And: Secretary of State John Kerry declares that jihadists have no belief system or jobs policy (save, perhaps the Koran and the suicide-bombing).

Vaguely related: Mohammad (the prophet, apparently) is threatening a "Boston-style" attack on a Catholic school. Very Indonesian of them. Whatever could be the root cause?

Speaking of root causes, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says something smart:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this is not the time to "commit sociology" when asked about the arrests of two men this week who are accused of conspiring to carry out a terrorist attack on a Via train.

Harper was asked during a news conference with Trinidad and Tobago's prime minister about concerns with the timing of the arrests. He was also asked about when it's appropriate to talk about the root causes of involvement with terrorism.

The Conservatives had taken Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to task when he suggested last week it was important to look at the root causes of the Boston Marathon bombings after offering condolences and support to the victims. They said he was trying to rationalize the bombings or make excuses when the Liberal leader said the bombings happened because someone felt excluded from society.

"I think, though, this is not a time to commit sociology, if I can use an expression," Harper said. "These things are serious threats, global terrorist attacks, people who have agendas of violence that are deep and abiding threats to all the values our society stands for.

"I don't think we want to convey any view to the Canadian public other than our utter condemnation of this kind of violence, contemplation of this violence and our utter determination through our laws and our activities to do everything we can to prevent it and counter it," Harper said.

And how right he is. Why is it material to have sympathy for people who wantonly murder others? What understanding does one need for someone who would blow children's legs off? When certain persons declare Jews to be "apes and pigs", is it because they feel excluded to the extent that they would have Jews excluded from the human race forever? Can one imagine enormous amounts of sympathy for the Nazis or the militant Japanese during the Second World War? And yet, after the September 11th attacks, that is just what happened. Why the embrace of death and defeat of cultures that emulate those things? The willing loss of self and the failure to ground one's self in things of great importance- national or cultural identity, strong faith and roots in a civilisation that works- might explain why now moral and political values are seen as relative. How fluid is the belief that willful murder based on the words of a seventh century war-monger is wrong? Too fluid.

This is how civilisations die.

Also: who the hell let this guy out?

Jaser was determined not to be a refugee on Oct. 30, 1998. 

In 2004, a warrant was issued for Jaser's arrest so he could be deported.

At the deportation hearing held that August, he claimed that he was a stateless Palestinian and there was nowhere to send him. His lawyer also pointed out that a pre-removal risk assessment had not been done as required.

Jaser was born in the United Arab Emirates, but at the 2004 detention review hearing, Jaser said he was not a citizen of that country.

"I am a Palestinian by blood, that does not give me any rights whatsoever in my place of birth," he said.

The issue of his criminal convictions also surfaced at the 2004 hearing, with the government counsel saying Jaser had "five fraud-related convictions" and "two prior convictions for failure to comply with a recognizance."

At the conclusion of the hearing, Jaser was allowed to stay on bail until the government figured out what to do.

Jaser later applied for, and was granted a pardon. It's not clear if the pardon was for one or all of his charges.

The Armenian Genocide (WARNING: rather shocking pictures).

Kicking Africans off their land is the green thing to do!

When you think about the effects of global warming hysteria, you might think of higher electricity prices, not people being thrown off their land and having their homes burned down. But that is exactly what’s been happening in the East African country of Uganda, where a British company called New Forests has been seizing land to grow trees and then sell the so-called “carbon credits” for a profit that could reach nearly $2 million per year. According to reports published in the New York Times and Telegraph of London, New Forests is backed by the World Bank and has been using armed troops, with the government’s permission, to forcibly evict over 20,000 poor people from their homes. This certainly gives terrible new meaning to the concept of Green neo-colonialism.

Is there an African Idle No More movement against self-righteous white liberal types?

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