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For a Monday

Ah, tis a bleak November...

How convenient:

Stock markets across the globe rallied on Monday, along with the U.S. dollar, notching their biggest gains in weeks after the FBI stood by its view that no criminal charges were warranted against Hillary Clinton over her email practices. 

For some reason, sending confidential information on an unsecured server is not unethical, illegal or stupid in anyway says the Federal Bureau of Ignorance Investigation.

Whatever happens on Tuesday, the Americans can own.

Just... wow...


Within Obama’s answer, he appears to be addressing Rodriguez directly. “First of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself…”  He goes on to elaborate later in his answer (the portion not included in Cavuto’s broadcast.)  “because you’re not just speaking for yourself. You’re speaking for family members, friends, classmates of yours in school… who may not have a voice. Who can’t legally vote.”

However, the question and answer exchange is so convoluted and mis-handled that at first glance (and even my second viewing) I believed the President was telling Ms. Rodriguez there would be no legal repercussions (let alone any kind of investigation) into illegal immigrants voting in this election. It took a third viewing along with a full breakdown of the transcript before I understood what was really going on here.

Given the fact that this entire interview was premised on the conceit that President Obama was going to help Ms. Rodriguez “debunk many of the myths that have plagued us this election,” it would have been nice for the president to be extremely clear on his answer to this question.

He should have said, “First, let me be extremely clear on this point: If you are not a citizen, you can not vote. If you do vote, yes, you will be prosecuted because you are breaking the law.”

He then could have gone on and discussed the importance of Latino citizens voting because their family members might not have the vote… or whatever bromides he wanted to trot out. But the specific response to the question of non-citizens voting should have been clear and unambiguous and it was not.

And with all this discussion of the illegality of non-citizens voting, let’s not forget that the phenomenon of non-citizens registered to vote and actually casting ballots is a very real problem and could very well make the difference in a state like Virginia.

No, the best response is to tell the Yankees to stay home. This country is full:

An uptick of Google searches and advertising efforts show Americans are thinking about what it might be like to escape their country altogether and join their neighbours to the north

“Bring a warm coat,” said Heyman, unfazed. “There’s a long history of Canadian moving to the United States and Americans moving to Canada and I’m not overly focused on this any more than any other day.”

Anyone who expected Trudeau to appeal to the average Canadian and elevate him to a level of importance and responsibility is clearly out of his g-d- mind.

The Liberals truly believe that they are above everyone and everything. If they didn't, they would not waste taxpayer money on themselves and Maryam Monsef would not just resign but be deported to whichever mad theocracy she claims to hail from.

Scanlon was one of the 2,700 people seeking to fill seats left empty by prime minister Stephen Harper.
The successful applicants are a distinguished bunch at the top of their field. Professors, lawyers and progressive thinkers are well-represented, but not many conservatives, engineers, tech experts or tradespeople.

Another applicant who describes himself as a “regular” guy, Jesse Britton, from Dublin, Ont., said he thinks Trudeau missed an opportunity to put a “broader reflection of our society” into those red velvet seats.

Where are the paramedics, union leaders, firefighters and high school teachers, he wonders?

“People like me, quote unquote, who just do their job and try to do their best for the community and what’s been given to you — I think those people are as valuable to society as anybody else,” said Britton, 39.

He says the independent advisory board that recommended five people for each vacancy, “definitely didn’t think outside of the box.”

According to criteria posted on its website, it was more interested in gender, indigenous and minority balance; non-partisanship; “solid knowledge of the legislative process;” outstanding personal qualities; and a record of service in government, in the community or in the applicant’s field of expertise.

No information has been released about the applicants’ demographics.

Only fifty-eight percent?

If an election were held today, the Ontario Liberal party would plummet from majority government to third place, a poll released Monday suggests.

The Mainstreet poll for Postmedia is full of bad news for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne: 67 per cent of respondents disapprove of the job she’s doing and 58 per cent want her to resign.

I'll believe it when I see it.

The RCMP clearly hasn't gotten this terrorism thing under control:

An Ottawa man the RCMP says it fears may engage in terrorism allegedly broke off his electronic ankle bracelet over the weekend, prompting police to take him into custody for the second time in two weeks.

Tevis Gonyou-McLean, 24,  an alleged supporter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, was arrested Saturday. He has been charged with breaching his release conditions, uttering threats and mischief under $5,000.

The Ottawa Police Service said Monday the mischief charge was for removing the GPS monitoring system Gonyou-McLean was required to wear after his arrest on a terrorism peace bond three months ago.

ISIS is using children as suicide bombers:

ISIL has launched an “unprecedented” wave of suicide bombers, some of whom are children, against advancing Iraqi forces as the jihadist group clings to its city stronghold of Mosul.


The New York-based group claimed at least 10 bombers aged under 18 have attacked Israel in the past four years.

The Israeli army yesterday accused armed militants of trying to blow up an 11-year-old Palestinian boy when he was detained after unwittingly carrying a bomb across a checkpoint in the West Bank

A senior Afghan intelligence official estimated that more than 100 had been intercepted in the past 12 months, including 20 from the Kandahar area in the south. The insurgents seek to exploit the innocence of their recruits and turn it into a weapon. 

The largely illiterate boys are fed a diet of anti-Western and anti-Afghan government propaganda until they are prepared to kill, he said. But the boys are also assured that they will miraculously survive the devastation they cause.

It's not art when you re-write masterfully written plays into something juvenile and un-readable:

Ahmari was inspired to write The New Philistines after attending a spectacularly unpleasant performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at William Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London. The theater’s new director, Emma Rice, detests the original Shakespeare. The Bard’s plays, she says, are “tedious” and “inaccessible.” Perhaps, with such a dim view of the source material and its creator, she should have taken a different job, but instead she chose to make Shakespeare more “relevant.” “Relevance meant rewriting the play,” Ahmari writes, “and not just rewriting, but bad rewriting.” For instance, “Away, you Ethiope,” was changed to, “Get away from me, you ugly bitch.” Rice knew that plenty of Shakespeare purists would find her coarse edits appalling, so she had an actor walk on stage in a spacesuit and say, “Why this obsession with text?” She also placed identity politics front and center. She mandated, for instance, that 50 percent of the cast be female regardless of the gender of the characters. “It’s the next step for feminism,” she said, “and it’s the next stage for society to smash down the last pillars that are against us.”

Ahmari was aghast, and he wasn’t alone. The Globe announced last week that Rice would depart after just one season at the helm.

(Sidebar: well, thank God Western civilisation isn't quite dead yet.)

This is what happens when the ego is stoked but not the fire or imagination. Social Marxism is the biggest threat to culture next to some catastrophic weapon of mass destruction.

Snowflakes can't write and we all know it.

And now, take a trip back to the Seventies and admire the fashions that no one should have to look at. Enjoy.

(Merci beaucoup)

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