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Far too tragic:

An Amber Alert and frantic search for a seven-year-old girl ended in tragedy Thursday when her body was discovered in a home in northeastern Saskatchewan.

The alert was issued by police in Nipawin overnight after Nia Eastman was not returned to her mother Wednesday evening. Police said Nia’s father, Adam Jay Eastman, was found dead earlier in the day from self-inflicted injuries.

Frustrated by the democratic process, screaming man-children take their anger out in the streets and in the homes:

(Sidebar: viewer discretion is advised ... or something.)

It's bad enough that progressives put this kind of irrational fear into their children, worse how they then wave their kid's wholly unnecessary trauma around like some sort of badge of honor.

"See? My kid is SCARED! Are you HAPPY, Trump voters?"

Eat shit and go fuck yourself simultaneously. Your child freaking out over a completely valid election result has nothing to do with me, with "hate", or with America being an awful place. No, it has everything to do with your own emotionally instability and terrible parenting. 

This behavior you're describing is abnormally neurotic and wholly inflicted by YOU as a result of your spiritual emptiness, your need for a bit of drama to spice up this soft, meaningless life you're living, and your complete inability to control your shrieking hysterics in the face of even the most minor of setbacks.

Here's a question: When did it become okay in this country for so-called adults to exhibit roughly zero self control in public or in front of their children at home? Have any of these primal scream addicted ninnies considered that embracing and amplifying every last emotional impulse is not a healthy thing for them or for our civil society?


As my wife commented to me today about many of her political tantrum throwing friends on Facebook, "My God. Control your shit!"

Yeah. Maybe pause and walk away for awhile. Read something having nothing to do with politics. Calm down. Consider. Reflect. And choose to face life as an adult instead of letting your juvenile, knee-jerk reactions run your life while damaging your marriage, your children and all the relationships you hold dear.

There's a difference between thinking about something deeply and letting that thing own your thoughts.


What one is witnessing is a collective tantrum of those whose unfounded fears are inflicted on their children in one of the most abusive forms of narcissism to date.

Fifty-three percent of female white voters helped put Trump into office  and the uptick of young and Hispanic voters also helped.

What, exactly, should people be afraid of? The democratic process worked and it's deplorable to think otherwise.

The rest of the American electorate wanted a change and thought that by embracing a man who didn't insult them and probably won't be as anyone expected they would be happy.

One must say this carefully to ensure it is understood by amoebic brains: Your. Candidate. Lost. Deal with it.

That is what adults do.

But, as people could not move themselves to behave like adults faced with a serious choice, perhaps these riots and gnashing of teeth is not so unexpected.

Were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ideal candidates? No, but, then again, what can one expect from an electorate that twice put Obama into office:

A new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency revealed that Iran is in violation of last summer's nuclear deal. According to the report, the regime in Tehran has again exceeded the deal's threshold for heavy water, marking the second such violation since the implementation of the agreement in January. The Obama administration, however, has not called Iran's possession of excess nuclear-related material a "formal violation" of the deal, and has praised Iran for "acknowledging" it exceeded that threshold.

When Obama promised to meet Iran with pre-conditions in 2008, did any of these screeching nay-sayers raise an eyebrow?

How can anyone suggest that Trump will precipitate a war when Obama has done that already?

And look at his little pouty face:


This is the face of a man who injected himself into the election and called Trump "a loser".

That is the tact of an adult and world leader? Really?

But Obama is reflective of the voters who put him in: juvenile, incapable of serious thought and action, flaky, disconnected from the world and so self-absorbed that they should seek help.



Donald Trump's election night win leaving many stunned -- including polling experts. 

Less than 24 hours before the election, CBS News polls predicted Clinton had a four-point lead nationally over Trump… it was far from the only poll predicting a Clinton win.
But in the end, Trump triumphed.

The popular press projected their thoughts on Trump but didn't do any actual reporting or analysis.

THAT is one of the ways they went wrong.


Oh, how embarrassing for the Boy-King.

Just like this:

Harper was pushing the blocked TransCanada Corporation’s 1,897-km Keystone XL Pipeline that would create 50,000 jobs and pump billions of dollars into both Canada and the United States while ensuring Canadian oil gets to the American market.

TransCanada’s stock rose 2% Wednesday and Harper was wise to seize the moment, since Trump is supportive of restarting the project.

Meanwhile Trudeau, who gave away more than $4 billion to other countries in his first 100 days in office alone, as David Akin reported earlier this year, was at WE Day — part of a registered charity that in 2015 received $100,005 in federal funding and $1.5 million from the provinces, and received $16 million in non tax-receipted revenue from all government and non-government sources outside Canada, according to Canada Revenue Agency’s detailed financial information for WE Charity.

At this WE Day concert featuring superstars Hedley, Serena Ryder, Jully Black and his mother Margaret Trudeau, the PM didn’t mention Keystone or what it could do to improve the fortunes of struggling Alberta and Canada.

But he did say “the relationship between our two countries serves as a model for the world. Our shared values, deep cultural ties and strong integrated economies will continue to provide the basis for advancing our strong and prosperous partnership.”

South of the longest undefended border, there is talk of walls and scrapping trade agreements. Here, cheap labour and easy voters blocks:

Sources confirm high level meetings took place this week with officials at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and in other departments.

The news comes as Canada prepares to loosen rules for Mexicans to enter the country by lifting a visa requirement on Dec. 1. That restriction has been in place since 2009.

Talks on a plan to cope with a possible spike in asylum-seekers have been ongoing for some time, but were accelerated this week after Trump's surprise win.

(Sidebar: asylum-seekers are people who simply cannot return to their countries due to fear of violence. Whiny crybabies do not fit that description.) 

There have been more than 10,000 incidents of classified or secure documents being improperly left or stored since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government came to office.

According to a document quietly tabled in the House of Commons, the highest number of incidents took place in Public Services and Procurement Canada, which reported 2,912 cases of documents not handled according to the security level dictated for the documents between Nov. 4, 2015, and Sept. 19, 2016. The Global Affairs Department was a close second with 2,712 incidents.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada's spy agency, came third with 659 cases. The agency said 12 of the incidents were sent for further investigation.

It is not known whether any of the incidents led to security or privacy breaches. Nobody has lost their security clearance as a result of documents being handled improperly.

(Sidebar: and why not?) 

She has a fever and her prescription is more cow bell:

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch, who has railed against rivals as out-of-touch “elites,” is holding a $500-a-person fundraiser in downtown Toronto Monday organized by high-profile Bay Street lawyers.

Newlyweds Shaun and Maygin Evans work four jobs between them, but still can’t stay on top of their hydro bill.

The Sarnia couple took in a roommate this year to share in their living costs, and they also bundle up in blankets to delay turning on their baseboard electrical heaters until the temperature hits zero for several straight days.

Shaun’s seven-year-old daughter, Ava, goes without school pizza days and dance classes to help make ends meet.

But even with all of that, the family has received disconnection notices after falling $1,200 behind on their hydro bill — a hole they’re afraid they will never get out of.

That's funny. That's not what you said before, Donald:

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump on Thursday told President Park Geun-hye the U.S. stands by Korea "100 percent," Cheong Wa Dae said.

"We are going to be with you 100 percent," Trump said when Park called him in the morning. “We will be steadfast and strong with respect to working with you to protect against the instability in North Korea."

On the campaign trail Trump repeatedly singled out the alliance with Korea as an expensive commitment the U.S. can do without, and described the free trade agreement with Korea as a "disaster."


South Korea plans to tentatively sign an accord to share intelligence on North Korea with Japan as early as next week, Seoul’s Defense Ministry said Friday, amid lingering political and public resistance toward military cooperation.

After two rounds of working-level negotiations, the two countries are expected to hold a wrap-up session in Tokyo followed by the preliminary signing of the General Security of Military Information Agreement, ministry spokesperson Moon Sang-gyun said.

“As the sides reached consensus during the second-round talks (last week), we have requested an advanced review from the Ministry of Government Legislation through the Foreign Ministry,” Moon told reporters at a news briefing.

Once the review is complete without a hitch, the pact will be sent to the weekly intra-agency vice ministers’ meeting and then the Cabinet for approval.

Propelled by North Korea’s evolving nuclear and missile threats, the two nations revived the move early this month, seeking to build on momentum after their settlement of the sex slavery row last December.

This is a good sign.

Why they fight:

The second Afghanistan Marathon was staged in Bamiyan, a town of 35,000 about 140 km northwest of the capital, Kabul. Parnell and nine other international runners quietly slipped into the war-torn country two weeks ago to help organize and advise the 60 novice long-distance runners. The Nov. 4 race included five Afghan women who raced alongside the male competitors.

Why the Young Offender Act should be scrapped:

A video showing a group of Windsor teenagers surrounding and attacking another female teen has drawn a furious response from social media — but even those who know the victim are pleading for the public to calm down.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right. Social media has gone bonkers,” said a close family friend of the victim.

“We don’t condone threatening the assailants … Threatening teenagers is no better than what they did to (the victim).”

The family friend — who didn’t want the name of the victim or herself published — said the 19-year-old victim has a mild form of cerebral palsy and a learning disability. She is currently in a special needs program at a city high school.

If one does not want vigilantism, at least scrap the act that obscures these savages from the public. Let everyone know who these anti-social miscreants are so that they can be shunned and ejected from society as they ought. Who would miss them if they left civilised society for good?

Cohen was “a great creator, a talented artist and warm Jew who loved the people of Israel and the state of Israel,” Netanyahu said on his Facebook page.

“I will not forget how he came to Israel during the Yom Kippur war to sing to IDF (army) soldiers, out of a deep feeling of partnership,” he added.

Cohen, who has died at age 82, was born into a prosperous Jewish family that had founded synagogues in Canada and raised by his grandfather who was a rabbi.

He had never changed his unmistakedly Jewish name — Cohen means priest in Hebrew — and some of his lyrics draw from Jewish tradition and liturgy.

His connection to Judaism manifested in his bond to the Jewish state too, most famously during the 1973 Yom Kippur war between Israel and Arab countries.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Robert Vaughn:

And now, animals of the First World War:


Gorilla warfare


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