Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Monday Post

Pope Francis' Urbi et Orbi address.

When I think of Easter, I think of Jesus' glorious resurrection. And "The Ten Commandments". Not Cesar Chavez.

Another exodus:

Christians in their millions are leaving Muslim lands, a heartbreak for the region’s 12 million remaining Copts, Catholics, Chaldeans and other Christian communities, many of which predate Muslim communities. But their exodus also represents a great tragedy for the region’s Muslims: The Middle East’s Christians, with their free-wheeling, free-market orientation, have for centuries created prosperity in an otherwise stagnant Middle East; once the Christians are gone, an economic desolation is likely to revisit their historic homelands. ...

The Arab Spring with its resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism is striking out one of the hopes for prosperity that the UN Arab report cited — the liberation of women and their enlistment into the workforce. The resurgence of fossil fuel production in the Western world is striking out the likelihood that high energy prices in future will sustain the Middle East’s economies. The loss of the Middle East’s Christians — the region’s indispensable entrepreneurial class — would be the third strike.

Obama is a race-baiting piece of crap:

At the Easter service attended Sunday by President Barack Obama and his family, the pastor railed against "captains of the religious right," according to the White House pool report cited by the Washington Post. The service, led by Rev. Luis Leon, was held at Saint John’s Church at Lafayette Square, which is where the First Family worships most often, though they have not formally joined any particular church in Washington, D.C.

The Post article notes that the Easter sermon targeted conservatives as racists, sexists and xenophobes:

According to a press pool report of Leon’s sermon, the minister criticized what he called ”the captains of the religious right.”
People often want things to go back to the way things used to be, before “work got difficult and faith got confused, and life got more confusing,” Leon said, according to the pool report. 
“You cannot go back,” Leon said, citing the words of Jesus. “It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling us back ... for blacks to be back in the back of the bus ... for women to be back in the kitchen ... for immigrants to be back on their side of the border.”
And he sat through this? Of course he did. This man couldn't win through action and convincing arguments. He needs division or, politically, he is screwed. The irony, however, is lost on him. The Great White Apologists will defend and vote for him no matter what. His white grandparents gave him an education; his black deadbeat dad gave him the skin colour that allowed him to coast through life.

South Korean President Park promises not to back down:

South Korea's new president on Monday promised a strong military response to any North Korean provocation after Pyongyang announced that the two countries were now in a state of war.

President Park Geun-Hye's warning came as North Korea's rubber-stamp parliament was set to hold its annual session and a day after ruling party leaders vowed to enshrine Pyongyang's right to nuclear weapons in law.

In a meeting with senior military officials and Defence Minister Kim Kwan-Jin, Park said she took the near-daily stream of bellicose threats emanating from the North over the past month "very seriously."

"I believe that we should make a strong and immediate retaliation without any other political considerations if (the North) stages any provocation against our people," she said

Then retaliate.

And now, an Easter Parade... of cakes.

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Patrick Dennehy said...

Great post! Thank you for directing me to an article I would have otherwise missed. The more they impose Sharia Law, the further they will fall into decay. Drive the Christians out, you cut off all ties to western trade. Unfortunately, for them, the Muslims will reap what they sow. I feel so sad for the innocent born into this environment :(

Obama - I would normally go on a diatribe but I am fatigued; Every day just gets worse and worse, 3 more years of this.. :\

From what I've read about Park Geun-Hye, she is a tough cookie, sending a very clear message. I plan to read more about her, as she seems like a fascinating figure.

Kim Jung Un's rhetoric and political posturing, do not make him look authoritative, he just looks foolish. What a disaster. I hope it doesn't escalate to nuclear war but something needs to be a catalyst for change, this can't go on.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Islamists seem attracted to failure. Who else blows themselves up and thinks it a victory?

People will love Obama if he delivers. Can't beat Santa Claus. However, there is no money for any of the things he has promised.

Park Geun-Hye is still untested. Her position toward North Korea has been, until now, soft. We shall see.

Kim Jong-Un has to be authoritative to one group of people- the North Koreans. Everyone else is just afraid he will go off.

Patrick Dennehy said...

"...there is no money for any of the things he has promised."

That was the very first thing I thought of, when I heard his first initiative was going to be nationalized health care. "How are we going to pay for this? There is no way we can afford it." Before I even saw what was in the legislation...

The problem with liberalism, is it only works in theory. There is no practical application where these ideas could ever work, logistically, in the real world. The only help for the poor, for centuries, was(is) the Church. The very institution liberalism wants to eradicate; makes no sense. NONE.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

The US is nearly seventeen trillion dollars in debt. It borrows from China. I have no ruddy idea where Obama gets the cash for his holidays.

Liberalism is too nutty to even work on paper.

Patrick Dennehy said...

Ok, in a pipe dream :P. I was alluding to the fact that it plays on emotion.

Help the poor. Pay your fair share. Equality. etc..
People hear these ideas and can relate to them. Although, upon closer scrutiny they all fall apart, when using the liberal code of ethics. The Catholic church, does all these things in a truly fair and proportionate way but is chastised by the progressives.

Obama has a 'do as I say, not as I do' mentality. The worst 'leader' this country has ever had. Now, I may need to review my history books :P, it's just my opinion :)

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Social justice must stem from the Gospels, not from socialism, the failed cousin of communism. People don't get that.

Furthermore, no cash.