Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Cuban Train Wreck

PM Hair-Boy must be shielded from the backlash online (and hopefully to his ugly, little face) regarding his arrogant inclusion of all Canadians in sorrow over the death of Fidel Castro, who presided over the imprisonment and death of thousands of Cubans.

Cubans who have escaped Castro's prison-island certainly don't feel bad about his passing:

“Satan, Fidel is now yours,” read one man’s sign. “Give him what he deserves. Don’t let him rest in peace.”

Nor do I.

Not even the majority of Castro's family appear to miss him.

So, of whom is PM Hair-Boy speaking? It can't be for the majority of Canadians who see him as the arrogant blithering, money-wasting idiot, the son of a man who idolised all manner of dictators.

What a bubble Justin lives in.


By simply looking at the previous year’s spending on refugee resettlement, it was clear that the $100 million estimate was unrealistic. In 2014, the government spent $64.3 million through the resettlement assistance program to resettle 7,100 refugees.

That works out to $9,055 per refugee. Trudeau’s plan, by contrast, only allocated $4,000 per refugee.
It was plain to see back then that the Liberal platform price tags were out of touch with the real costs of refugee resettlement.

Lo and behold, on Tuesday, the Trudeau government released the final annual expenditures on the Syrian resettlement program.

The initiative did not cost taxpayers $100 million, as Trudeau had once promised. Instead, the Trudeau government spent $384.7 million on the program. They spent nearly four times as much as they said they would.

But, in a truly Orwellian twist of logic, the Trudeau Liberals claimed the initiative came in under budget. Immigration Minister John McCallum’s office shamelessly claimed the government managed to save $70.3 million from the cost of the Syrian resettlement program.

How can the Trudeau government claim they spent $70.3 million less than planned when they actually spent $284.7 million more than planned?

No one blinked enough to miss that, Justin.


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