Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Freakout

The Queen doesn't have to care what goes on here:

Last summer, Green Party delegates voted in favour of an emergency resolution which tasked party leader Elizabeth May to ask the Queen for a Royal Inquiry into the robocall scandal.

May did and the Queen finally responded — well, actually Buckingham Palace's 'Deputy to the Senior Correspondence Officer' responded:

"The Queen has taken careful note of the concerns you express over the fairness of the Canadian democratic electoral process, which you feel is being infringed," Miss Jennie Vine wrote.

"Perhaps, I might explain, however, that this is not a matter in The Queen would intervene. As a constitutional Sovereign, Her Majesty acts through her personal representative, the Governor-General, on the advice of her Canadian Ministers and it is to them that your appeal should be directed.

"I have therefore been instructed to forward your letter to the Governor General of Canada so that may be aware of your approach to The Queen and may consider the points you raise."

Really. The Queen has other things to do other than deal with tattlesnakes.

In a country with some of the strictest gun laws, two people are dead after a shooting at a daycare centre:

Fifty-three children escaped unharmed after a gunman entered a Gatineau, Que., day-care centre on Friday, in an incident that left two people dead according to local police. 

Gatineau police have confirmed that one day-care employee and the gunman were found dead after police responded to shots fired inside an in-house day care at 225 rue Gamelin on Friday morning. No children were injured at the day-care centre.

At the Fur: nutters, a Weather Underground terrorist finds a place teaching at an universitynot even animals are exempt from suicide-bombing, very good examples of journalists' idiocy (which might explain their Obama toadyism), and don't make fun of Queen's University's decision to rip down the "free speech wall" because it offends the fatties, fruities and broads.

Obama's weak attempt at solidarity doesn't change the fact that 89,967,000 people are not in the workforce.

Remember, Herbert Hoover did not take a salary while in office.

Nuns are supposed to feed the poor, Miami officials.

(and I thank you)

And now, Happy First Contact Day. Leave some ice cream cake for the Vulcans.


Patrick Dennehy said...

RE: Nuns

I always go to HuffPost for my articles, reading the comments section is always very enlightening :\.

Here are some highlights:
"Of course since Reaganhood the government has become less involved in caring for people. Then they complain about the nuns picking up the slack for what should be tax supported services for the homeless, including providing them with homes."

Yes, the government has become less involved and we need to be taxed more to fix the problem :\

"Persecution of the poor in America is nothing new and not surprising -

There is an ugly strain in America of hatred of the very poor and homeless. Those who travel abroad know one does not see this in other western nations like Australia, Canada, Europe, etc.

Americans are definitely much more hateful, greedy, selfish and violent than other western industrialized nations."

Someone hasn't traveled much...

"Isn't it bad enough they have Rick Scott for a governor?"

Ahhh yes! It's the Republicans fault! You know, the party of secular progressives...oh wait

Even commenters who 'supported' the nuns, are totally oblivious to why things like this are happening. They support the nuns and blame the 'religious right' simultaneously. The very postulation is vacuous and illogical. Sometimes, I really wonder what these people are thinking; Their logic seems so convoluted to me /sigh

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

The Huffington Post is as insightful as amoeba having lived under a rock its entire life.

Patrick Dennehy said...

Yep :)

I read it purely for research purposes. It helps me understand the mind-state of the left. Always an interesting endeavor. Reading only right-wing publications just reinforces my own beliefs. So, for every one, I read three of the others. Keeps me sharp :)

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

It's not worth raising your blood pressure over.

Patrick Dennehy said...

My blood pressure will be raised either way, with how absurd things are getting(have gotten). So, it behooves me to know both sides of the argument (IMO). I use to get upset but I've calmed down in my 30's ;). Now I approach issues with more equanimity. I am hyper-vigilant, involved, and outspoken. I just can't go bananas every time a liberal does something stupid; I would go nuts and be miserable and angry all the time. Lib's are miserable and angry, so they want to make everyone else miserable and angry, too. Not going to let them ruin my happy life but I will fight their policies tooth and nail :)

Win the argument the Reagan way :)

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Everything they do is infuriating and just plain nutty.

The world really is taking crazy pills.