Thursday, April 18, 2013

For Now, A Post

Just a few things to think about...

This video of a fertiliser plant explosion in West, Texas that killed fifteen people and injured one hundred and sixty more will shock you.

After a series of mistakes, misdirections and other flubs, the FBI believe they have two suspects caught on camera:

The FBI released photos and video of two suspects in the deadly Boston Marathon bombings and asked for the public’s help in identifying the men. The agency’s website crashed within moments Thursday.

FBI Agent Richard DesLauriers said the images are from surveillance cameras near the explosion sites shortly before Monday’s blasts at the world’s most famous marathon. The men are seen walking together in the crowd, and the man in the white cap is seen setting down a backpack at one site near the finish line, DesLauriers said.

“We consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous,” DesLauriers said, asking the public not to approach the men. He said there is no additional danger that the FBI knows of at the moment.

Monday’s blasts killed three, including a student from China, and injured more than 180.

It hasn't been a good week for the man who expects everything to come his way. Obama was more angry that the Senate voted down his unconstitutional gun bill than the fact that a major city in the country he was elected to lead was subjected to a terrorist attack. Tantrums aren't new things to Obama just like injecting himself into any situation including memorials isn't. It's the kind of self-aggrandisement that eventually becomes grating even to the most loyal of subjects.

Everything uncovered about Kermit Gosnell both disgusts and horrifies: the Department of Public Health ignored complaints that Gosnell improperly stored the remains of the babies he killed.

Related: fifty-eight details from the Gosnell trial.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is asked to explain an e-mail comparing Christians to racists:

Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) grilled Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel on a Pentagon email warning Army officers to watch out for soldiers who do not support gay marriage or who disfavor Muslims, equating them with the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis. 

The Pentagon officer who sent this email reportedly got his information from a radical, leftist anti-Christian organization linked to a convicted terrorist.

If this passes for discourse at the Pentagon and not- oh, say, how to prevent bombs going off in major American cities, I would suggest that the Pentagon has no vested interest in keeping the country safe.

Related: if four Americans were killed in Toronto, John Kerry would damn well find the time to figure out who.

What does it say of a culture that, as a matter of course, repeatedly inflicts barbarity on another?

Collectively punishing "upstart" religious minorities who refuse to know their place in the Islamic order actually has doctrinal backing. According to Mark Durie, author of The Third Choice: "Even a breach by a single individual dhimmi [non-Muslim living under Muslim authority] could result in jihad being enacted against the whole community. Muslim jurists have made this principle explicit, for example, the Yemeni jurist al-Murtada wrote that 'The agreement will be canceled if all or some of them break it…' and the Moroccan al-Maghili taught 'The fact that one individual (or one group) among them has broken the statute is enough to invalidate it for all of them.'"

I know that cultures that allow it are cowardly.

And now, cake and ice cream time for Sun News.

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